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Hi I'm Anthony Flatt and Welcome to my video for those that know me know that I've been doing webinars to using GoToWebinar all the way back before webinars were cool i've been using citrix products going back to like the mid-nineties using citrus went citrix wind frame using that product so i I've been around for a long time doing doing webinars and I am I do about a hundred webinars a year about to a week on average sometimes three or four and I've been doing that for about the last 45 years and that is the primary driver behind where I get most of my business customers from and I get lots of calls and I get lots of emails from people asking me questions about how to do a webinar what do you do in your webinars and and and how do you make them successful so I made a couple videos to answer some of those questions and I've written a couple notes here today and one of the big ones is I've got a topic for a webinar but I don't know how to get that that information together I don't know how to put together the presentation I think it's a good idea but you know where the way where do I start how do i get my presentation together how I get my webinar put together so let me just go over a couple notes that I've made and I think this will help you out a lot so how do i create a webinar well if you have a concept in your head and you haven't you already written it written down written outlining you're still trying to figure all that out first thing I would do is I do what I'm doing now i'd make a video recording right make an audio recording i would go and get audio program either on your phone or on your computer there's a bunch of free ones out there audacity is one that I've used I think the windows program now comes with an audio recorder and so does the max so justjust record to start to start talking and into your computer and get it recorded don't worry about exactly what you say that you hear me saying I'm sonars don't worry about things and I just get it recorded get the get the meat and potatoes of your presentation recorded just do it and get it recorded and then you can take that recording and you can either if you're if you're good at typing and you enjoy doing that you can listen to it and you can type it up and just type word for word what you said in your in your recording if you're not good at typing like I'm not a typist I man it'll take me forever to type anything so what I do is I take and I send it off and have it transcribed now you can have transcribed on fiber fi ve RR dot com i believe and you know for five bucks depending on how long it is you can you can do it there's lots of different places you can go let's see yes on fiber it's like five to ten slides maybe for about 5 bucks and in more than that's going to cost more so what you can do is you can ask them to transcribe it but you can also find people on fire who will actually create slides for you so what you do is going to have to transcribe you get that document back you edit it and you clean it up you put it into some sections right like the chapters of a book right this is the beginning part and here's the part i'm going to talk about you know you read your your passage of whatever you wrote and then come up with your your title for then read the next part come with the title and you know someone we're going to be small segments and we're going to be larger segment that's just the way we we talk that's just the way we present things that go through that you can have somebody actually create the slides or you can create the site and that's how i do it i record something very quickly i put it out there I get it transcribed I edited it and I do a lot of pretty heavy editing I clean up a lot so because what I'm doing the recording initially I'm not really concerned about did I say everything perfectly did I get everything to wait so I'd rather get a lot of information out there and then get it get it all down in my in my document ok so so let's some people say well that sounds good but I don't have a completely thought right i don't have a everything figured out i got this concept got this idea but how do I flesh that out how do i how do i figure that out it and go through that and I do that using something i call our chunking or research chunking right so basically it doesn't mean that you go out and research for days but go and take your topic in search the internet for you can obviously do Google searches and so forth and find different things and ask different questions about what is your topic is but you can also go to bookstores you can look at it look through magazines online or at their at the stores you can go to new sites there's logic says so much information out there so if you have a topic just start looking forward to start some of the questions that people might ask about your topic type those into the google search and search for those and every time you get an article or every time you get a news report or the summary of a book or a snippet an article that somebody's done a whitepaper grab that and print it and then just keep doing that you'll find another one grabbed it and printed find another one grabbing printed grab another and then take those lay them all out on the table and without with a marker go through and start marking out the things you don't want don't start doing the things that you do when we're not there yet go through and say you know I I don't want not you know this isn't part of it this is the header this is the photo this is part of their website this is an ad to start crossing out everything that's not pertinent what you're looking for then go back through and start crossing out in the parts of the white paper article that doesn't pertain specifically to what it is you're going to be talking about right and what will happen is you'll have actually have a bunch of documents that look like they came from the government because they'll have all these black lines through for probably sixty seventy percent of the of the words that are on each one of those pages but when you're done you'll have a bunch of good pieces that are on each one of those different pages and you can start either go back and cut and paste those into a document or you can go back and retype those into your document and then you can start structuring those in your doc document it helps me a lot to organize my thoughts because i'll have an idea but maybe I haven't totally flushed it out and then I see a white paper something that somebody else's wrote and I and I think well that's an interesting way to present that I don't copy i'm not a big fan of anybody going out and copying or stealing anybody's stuff but modeling with somebody else's do thing is what people have been doing for thousands and thousands of years and that's the best way honestly to really flesh out an idea get your concept and then go find bits and pieces of stuff that people have written and then come up with your version of that right so let's see yeah so just keep editing it go through it and getting so once you've got it that format then you can again create your slides from it what I like to do want to create my slides is I don't try to do a word-for-word type down everything also be on a slide if i'm going to present it to the customer on the webinar is words that are going to get them thinking right words that are going to support what I'm going to say now in my notes I might include a little bit more maybe i'll include some additional bullets are some additional information basically whatever I need to help me remember what it is i'm going to talk about and make sure that I hit all the points that i wanted to talk about but I don't like putting a bunch of words on the screen I don't like reading word-for-word everything that's on the screen you know it it bet it flows better for me if I just have some bullets here's what I'm going to talk about boom here's the way you go so hopefully that's helpful that's how i would create a presentation for webinar if I didn't know where to start i would first go and record my thoughts go to a bunch of research cut and paste that research put it into another document create my outline maybe even rerecorded again and go through that process again sometimes i go through that process two or three times because it really refined and it Holmes your overall presentation and then i have my on my webinar presentation now that's just one of a ton of questions that I've gotten and i keep getting the same ones again and again and again so what i am gonna do is I'm gonna put together a webinar invite you guys to come to it for free and i'll make you a deal I'm gonna send out a questionnaire to anybody who registered for the webinar and you ask your questions in the questionnaire ok and if you'll do that for me so that I have some questions and I know what everybody wants me to answer to talk about because I mean there's so many things that could go over i'd like to answer the questions that you guys have most specifically and if you'll do that for me then I'll promise you I won't try to sell you anything on the webinar you can take your hand off your wallet take your hand out of your purse I'm not gonna ask you to buy anything just want to get this webinar out there i think there's a lot of value and I think there's a lot of people that really failed doing webinars and I think there's some things that they can do I know there's some things that they can do to improve that and I've been doing webinars for the last for almost five years i think what I've got 300 400 webinars under my belt and the majority of my business is driven from webinars and I'll talk a little bit about that on on the on the webinar itself but there'll be a link you know down below or maybe over here maybe over there maybe I don't know where it's going there'll be a link somewhere around here for you be able to register for the webinar register for the webinar i'll send you the quiz or the I don't even know what exactly I'm gonna send you about it away for you to be able to respond with your question so that I'll have those before the webinar starts and if you do that i will tell you anything on the webinar will be totally free just my gift to you and I think that will help a lot of people take care.

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Simple Sales Funnel For Beginners 2017 — List Building Sales Funnel–Internet Marketing

I was in Poland my name is G wolf and more likely you found my video by searching one in YouTube in the search box they were probably like internet marketing how to do marketing online marketing or how to start a business or something like that right and the reason why I say that is because i've been using the internet to run up full-time business from home for the past four and a half years but for three and a half years i failed miserably doing it so for a run Oh going over eight years now I've been doing internet marketing online marketing and in that time I actually did not do absolutely any offline marketing at all so I'm a hundred percent in online all everything I do and I use the internet and online to generate massive amounts delete I'm generating over a hundred plus three today 150 leads sometimes i'm on a scale on a pace to be doing 200 liters per day and i don't know what type I don't know what type of needs your apparently generating with your business may be offline or whatever you're doing but to use Internet to generate leads it's the best way to scale up a business and I say this because the huge database of users that are targeted in your specific niche is insanely huge that you just have to learn how to tap into those things so one of the things that I've grown to learn over the past eight years is organic search engine marketing at the exact same way this video popped up in your in front of your eyes and one of the cool things that I do now is I do a lot of consulting coaching mentoring and while I sometimes I can do one-on-one coaching with people I don't always do it because I know not everybody hat can afford my services so I knock out a couple birds with one stone by letting people join opportunities where I earn my commission and that kind of pays for my coaching time my mentoring and energy to help people get set up give them the FAQ the twos and threes ABC's and these two until we can get them to V right and so in the process of being able to coach mentor and help people with the internet marketing online marketing I also i'm also earning some commissions in the process so this is one of the cool things about starting a business to online is that a lot of people you know what is it doing brickell motor small business or something like that it comes the internet marketing and online marketing they want to learn how to do these things specifically for their business which is which is cool it's so easy to do actually but but the best part is it's because the internet is such a scalable tool you could potentially you know make I mean six figure 7 figures eight figures online by by leveraging the internet for what it's really worth with it which is a huge database of lead I mean work we're talking close to two billion two and a half billion people connected to the internet now of somewhere up there I don't really need I know it's pretty damn close I think there's like 1.

5 billion people connected to facebook so clearly Facebook is a extremely powerful resource youtube it's probably the most powerful resource that I've got going because I'm actually generating about 99% of all my leads from YouTube and the reason why I do that is because youtube video and online marketing internet marketing is such a powerful tool and that people are watching a visual concept and information on what they're actually searching for so when by the time they come to you and talk to you the only educated about what they want so there are almost seventy five to eighty percent already closed on what it is they want and to be sold on so once they come to you there's just there's just our answering a couple questions right so these people already know what they're going to buy they already know what it is they want they just want from a little bit of more validation and us too so that they can they can properly make an educated decision about whether they're going to work with you or whether they're going to learn from you whether you're going to coach them or not now you keep keep things playing blood i'm a very blunt person i actually you know started with absolutely nothing in the internet marketing up i started my business with my welfare check yet and i tell you it was one of the toughest things I've ever had to do but one of the reasons why is because of an athlete right and so I had no internet marketing experience you don't have to have marketing experience in an online experience to do this you just have to have that passion desire and dedication and commitment and those are the fact that people I love to work with people who have that fire and on the same way I had that fire in myself and I display it all the time like as you can see I displays to my videos as well I most very confident man now and I wasn't always like that I wasn't always like that in between the camera and me either while I try to tell people you do to a lot of people they have the exact same excuses I'm scared and scared you know the process of removing fear from your life is that is the application of consistently doing it so the more and more you do is that that fear that illusion that that you should be fearing something when you're scared of something it tends to eventually just wash away kind of like dirt on dirt being washed away with water it just eventually it just goes away right so i highly encourage people to use internet online marketing from degeneration for coaching you know whether you're trying to build a small business Bricker motor or whether you're trying to do a consulting and coaching online or whether you're you know you want to do network marketing MLM direct sales or even if you want to like do pretty much I mean you can utilize the internet for pretty much any type of lead generation source so if you're interested in you want you're looking for a right coach take it from me you want to work with a guy who who has been in the trenches he's always in the trenches and who lead by example because I'm not just saying I do things I actually do them and I can I can verify it to you and you know I'm a hundred percent committed to helping people succeed I'm not one of those types of people were you know I bring I refer business to somebody and I make my commission and about or you never hear from you ever again you can connect with me through my main real facebook profile and you can send me a message to let them know that you checked out my internet marketing review video and send me a message do not send me a friend request without messaging me because I probably won't accept your friend request Rafael talking to you on my phone numbers in the in the in the description box too so you can send me a text you can say hey yo expecting your internet marketing review video and I'm really interested in working with you let it be known that don't waste my time because I don't want to waste your time right I don't work for free so either I'm going to refer you to a business something that you know people need a service it's not that I get so i can get paid for my time or I'm going to charge you a personal consultant me either way I'm going to probably going to refer something to you so that i can get covered from my time and energy to help you write clearly you value your time to as well so I don't expect you to be giving me free consulting without charging me a dollar all right also there's a link in the description box so if you just want to jump ahead and you want to get ahead of all this stuff you can click on the link go through my my survey there and it's gonna if you decide that you're going to you know choose one of the options in there it's going to redirect you based on your actions right and like I said I like to work with the go-getters I don't waste my time anymore three and a half years I've wasted my time I didn't value my time that I good enough in order to succeed in the industry right now what you can also want to do to subscribe to my channel because I actually provide a lot of motivational content i do other reviews you know the key to marketing is is really meeting by action so I'm an action taker you're always going to see me taking action and because of that I'm a full-time internet marketer and I'm also a full-time dad so I'm living the dream right now and this is my office that you know actually it's 314 a.


and i took my two hour not and i woke up and i'm up doing work so that's the type of person you want to learn from and I'm your guy.

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SEO Deutschland: Digitale Marketing Strategie – Teil 1

Hello, I would like to show you what you can expect from this video.

I show you how to create a digital marketing plan for your startup companies in Germany can create.

You will see how I bring together the digital channels to provide the best media mix to have to ensure that all channels contribute to the overall online growth.

You will see how to define your audience how your markets at home and abroad align how to set the marketing KPIs, such as research the competition and what best channels are for our start-up business in Germany.

I will discuss search engine advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing, Social media marketing, and how to track the performance.

I'll annual marketing budget and our expectations from the first year, in which we run our marketing plan, set.

Let's start, because we have much to discuss.

This digital marketing plan for a startup company that somewhere in Germany is established.

It is my policy to disclose the names of my clients never open.

They offer mobile marketing insights for mobile application developers, marketing agencies and medium-sized companies who own mobile apps.

They have segmented the target groups for mobile apps, app market data and app statistics.

The scope of this marketing plan is to plant the first seeds for their online growth and begin to expand their customer base.

An integrated marketing plan could work in this direction, so let's see, how we can achieve that.

I always start to start the audience research.

So we need here to identify our target group or customer segments in order we can achieve with our business message.

Since this business is in the mobile industry, could their potential customers Application be developers, marketing agencies and medium to large enterprises, mobile apps release.

So we have customer segments with different interests, and we need the best approach.

I suggest about the target markets that they are using the North American and European begin countries since the advanced markets show business potential.

There are a lot of applications developed and released in the two regions, plus the number of agencies marketing apps, so it makes sense.

More insights from my research suggest that their site visitors are mostly college education with an equal distribution between the sexes, and visiting from their jobs.

Based on these insights we can reach in certain hours of the day arrange geared to their level of education and the networks they join.

That's just one example of what we can do.

We always have to decide our marketing practices what makes sense for the company is.

We should always our decisions on the available data, and not on our Emotions or beliefs are based.

So it makes sense to explore their audience and then the visits and through the channels to meet that I will show in the next screens.

We need to know what are the characteristics of our customers, their needs, they online live.

Only then we can find them, offer them our best creative and our marketing budget spend efficiently.

I'm going to the marketing KPIs.

We must define our KPIs, before we start the campaigns and their performance measure based on these metrics.

We must ensure that we track everything, so we do not our budget emissions of ineffective actions.

The first KPI is the lead generation and first touch of the visitors with the business characteristics, Website, video property, etc.

By generating leads, we know that a percentage of them is convert measures on the site.

To put it simply, we need targeted traffic with the public properties, we have discussed earlier, which will fall on the business landing pages.

When you create the market, he has to know what the contribution or the performance of each is traffic channel, so it can only work with the channels, the best results deliver.

The second KPI, which I shall call as first conversion, the applications for free Test service.

With this free trial for prospective customers who want to test the service, is a good Way to gain visitors and generate more leads.

A segment of registered for the free trial, users can access the paid Service, which is the business goal and the second conversion step.

Only the paid service will generate revenue, so that the sequence of actions makes sense is.

Find the audience, offer them a free trial for adequate Time, say one month or 14 days in which you can talk, as connect customers with a paid account.

If users like the service, they will convert into customers.

So here we have two conversion steps.

These two conversions on the site can be inserted as targets in their analytical package be to measure how they do it.

Then we have a KPI that is difficult to measure, but I still like it as for me this is the most important KPI.

Brand awareness is a Top of the Funnel (TOF) activity and tops our marketing results.

Do you think you recognize them on the big companies, when you see them online Location.

Get more visibility for the brand name.

Make the business known in its market.

So the top target for marketers makes this business so popular that people search directly on their browser or click on an ad immediately, because they know or have heard or read about.

I've done enough research to learn more about this start-up business, and I have prepared these films for them.

So let's see one KPIs us by one.

We lead generation.

It all starts here.

What I have found is that, at present, they are always most of the traffic from desktop devices.

Now Google has announced some major changes in the 2017th They plan to move their focus from desktop to mobile devices.

They will release a new mobile index, which leaves the Desktop index, as we not retain him.

It will affect all Web traffic regardless of size or sector.

So it makes sense to prepare for the mobile devices and their potential traffic to increase mobile devices.

Currently, they have not, so they have to adapt.

I do not have enough time in this video to talk more about the changes.

Perhaps in a future video, I'll explain more.

Suffice it to say that we must prepare each marketing campaign as if the desktop devices were not here.

Let's take a look at the other KPIs.

We have the registrations for the free trial, our first commitment step.

Currently, they receive around 600 applications per month, about twenty applications per day.

Since they are in the market for more than two years, I would say that this metric is flat and they need to increase it.

Remember that from the total number of applications, only a small percentage on a paid account switches (second conversion).

Currently, they have only ten subscribers per month.

That's a conversion rate of 1.

7 percent.

Talk with revenue if they pay their paid service was 49 dollars a month they leave paid plans with 490 US dollars gross.

A lower income can not sustain the business, as they Developers have to build the services, administrative, marketing costs, etc.

, and maintain.

Therefore, they need to expand their customer base.

Now let's see what other KPIs.

It could be the customer switch between paid packages.

They have some price options so that the persecution, which prefer the customers and the reason for the upgrade or downgrade is also important.

For example, if groups of users begin downgrade all it could suddenly its price question problem.

Downgrade is the first step to exit the service.

Another KPI could be the interactive visits.

That's where we see an action the visits, the most important, together with our Conversions registrations and paid accounts, is connected.

There could be more actions that we want to monitor, for example when they fill out a form or subscribe to the newsletter, click on a Action button, etc.

Another valuable KPI for the business is customer loyalty.

Companies must retain their customers.

I do it too, so I plan medium to with a customer because I want to expand my customer base in the long term.

You do the same.

Remember, if a customer never leaves again and will probably join one of your competitors.

So it is best to satisfy customers with premium service and excellent support to put.

It is important to know what your competitors are doing, so I've done some stats from my Competitive research prepared.

They are not advanced, only to give you some initial insights.

The first line below the colored with the top of the table header is not intentionally the name of my client, but you can see that they currently receive some visits.

They are very low in comparison to its competitors, and that explains the low Registration and paid account metrics.

When looking at not getting enough traffic, he denied not compete, right? Regardless of their low volume of traffic, it is a fact that they have some quality metrics show like pages per visit (almost five pages), time (about two minutes).

So visitors are interested, and they are looking to read more about the service.

It's good.

Now we look at the competitors directly below them, the comparison it leaves behind.

It is a good example of the competition, with which they are confronted and which Market shares take their competitors.

It also shows how successful their marketing, and they can aim this to reach people.

watch carefully.

These people get four times the traffic of their competition, they have a low bounce Rate (33%), and search visitors the site for at least six minutes.

That is, they need to offer compelling content, and they have their brand name sufficiently grown up.

If you receive, check the other two competitors, the 50K and about visits in the other metrics, as they lose they are not as good visitors.

In summary, this marketing plan is to give the customer more traffic so that the bounce rate remains small and the visitors convert one way or another.

In our next screen can be a first goal to increase their traffic and the Bounce rate by 15 to 20 percent to reduce.

Then they need to grow their traffic sources.

Currently, the search channel provides less than half of their monthly traffic 7K and socially is 27%.

It should be the opposite happen, and that means that they no traffic from search advertising and have search engine optimization.

The social channels do not provide high volumes of traffic, and the direct channel is all brand awareness.

But it is a start, so no one knows them and we will review what they do social channels, things are not good.

This screen checks the previous data with little traffic, etc.

The big opportunities are here in order to get traffic from the search.

I guess both search channels can quickly scale from 48% to 70-80% and if consolidating thousands of leads to generate.

But so they miss the now 7K visitors per month.

Now let's review the search advertising status.

Here are some facts.

More than half of the research quintillion in 2016 to run on mobile devices, and it makes sense to shift marketing campaigns to mobile.

Remember, not everyone in the niche is ready for the mobile layer.

Google pushes for change, and they have the so-called "Responsive Mobile Display released ads "that now support the native Google ad inventory, the Expanded , Sitelinks have introduced so on text ads.

All ads pass a quality control so that all search marketers their ad copies must optimize to meet the quality criteria.

The display optimization also includes the rationalization of expenditure, so that the Budget for the entire duration of the campaign is sufficient.

Another thing is that Google decided to trim the right sidebar ads.

You may remember, depending on the search query and the niche they can have up to 10 ads View on the right sidebar.

For months, the function is gone.

There are only three ads that show on the search engine optimization above, and in the Financial niche we can see up to four.

Imagine how fierce is the competition for more than 8-10 spots gone up.

It means higher bids, more revenue for Google, less any placement.

The display marketers struggle to prepare their clients.

In terms of the quality criteria of the page content I want to say briefly that the landing page must also optimize the best content for mobile devices.

In this way, they can get more conversions from their search advertising.

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