Local Internet Marketing for a Successful Small Businesses

[JoAnn Buday] My daughter came home one dayand told me all about this new dessert called the snow ball, and it sounded amazing.

A snowball is a New Orleans-style shaved ice, and we shave it to where it comes down like freshfallen snow and we put that into a cup with a little bit of ice cream and then we addsome syrups.

The first day we opened all of our friends came and that was really exciting,but once they were gone getting customers.

you think you open a shop and they willcome.

They don't come.

They don't even know you're there.

[Zenna Hodge] We just prayed and prayed andprayed some miracle could happen, and it was really scary.

[JoAnn Buday] I just tried spending advertisingdollars on throw-away papers in the neighborhood.

I was now really dipping into my retirementso instead of paying my house payment I paid my rent on Sno-Biggie.

I lost my house.

[Zenna Hodge] You have this dream and thisvision of customers lined out the door, and to get phone calls from my mom that we'vehad one customer for the day.

It's every business-owner's worst nightmare to have that happen.

And tosee how much my mom sacrificed in order to open up that store, to keep me in college,to work at the same time, it was heartbreaking.

[JoAnn Buday] I got a phone call from a gentlemanfrom Groupon and he offered me a Groupon deal for my shop.

[Zenna Hodge] My first take was, well, aren'twe losing money doing that.

I was so wrong, and I'm so glad I was so wrong because mymom would be calling me weekly, over 200 people have bought Groupons.

I can't believe whatthis is doing for our store.

And from then on it just was constant, people just comingin and coming in and we saw your Groupon.

[JoAnne Buday] Groupon started to work instantly.

It was a huge game-changer.

What would my business be like today if I didn't partnerwith Groupon? It would be closed.

I truly believe that.

I can't imagine how we wouldhave made it.

My name is JoAnn Buday, owner of Sno-Biggie.

[Zenna Hodge] And my name is Zenna Hodge andour sweet success is built with Groupon.

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