Top 10 Dicas de SEO para Dominar o Ranking do Google

I have an important point to talk.

Come on! Wow, I hit my elbow on the wall.

Let's go! speaking staff, this is Henry Oak, Live Blog, and in this video I want I spend 10 tips that I've learned over time to improve SEO or coming to be, the welcome visits from organic search to your blog, your website and even your Youtube channel.

And why SEO is so important? Take a look at this picture here.

So, organic traffic is like a long-term asset that you are riding.

And as more and more articles you will publish, the more traffic you will obtain from surveys over at Google.

So your graph tends to look a lot like this our chart, which is growing to the point where today we are coming 170 tons of organic visits per month.

We have there, about 3 million visits to date, only search traffic organic.

and I find this very important, very relevant chart because it shows that all start small, everything starts from zero and evolves for memorable levels, if you really put all the work needed to make it happen.

Tip number 1: keyword is very quiet this part.

We write here, "how to write well," I will do the research for that term and the ai Google Adwords Keyword Planner shows here for the people who have 2400 monthly searches By this term.

Tip number 2: title.

This second tip is also very simple, "how to write well," the term, is in here the title that appears to readers on the blog.

then within that article 19 bright tips to write well, and write well is highlighted here in the middle in the title.

And you can also set a specific title for searches on Google.

So here, How to write well, 19 infallible rules for success.

You can see it's different this title here, 19 brilliant tips on writing good and better (you can not skip to # 17).

So here we have the first big balcony, which is you set a title for the readers, which can be a bigger title, you can work better his words.

And a title into Google and you can be able to do this by Yoast SEO.

And a curiosity, the titles on Google tend to be cut from 57-58 characters, so watch out for that number.

Tip number 3: URL's This is very simple.

You just repeat the keyword in the URL, that when a person search for term accurate, it will appear here on Google bold, helping you stand out from your competitors.

So this is a friendly URL, viverdeblog.

Com/como-escrever-bem, unlike this URL here, 54509, dash want to write well, then see blah blah blah blah.

So do not do this, place a direct friendly URL to the point.

To do this, you simply edit here what they call slug, which is the part after your main domain.

Then you place here: as trace write, trace as well, updated and ready! Tip number 4: Meta-Description Meta-description is this part, this text aid here that appears below the title, the URL when someone searches for any term on Google.

then there may be date or not depends a lot on how your theme is set.

And the text helps the user to know what it is about this article, this link it will to click.

So it's also good here you put the keyword, the term you are looking for to rank in the case how to write well, and you realize that he too, as well as the URL, also appears in bold, encouraging the user to click on your link more than on competitors.

And how to write a good meta description? Use the term, obviously, and use strong words as infallible rules, simple, 19, is a list, create mesmerizing texts, then these kinds of words help the reader is more interested in your article in relation to the other page of results.

For you to edit the meta-description of your item, you just do the same process title on the Yoast SEO plugin, you can edit these snippets, you defines what is the slug, which is the title and which is the meta-description.

then he to places here in green bars, which can be red if you type a lot, as this one, for example, saying what is the character limit acceptable by Google.

So just do it, update your article and voila, you have a meta description optimized for SEO.

Tip number 5: Headers headers.

After all, what is, what the hell is a header? Well, this here is the title, which in a more technical language is known as H1, heading 1, one or header.

This is a structure for your article get organized and the Google robot to recognize itself best words he is reading.

This here is a H2, heading 2, or else a header 2.

So as you can see, a topic and the word-chace, how to write well, she is well highlighted early on.

And it is also possible to see through the article, such another header 2 here, how to write well.

And you can go using without exaggeration over your article, you will help Google to recognize what this article is talking about how to write well.

Tip number 6: This content is also very simple and essential so that Google also recognizes what the article is talking about the article you also want to rank.

Just as an example, I search here as often appears as write well.

Then appears 11 times, here in the title, here within the content, here in the header, again in the content header content, the header, content, content and so go.

So you just use throughout its content.

Tip Number 7: Internal links A common mistake that many people make is simply publish an article and do not use old articles that have been published to link for them.

That is, show Google that has relevant content related that theme, which can rather it is linked to that new content.

So I can choose several items related to how to write well and link for this new article "how to write well," as I did here in this case the article 'How an introduction "in this case the" eighth examples of introduction.

"here on" How write a perfect article "which is linking to this article 'How to write well.

" and also an article on "How to write titles impossible to ignore.

" So it is important to you, whenever you create new content, or if you want to improve, help Google understand how your content is valuable, then place more targeted links to it, provided, of course, that link, that reference that Article has to do with that content of that article you are trying to rank in the case, that our article here as well write.

Tip number 8: External links Another good tip is to have valuable links external, ie links from other sites pointing to your one particular article.

This will greatly help Google understand that a link is a positive vote, then he gives more authority when another site linka to yours, than you linking to you same.

Here we have an example of the infographic, about 80 grammars mistakes that make you look like an idiot, being linked here by the Ratchet Free site.

So it is interesting that he published our infographic in full and placed a link to us, which favors our SEO.

Tip Number 9: images This is pretty simple.


That's right, the image within the article, you can put here in this part, an alternative text, like a Google recognition, managing to read what it is that image.

Then, place text, your term here "how to write well," it helps a little on the SEO.

Tip Number 10: related keywords And the last tip is you use keywords related to the main term, then a very good tool for this is the Keyword Tool.

So I type here, how to write well and will have to show here several keywords related to that term.

So you have some things to give us ignore here and have other interesting, as write good articles, writing quite a record, opinion piece.

And then you go selecting some of those most interesting words to you and you You can place within your content so that Google recognized at the time of the survey, as a keyword related to this primary keyword, it would be "how to write well, "we are using here as an example.

Oops, I came here just to give an important warning for you.

That while these tips, these 10 SEO gold tips can help you much better traffic from organic search to your blog, your website, your YouTube channel, it is important the content that you produce memorable.

No use the techniques, without you actually have content that people curtam, they like to eat, okay? So I'll stop here.

If you liked this video, likes, comments, share with your friends and will help a lot our channel to grow and a big hug.

Until the next video.

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