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So how to be successful with SCO.

The first thing that we need to rememberis first of all not to overdo it and not to underestimate it.

Back in the day you could makea lot of money with SCO just by exchanging links and optimizing forspecific keywords on your website.

That was amazing.

That was the gold rush of SCO.

But that's not happening anymore.

A lot of websitesare getting slapped and a lot of people who made a lot of moneyare not making that money anymore.

And they don't havea choice because what was working back thenis not working anymore.

And the best thing that youshould remember with about SCO is that it's the most the relevancyof your offering to the audience.

And when peopleare using search engines, they are basically asking questions.

So if you'll think about it,if you're typing into the search engine, cheap clothes New York.

We're basically asking a question,right? Where can I find cheapclothes in New York? Or what kind of cheap clothescan I find in New York? And so on and so forth.

So you want your websiteto be ranked in the top.

So you want to create some kindof answers to those questions.

So if we are thinking also aboutwhat kind of content to create, so we need to entertain,or we need to educate.

We need also to answer questions.

One of the most important things is how to know which keywordwe should invest on.

There are so many keywords.

People are arriving to our site using50,000 different kinds of keywords.

Some of them are even titles.

So they were branded, that they wereusing our name, some of them were not.

How can we know what to use? So there's a lot of ways, similarly isone of them that you can search for the keywords that are leadingusers to your competitors, the keywords that are leading usersto the websites on mobile apps that you think are similar to yours.

And you can start andfinding those keywords, creating the list, and then you knowwhat kind of content to create and what kind of questionsyou want to answer on.

You want really to avoid nasty tricks,black header CO.

This can be very gratifyingin the beginning.

You can get a lot of users, butyou'll eventually get slapped.

It happened in the past,it will happen in the future.

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