How To Become The Local SEO NINJA | DDM #15

Daily Digital Marketing Tip #15So, today's tip is actually a response to a question that I got from one of you guysvia Snapchat and this question comes from 'feroxs'.

So Fero asked me some advice in terms of attaining local SEO clients.

You can use the advice that I am giving to you guys and apply it to anything not justacquiring local SEO clients.

The first thing that you need to do, is nichedown.

For example, I would niche down and targetplumbers that need local SEO.

I would then use Facebook local ads to targetplumbers that are within my local area.

Now, the ads that I will create would be anythingfrom a video ad, like I am doing right now to a graphic, written ad.

Within that ad, I'd offer some kind of direct lead magnet incentive.

So for the plumbers, I would call them out and I'd be like, "Hey, Plumbers, would youlike to rank for the following keywords? 'plumber','*insert local area* plumbing services', '*insert localarea*'.

And the call to action I'd use would be somethinglike, "Click here to get your free SEO orders and take the first step towards ranking forXYZ keywords".

This lead magnet could take them to your website,where you get them to fill in all the relevant information and capture their contact information,or you could just use a Facebook lead ad.

You'd then create a bespoke order for theseguys or whoever hits you up and if you capture their phone number, you can send them thefree orders and follow up them with a phone call and go old school and biz – dev the sh**out of that new contact and see if they need any more help with local SEO.

Anyway, that's it for today's daily digital marketing tip.

I hope it was handy.

If you have any questions, hit me up via Snapchat,either message or video and I'll do my best to get back to you either privately or viamy story.

Anyway, take care guys!Peace!.

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