Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

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My name is Harald Tschuggnallfrom seoacademy.


Today, I want to talk about black hat SEOand white hat SEO.

What is it and should you do black hat orwhite hat SEO.

Basically, everything that is black hat SEO is against Google's guidelines.

Everything that is white hat SEO is according to the guidelines.

You could also say; everythingthat is white hat is like future-proofed.

Everything that black hat, you could stilldo, but you have to know that this could end very soon.

What I mean by that is that; tactics thatyou're probably using or you're trying to use in the moment could still work in themoment but, if the next Penguin update goes out or if the other big Google update go out,then it could be that you are not ranking anymore for any keyword terms.

You have tokeep it in mind.

If you're still thinking about doing some shady stuff or some blackhat stuff, then just do it for your own projects or just do it for some affiliate stuff orstuff like that where it doesn't really matter when you burn your domain.

Really keep that mind.

If you work on yourbusiness, try to really do clean work.

Try to avoid stuff that isn't according to theGoogle guideline.

Actually, these days, it's not so easy anymore or, these days, a lotof stuff doesn't work anymore.

Very funny, last week actually, I saw a website wherea client submitted a sample to me telling me that they are hiding key words on the page.

First of all, I couldn't find the keywords.

Then, I used the mouse and marked the page,and I could see there was a big actually space – a black space – and they wrote black textin that area.

Stuff like that doesn't work anymore.

Google now is really rendering the websites;that means, they know exactly what is on the page, what does the user see.

They make a,kind of, screenshot and they just take that in consideration.

These days, I would say,most of the black hat stuff doesn't work anymore.

I would also not recommend to go out and buildthis link networks, your own networks because, remember, it doesn't make sense to have alot of links.

These days, you need high quality links and powerful links.

If you have satellitesout there, most of the time they don't have any power.

It's a lot of work for you to setthem up, to control them, to distribute content, and whatever and it doesn't make any sense.

I wouldn't do that anymore.

If you look at the very professional blackhats in the moment, what they do is, they hack strong websites – so they hack universitywebsites, they hack other websites – they set up a sub-page on that website, and thenthey try to link to their own websites to make that quite strong.

I wouldn't recommendto do that, of course, because it's against the law.

You shouldn't participate in stufflike that.

I just want to let you know that, if you are a affiliate or if you're doingprojects for yourself, it's totally fine to try a lot of stuff.

Of course, don't do anythingthat is against the law.

You could try stuff that is against Google's guidelines if youare aware or if you keep in mind that that could be a very short time solution.

If you do something for your business, it'svery important that everything is according the guidelines.

If you are a business ownerand you are employing or you are getting an agency.

First of all, it would be veryimportant that you control the people that work for you.

If you are a business owner,you need to know also what an employee is doing for you.

If he's doing SEO for you,then you should sometimes check what he's doing; what kind of links is he building,how is he trying to gain rankings.

Also, the same is actually true if you have a SEO agency,for example, then you really want to know what they're doing.

These days, really tell them they have tosend you all the reports, all they did everyday or for months or whatever.

I suggest thatyou're getting at least once a month a report where they show you everything they did.

It'snot some black box – they're not using some magic SEO out there to get you ranked.

Youreally have to know what they're doing because, otherwise, you could be at risk.

If this agencyis doing something that is against the guidelines, it could get a penalty and that will affectyour business.

It's very important.

Also, if you have people working for you insideof your company, you also should be very careful that they're going into the right direction.

I hope that helped, and I'll see you tomorrow.


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