This (Simple) White Hat SEO Strategy=59% More Traffic

– A few months ago I getthis email out of the blue.

The email said, "Hey Brian, "When read your skyscraper technique post "a couple months ago, I was intrigued.

"I had recently taken over SEO at our blog "that was receiving verylittle organic traffic.

"After many hours spentcreating, promoting "and manually link building,this happened on Monday.

"That's us at number one.

" I'm Brian Dean, the founder of Banklinko, and in this video I'm gonna show you exactly how Emil got his site to the number one spotin Google step by step.

(upbeat music) When I first launchedmy blog Banklinko.

Com, I knew that I was enteringthe insanely competitive online marketing space.

I was a one-man show bangingout articles from my apartment.

And I was competing againsthuge marketing teams from sites like Forbes, SearchEngine Land, and Inc.


And I knew that to have achance against these mega brands I need to do something crazy to stand out.

That's when I decided touse a white hat SEO strategy called the skyscraper technique.

And this single strategyincreased my new site's organic search engine traffic by 110.

9% in 14 days.

One day one of my blog readers,Emil Shour, saw my results and decided to give theskyscraper technique a shot.

And it quickly boostedhis site's traffic by 59%.

And today, because Emil'ssite ranks number one for his target keyword, his piece of content brings in over 10 thousand page viewsper month like clockwork.

Now that I've showed you how well the skyscraper technique works, it's time for me to walk you through the step by step process.

Step number one.

Find content that alreadyranks for your target keyword.

Step two.

Create something even better.

Step three.

Promote your content.

So your first step is to find content that's already rankingfor your target keyword.

Because Emil's business sellshealthy snacks for offices, he realized that a keywordlike "wellness program ideas" is something that histarget customers search for.

So he googled "employeewellness program ideas", "wellness programs" and"corporate wellness programs" to get a sense of whatwas already out there.

And he noticed that the content that was ranking on Google's first page had the same flaws.

For example, four outof the top 10 results for "employee wellness ideas" were PDFs.

Needless to say, mostpeople rather read content in a blog post than in a PDF.

Emil also noticed that thelist of wellness program ideas lacked important details.

In fact, most were literallyjust lists of ideas without any informationon how to execute them.

Emil also saw that thecontent on the first page lacked multimedia, like images, videos, charts and screenshots.

According to a study by Skyword, content with at least one image gets an average of 94%more social media views than content without an image.

That's why it's so importantto use images in your content.

Last but not least, but Emil noticed that the content on thefirst page was boring.

Obviously, employee wellness programs isn't as interesting assomething like cute cats.

But that doesn't mean thatyour content has to be boring like this.

As I'll show you in aminute, Emil worked hard to make sure that his contentwas fun and interesting.

But first, it's time for me to show you step number two of theskyscraper technique, which is to create something better than the content you just found.

Despite what you may haveheard about white hat SEO, first page rankings have nothing to do with keeping your site updatedwith fresh quality content.


Instead, your ability to rank in Google depends on two things.

Thing one.

Create something thatdeserves to rank number one.

Thing two.

Promote that content.

Seriously, that's it.

Question is: how do you create content thatdeserves to be number one? Let me answer that byshowing you exactly how Emil executed step number two ofthe skyscraper technique.

First, Emil listed more programideas that any other guide.

Most of the content that Emil found listed about 10 wellness program ideas.

But Emil knew that there're way more than just 10 wellnessprogram ideas out there.

So he set out to lista whopping 120 ideas.

Unfortunately, Emil realizedthat listing out 120 ideas was easier said than done.

So Emil asked his team toget employee wellness experts to contribute ideas to the post.

And many of these expertswere more than happy to lend a hand.

Emil also reached out tobloggers in the wellness space, and they hooked Emil upwith some amazing ideas that he could use in his content.

And as you'll see in a minute, these expert contributionsgenerated lots of shares and traffic to Emil's post.

Next Emil added multimedia to his content.

Like I mentioned earlier,most of the articles ranking on page one had zero images.

And Emil knew that publishinga post with lots of multimedia would be a huge competitive advantage.

That's why he included aton of high quality images and helpful videos.

Finally, Emil made surehis content was fun, upbeat and interesting.

Because the truth aboutcontent marketing is this.

Whether you write about lifeinsurance or life hacking, your content simply can't be boring.

Emil knew this and that's why he made sure his content was fun and compelling.

And once he edited hispost, Emil hit Publish, and his content was live.

The end result – 121 EmployeeWellness Program Ideas For Your Office.

Now that Emil's post was live, it was time to sit back, relax and let the back links roll in, right? Wrong.

Like you, Emil realized thathitting the Publish button was just the beginning.

For your content to stand out today you need to actively promote it.

Which leads us to step number three of the skyscraper technique process which is to promote your content.

Yes, publishing greatcontent is important.

And that's why Emil spent so much time on a single post.

But unless you promote your content, it's gonna get lost inthe sea of blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts and emails that come out every day.

With that, here're thefour promotional strategies that Emil used to get the word out about his new piece of content.

First, Emil reached out to influencers to let them know about his post before he even published it.

I call this pre-outreach.

Specifically, Emil found blogs that wrote about workplace wellness and sent them a heads upabout his upcoming post.

When the bloggers said,"Sure, send it over," Emil sent them a heads up.

This pre-outreach led todozens of social shares but also a nice contextual back link.

Next Emil used somethingcalled the content roadshow.

Here's how it works.

First, Emil used Google to find blogs that wrote about employeewellness, human resources and other related topics.

And when he found a highquality piece of content around one of those topics,he emailed the author.

This technique also led toa high quality back link.

Once he was done emailing bloggers, Emil reached out to brandsthat he mentioned in his posts.

For example, Emil mentionedauthority nutrition in his content.

So he sent them a message to let them know that they were featured.

And as you can see here, these brands were more thanhappy to share Emil's post with their audience.

Finally, Emil hit up theexperts that contributed ideas to his post.

Remember when I told you that Emil asked a bunch ofworkplace wellness experts to contribute an idea.

Here's an example.

Well, when the post went live,Emil let the experts know that he used their idea in his post.

Not only were the experts happy to share Emil'scontent in social media, but one of them evenlinked to Emil's post.

There you have it, the three step process that led to a first page ranking and a 59% boost in organic traffic.

Did you get somethingvaluable from today's video? If so, make sure to subscribeto my YouTube channel right now.

That way you won't miss outon any actionable videos like this one.

Now I want to turn it over to you.

What do you think aboutthe skyscraper technique? Or maybe you have aquestion about the process.

Either way leave a quickcomment below right now.

– [Voiceover] Alright.

– More? Okay.

Now it's good? Bla-bla-bla.

I gotta like sit back, relax.

Did I say, I can't, sounds weird.

Okay, alright.

Gas water.

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Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

Hi and welcome.

My name is Harald Tschuggnallfrom seoacademy.


Today, I want to talk about black hat SEOand white hat SEO.

What is it and should you do black hat orwhite hat SEO.

Basically, everything that is black hat SEO is against Google's guidelines.

Everything that is white hat SEO is according to the guidelines.

You could also say; everythingthat is white hat is like future-proofed.

Everything that black hat, you could stilldo, but you have to know that this could end very soon.

What I mean by that is that; tactics thatyou're probably using or you're trying to use in the moment could still work in themoment but, if the next Penguin update goes out or if the other big Google update go out,then it could be that you are not ranking anymore for any keyword terms.

You have tokeep it in mind.

If you're still thinking about doing some shady stuff or some blackhat stuff, then just do it for your own projects or just do it for some affiliate stuff orstuff like that where it doesn't really matter when you burn your domain.

Really keep that mind.

If you work on yourbusiness, try to really do clean work.

Try to avoid stuff that isn't according to theGoogle guideline.

Actually, these days, it's not so easy anymore or, these days, a lotof stuff doesn't work anymore.

Very funny, last week actually, I saw a website wherea client submitted a sample to me telling me that they are hiding key words on the page.

First of all, I couldn't find the keywords.

Then, I used the mouse and marked the page,and I could see there was a big actually space – a black space – and they wrote black textin that area.

Stuff like that doesn't work anymore.

Google now is really rendering the websites;that means, they know exactly what is on the page, what does the user see.

They make a,kind of, screenshot and they just take that in consideration.

These days, I would say,most of the black hat stuff doesn't work anymore.

I would also not recommend to go out and buildthis link networks, your own networks because, remember, it doesn't make sense to have alot of links.

These days, you need high quality links and powerful links.

If you have satellitesout there, most of the time they don't have any power.

It's a lot of work for you to setthem up, to control them, to distribute content, and whatever and it doesn't make any sense.

I wouldn't do that anymore.

If you look at the very professional blackhats in the moment, what they do is, they hack strong websites – so they hack universitywebsites, they hack other websites – they set up a sub-page on that website, and thenthey try to link to their own websites to make that quite strong.

I wouldn't recommendto do that, of course, because it's against the law.

You shouldn't participate in stufflike that.

I just want to let you know that, if you are a affiliate or if you're doingprojects for yourself, it's totally fine to try a lot of stuff.

Of course, don't do anythingthat is against the law.

You could try stuff that is against Google's guidelines if youare aware or if you keep in mind that that could be a very short time solution.

If you do something for your business, it'svery important that everything is according the guidelines.

If you are a business ownerand you are employing or you are getting an agency.

First of all, it would be veryimportant that you control the people that work for you.

If you are a business owner,you need to know also what an employee is doing for you.

If he's doing SEO for you,then you should sometimes check what he's doing; what kind of links is he building,how is he trying to gain rankings.

Also, the same is actually true if you have a SEO agency,for example, then you really want to know what they're doing.

These days, really tell them they have tosend you all the reports, all they did everyday or for months or whatever.

I suggest thatyou're getting at least once a month a report where they show you everything they did.

It'snot some black box – they're not using some magic SEO out there to get you ranked.

Youreally have to know what they're doing because, otherwise, you could be at risk.

If this agencyis doing something that is against the guidelines, it could get a penalty and that will affectyour business.

It's very important.

Also, if you have people working for you insideof your company, you also should be very careful that they're going into the right direction.

I hope that helped, and I'll see you tomorrow.


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Should you build nofollow links in a white hat SEO campaign?

Hi guys, It's David James from Business GrowthDigital Marketing.

And in this video, I want to talk about thevalue of doing link building even on sites where you don't get the complete SEO benefit.

Now, I know I juxtapose myself just by sayingthat.

There's more value that you can get with certainsites than just trying to get a link to rank.

So I will show you in this example with oneof the sites that links on their site to one of my other websites which is called Lollivia.


What has happened here is I wanted to getmore traffic and get a better ranking for the keyword Cambodia backpacking.

Now the actual site doesn't rank anywhere.

Although it is just page 1.

It doesn't rank on the first page anyway.

What I did when I was prospecting was I waslooking for any sites where I could get a bit more exposure.

So the first site that I came across was indietraveller.


Now, I'm just going to jump over to the siteand it is an actual blog where they have written a really, really good guide.

The guys name is Marek and he is a reallywell travelled person and if you are into travelling, then definitely follow him.

But, what was interesting was since the linkhas been live.

So that is from back in, let's say Septemberof 2015.

Since then, there has been 621 people thathave come from that site alone.

So that's quite interesting.

Now I am just going to go back to the siteand I am going to show you the link.

Check out the guide.

You will see that it is very thorough.

So if you are looking to go to Cambodia, checkit out.

I am just going to scroll all of the way downto the comments section.

There are 14 comments and I actually commentedin one of them.

And what I had done was I had left a positivecomment saying that my wife and I had travelled to Cambodia and that Ihad written a post aboutit and I shared a comment with a link back to the post.

He accepted the comment and it is live onhis site.

But as a result, we have received quite afew visitors to the site every month.

Now I am going to inspect this.

The first thing that you will see is it isa direct link.

But the link is a nofollow link.

So there isn't any direct SEO benefit fromthe link directly.

But, it does get the site traffic, which isvaluable and it allows the content to be discovered.

In the future, it could lead onto other linkbuilding opportunities where I will get links naturally.

But the purpose of this video is to let youknow that if you d link building and you do something like leave a blog comment on a websitewhere it uses the rel=nofollow attribute, then you should still get a link from it torelevant content on your site to boost your audience and to create an opportunity to getnatural links in the future.

So I hope that you found this interesting.

If you have any questions, please feel freeto leave them in the comment section below.

If you liked the video, please hit like, don'tforget to subscribe.

Thanks for watching.

And I will speak to you next time.

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How to Get Page One Rankings with White Hat Linkbuilding tips | By Adam Payne

– [Adam] Hey everybody, Adam Payne here, and in this video, we are gonna learn a really cool white-hat three very powerful link-building technique, so that you can get good-quality, relevantbacklinks to your websites or your YouTube videos.

Now, this is gonna work best if you already have avideo or a website created and the content on yourwebsite / article / post or YouTube video, is good-quality.

If you've got a trashy videoor a trashy piece of content you're trying to rank,this may not work so well.

So with that being said, thefirst thing you'll need to do is to install a freeGoogle Chrome extension called Check My Links.

If you don't know how todo that, go to Google, type in "check my linksGoogle Chrome extension" and the first result will be the link, the extension itself.

Click on it, install it, and it will appear in the top right, a little checkmark witha green and red box.

Once that's done, you know that you've installed the extension correctly.

Then, you wanna head over to Google and do a search for a related search term in your niche.

Now, I've already done onefor the example of this video, so I went to Google andI typed in coconut oil, and I went to one of theresults on the first page, and I found this particularwebsite and this article.

I then clicked this little link and this extension(mumbles) the whole page and it brought back all of the links, and it highlighted everysingle link on this page.

There are 177 links on this page, so it goes to show the sitesthat rank well on Google have tons of internal linking and tons of links on their page.

But two of these are invalid, and they're highlighted in red, so what I now need to do is come through and find the ones that are red.

So let's come through,and we can find here, this is one here.

Just to make sure that it is broken, and that the extensiondidn't make a mistake, I wanna click on it.

And it brings up this URLand it says "Post not found".

So, there are two things that I can do.

If I already have a good piece of content, which is about the healthbenefits of minerals in relation to coconutoil, I may or may not have, but if you're doing asearch for these things, then you should already be in that niche, I can contact thewebmaster of this website and offer my good-quality video or website as an alternative, and just tell them that their link is broken.

Now, they may just goahead and fix their link, but they may add my content instead because it's gonna addvalue to their readers, and then I get a great backlink from a website that is alreadyhighly ranking on Google.

This method works greatfor Wikipedia pages and Wikihow pages.

If you can find links onthere that are broken, and believe me, there are lots of them, then you can just contact the webmaster and suggest your link as an alternative.

And a lot of the times,you'll get accepted, of course, sometimesyou will not hear back or people will say, "thanks, but I'm just gonna fix the link", but this is a great wayfor you to get links.

And another thing what you can do is, if you find a bunch of links and you don't actually haveany content directly related, so you may not have any content directly related to minerals, you can go ahead and you can copy the URL of the broken link, and youcan come to what's called the WayBack Machine,which is this website, archive.


And you can paste the link in here and hit BROWSE HISTORY.

And not every time, but sometimes, you'll be able to get a snapshot of what that website lookedlike at a point in the past.

And we can see here that thispage was saved six times, so we come down and we justfind one of those little dates, and we hover over it, and weclick this little link here, one second, and what it will do, is it will bring up that page.

Now, it's gonna take a littlebit of time to redirect.

And if I had a health-related website or a coconut-oil-related website, what I could do is I couldcopy this entire article, paste it on my website and publish it, and then send it to the webmaster for them to then link back to my site.

So, this is a great thing to do if you don't have the content created.

Now, in this particular case, I probably wouldn't copy this page and then send it back to theoriginal owners as my own, 'cuz that would be a bit unethical, but if this was on a Wikipedia page and it was linking toa URL that had expired or disappeared, that kind of thing, then, you're good to go.

This is a great way toget good-quality links to your YouTube videosand to your posts or pages on your websites or blogs.

Takes a little bit of time,little bit of research, and yes, you do really need to have good-quality content forpeople to want to link to it, but if you're serious aboutgetting links to your content, this is a great method.

It's free with regards cost, it does take a little bit of time, but then that's the wholepoint of online business.

I hope you found this video useful.

If you did, please Like the video, please subscribe to my channel, and if any of you arelooking for more information on ranking with regards to YouTube videos, then please click the linkthat's just appeared now, and you'll get a littlefree gift to your inbox.

Cheers, and I'll speak to you soon.

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01-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Welcome) By IT Training and Solutions

Hello, my name is hamza, cyber threats are everywhere, and are becoming more aggressive complex and sophisticated.

Enter the white hat hacker, who protects users by diligently seeking out the weak spots so a company can fine-tune their security posture in this course, I'll explore today's threat landscape, dissecting the top attack vectors and motives for attacks.

I'll define ethical hacking and compare the differences between white, grey, and black hat hackers.

Finally, I'll explain the importance of structured ethical hacking in an organization.

This course is part of the ethical hacking series.

If you're ready to lock things down, let's get to it.

Source: Youtube

02-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( What You Should Know ) By IT Training and Solutions

This course is intended for network administrators, students, teachers, or anyone with an interest in learning more about the concept of ethical hacking and reasons it is important in an organization as part of an overall security framework.

Participants should have a basic understanding of terms and concepts and an interest in the subject.

Now let's get started.

Source: Youtube

03-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Hacking Ethicaly) By IT Training and Solutions

The goal of the ethical hacking series is to help system administrators understand how to better protect the assets they manage.

I'll focus on the concepts of ethical hacking in order to explain why it's essential in any organization's overall security framework The tests and procedures I explore should only be executed on your own system or on system that you are charged with protecting.

If ownership and responsibility lie with another party, be sure to get clear written instructions with explicit permission to conduct ethical hacking activities.

Do not investigate , websites, servers, or conduct any illegal activities on any system you do not have permission to analyze.

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04-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Information Security ) By IT Training and Solutions

Companies are faced with numerous challenges to protect the infrastructure Network environments are complex and can include bring your own device, bring your own application, Cloud computing, virtualization, social media and a new technology that is added to the mix on a daily basis.

Coupled with the challenges cyber threats are becoming more aggressive, complex and sophisticated Attackers range from the disgruntled employee, to crime rings and nation states.

The attacks can include cyber crime, hactivism and espionage Every organization and government is a potential target including Sony, Fox, Lockheed Martin, law enforcement, Target and many others.

The attacks are highly organized by skilled and motivated players and have resulted in massive amounts of sensitive data such as credit cards, medical data, intellectual property, passwords, and state secrets being exposed The increased complexity of current cyber attacks correlates to the shift towards more aggressive and coordinated mechanisms.

In addition the attacker profile has changed.

Reported hacking activity began as early as 1971 when John Draper also known as Captain Crunch developed blue box phone phreaking which is achieved by using frequencies or tones to manipulate telephone switching hardware in order to make phone calls.

In the 1980s, an old school hacking group called the PHIRM was founded and published guides related to breaching systems and obtaining information In March 1986, Dark Creaper of the PHIRM wrote How to Get Anything on Anybody And in 1989, he published a guide hacking Bank of America's home banking system The escalation and hacking activity brought a lot of scrutiny, farewell arrests, which led to the group's disbanding.

In 1988, graduate student Robert Morris of Cornell University launched a worm on the fledging ARPANET which is a precursor to the internet.

Morris managed to take down about 6000 network government and university systems.

Morris was discharged from Cornell, served three years probation, and was fined $10,000 Soon afterward, cybercrime began to intensify.

The computer emergency response team or CERT is created by DARPA to dress network security.

And congress passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in 1989 making it a crime to break into computer systems The first DEF CON conference took place in Las Vegas in 1993 right after the internet became public And the first conference was meant to be a party to say goodbye to hackers and freakers bulletin board systems or BBS But the gathering was so popular, it is now an annual event.

In May 2000 the I Love You virus or Love Bug infected millions of computers around the world within hours of its release.

The virus was sent as an email attachment with I Love You in a subject line.

When opened, the message was resent to everyone in the recipients Microsoft Outlook address book.

In addition, the Love Bug ate through every PNG,MP3, and other files on the recipient's hard disk And it's considered to be one of the most destructive worms in history After the attacks on 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security was created and is responsible for protecting the United States IT infrastructure.

One of the key components is the EINSTEIN program.

An intrusion detection system that monitors the internet for unauthorized traffic You can find out more about the EINSTEIN system on the Department of Homeland Security's website Despite the popularity of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-malware and layered security technologies attackers are able to penetrate our fragile data with the scale of a surgeon's blade.

Companies fall victim to attacks for a number of reasons.

Mostly do vulnerabilities which include configuration errors, unpatched systems human error or software flaws.

Companies are hyper vigilant and recognize the importance of human expertise in a complex security architecture As a result, organizations need to continually assess the security measures in place in order to defend against ongoing threats Ethical hacking is an important element of a comprehensive security plan.

As ethical hacking provides a mechanism to test the computer system or a network with a purpose of locating vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited so they can be addressed.

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Rapid Fire #2: Black Hat SEO Examples; Unheard of Google Ranking Factors

Bala : Welcome to another great episode ofthis rapid fire round that we are doing with Sameer Panjwani, the CEO and founder of Mondovo.

Welcome back Sameer and we have some morequestions for you where, of course, you know the rules of the game.

Sameer : Yes I do.

Bala : Quick, fast and precise.

Sameer : Always short and sweet.

Bala: Fantastic, alright so are you readyfor the rapid fire? Sameer : Shoot away.

Bala : Fantastic what kind of SEO Practitionerare you – black, white, grey? Sameer : I believe, if we say black hat bordersof the illegal aspects, then I will say I am a grey hat.

Bala : Ok, alright then why don’t give usan example of grey hat tactic? Sameer: Hmm… Ok, that’s a good one but I’m supposedto make this quick.

I don’t think buying links is illegal andI think that it’s perfectly valid so I would say my links is kind of grey hat but I knowit works.

Bala : Interesting then why don’t you giveus an example about black hat tactics also? Sameer : Hmm….

Now as I said, I think black hat means totallyillegal out there so I know, I have seen a few people who have actually hacked someones’site, put a link out there, I mean created a new page on their site got parasite hostingand a link from an existing page which is ranking well to that page.

So ya its that hard.

Bala : That’s hard core black hat I agreewith that.

Ok, so another question is do you think Googleshould display the Page Ranks again? Sameer : It’s a hard question.

When it was there, I think its, I would loveto have Page Rank back may be I know they are not going to show it again but I wouldlove to have Page Rank back from on a scale of 0 to 100 and they would actually revealthe score in decimal formats of 95.

8 versus a site which is 73 point something so I wouldactually know.

But I know, they are not going to and whenit was there it just built that whole atmosphere of buying links based on Page Rank so I amnot sure if it’s good thing to bring back but there are replacements metric like DomainAuthority out there.

So, I’d love to have it back why not moredata the better I would say because data is a marketers’ dream on SEO guys think.

Bala : Absolutely I remember, you know, attimes when Page Rank was the metric for everyone.

Sameer : Totally.

When I started off, Page Rank was the onlymetric we looked at.

So, yes.

Bala : Ok.

So, ok now here is it what is important likebacklink or content? Sameer : Hmm.

Without content, you can’t build that manybacklinks and without backlinks you can’t really survive.

No you can, I would say because of contentmarketing these days you might not even need backlinks.

I think content is a more solid foundationbecause you have social now a days to support you.

Backlinks is one way to rank on Google andBing, content first, backlink second.

Bala : True.

Like, if you have real good content obviouslypeople would start first.

Sameer : There are many ways to promote yourcontent, backlink is just one tactic of improving your rankings.

Bala : Alright ok so is there any rankingfactor google considers and many people don’t talk about? Sameer: Hmm.

Ok this is just one theory, I have been havingover the last few days.

So, everyone knows that links are super importantand Google measures them on quality of the site to getting the links from relevance butI’ve just been hypothesizing in my head that I think Google has, they collect a lotof data from Chrome, Google Analytics and I think, they collect lot of click streamdata as well so if you are getting a link from a site and how many people are actuallyclicking on that link to your site so the traffic that you get from a link to your sitecould potentially be a factor.

Because I think I am suspecting that if Googlehas to really truly determine the quality of a link, if people are not clicking enoughfrom that link then may be that link is not as worthy as it should be or not as relevantas I think.

The true measurement of how high quality orhighly relevant link is would be based on how many people actually click on that linkso now that is just a hypothesis, they never talked about it or at least not that I knowof so purely theoretical but ya my thinking.

Bala : This is interesting.

I just want to add one more thing like youknow if I have to kind of work upon that particular tactic, what I should be doing? Sameer : If you want to take advantage ofthat of course you could possibly try to simulate clicks based on links that you already havebut this is purely theoretical so I am not sure if it works but ya of course the bestway is to get links for the purpose of traffic and actually those links may not be somethingyou can get why would require actually and that’s what Hoogle will like us to say.

Bala : Fantastic, alright so what is thatone skill the marketer must have? Sameer : I think creativity over anythingelse Bala : Creativity.

What I thought, even you will be talking aboutpsychology, because behavioral psychology is the most important thing for a marketer,don’t you think? Sameer : Of course understanding buyer psyche,what goes through a buyer’s mind, I think is necessary but now there is let’s saya marketer job is to stand out from the crowd so as much as you can understand your buyerif you don’t know how to stand out from the crowd, I think you need creativity forthat because there are many people out there you may think they are marketers but if youcannot help your brand stand out from the crowd for that you need to be creative asmuch as you understand and if you are a boring marketer, I am not sure you will be that successful.

Bala : Perfect OK this is little bit personalto you what is that one skill, you think, you need to improve upon? Sameer : In the digital marketing space, definitelyI am low on IQ on social media.

It’s not a space that I have covered thatwell and I have been so much into SEO that I have ignored that aspect, that’s an areathat I really need improving on so but ya we are working on it.

I know we are experimenting with podcast videos,Facebook and everything out there so its a learning process and I think, its an experimentbut work in progress.

Bala : Tell me about irony and you have youknow one of the best Facebook analytics and Twitter analytics in your software.

Sameer : Ironic I know but yes.

Bala : Alright, Fantastic thank you very muchSameer.

That was a great set of rounds.

We are gonna come back again with even moreinteresting questions.

In fact, we have a business round and we willbe talking to you about business.

Sameer : Looking forward to that.

Thank You.

Bala : Fantastic, Thank you very much guyscome back again look for this space and we have many more interesting questions comingup like this.

See you soon again.

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How to Build Backlinks to Every Content Publish Everyday | SharpRocket Episode 1

Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here.

Director of Marketing at SharpRocket.

Today, I'll answer one question on Quora.

He said, how can I build backlinks to each blog post if I'm pumping out content everyday? First things first, I assume that your content isn't a rehashed or a duplicate of content of another brand.

And it's something that really provides value to your audience It's something that you are very proud of to promote massively to your audience.

I assume it's a great content that you are putting out every single day.

Otherwise, I'd rather spend my time publishing one or two high-quality blog post every week Promoting it to my audience I assume it's a great content There are two things that you can do Hire a virtual assistant Here in the Philippines you can hire someone around $5 or $7 per hour What you can do is Take a video of you working on the campaign prospecting for link opportunities or blogs in your industry and doing the email outreach Document it There are a lot of tools out there.

that can help you document that video.

Send it to the VA and help him or her In that way, you can semi-automate your outreach to that person Second thing that you can do is to do Facebook advertising Retarget your website visitors You can create a custom audience based on the website visitors And it will retarget those who visit your website It will show in their newsfeed The thing here is that you need to customize it a little bit more in detail specific to the industry or topic of each of your blog posts You can use that customized audience to every content that you promote Two things Hire a virtual assistant to semi-automate your outreach or link prospecting process Second thing is semi-automate content promotion using Facebook advertising I hope I answer your question I want you to build more links to rocket up your rankings.

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