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01-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Welcome) By IT Training and Solutions

Hello, my name is hamza, cyber threats are everywhere, and are becoming more aggressive complex and sophisticated.

Enter the white hat hacker, who protects users by diligently seeking out the weak spots so a company can fine-tune their security posture in this course, I'll explore today's threat landscape, dissecting the top attack vectors and motives for attacks.

I'll define ethical hacking and compare the differences between white, grey, and black hat hackers.

Finally, I'll explain the importance of structured ethical hacking in an organization.

This course is part of the ethical hacking series.

If you're ready to lock things down, let's get to it.

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02-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( What You Should Know ) By IT Training and Solutions

This course is intended for network administrators, students, teachers, or anyone with an interest in learning more about the concept of ethical hacking and reasons it is important in an organization as part of an overall security framework.

Participants should have a basic understanding of terms and concepts and an interest in the subject.

Now let's get started.

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03-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Hacking Ethicaly) By IT Training and Solutions

The goal of the ethical hacking series is to help system administrators understand how to better protect the assets they manage.

I'll focus on the concepts of ethical hacking in order to explain why it's essential in any organization's overall security framework The tests and procedures I explore should only be executed on your own system or on system that you are charged with protecting.

If ownership and responsibility lie with another party, be sure to get clear written instructions with explicit permission to conduct ethical hacking activities.

Do not investigate , websites, servers, or conduct any illegal activities on any system you do not have permission to analyze.

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04-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Information Security ) By IT Training and Solutions

Companies are faced with numerous challenges to protect the infrastructure Network environments are complex and can include bring your own device, bring your own application, Cloud computing, virtualization, social media and a new technology that is added to the mix on a daily basis.

Coupled with the challenges cyber threats are becoming more aggressive, complex and sophisticated Attackers range from the disgruntled employee, to crime rings and nation states.

The attacks can include cyber crime, hactivism and espionage Every organization and government is a potential target including Sony, Fox, Lockheed Martin, law enforcement, Target and many others.

The attacks are highly organized by skilled and motivated players and have resulted in massive amounts of sensitive data such as credit cards, medical data, intellectual property, passwords, and state secrets being exposed The increased complexity of current cyber attacks correlates to the shift towards more aggressive and coordinated mechanisms.

In addition the attacker profile has changed.

Reported hacking activity began as early as 1971 when John Draper also known as Captain Crunch developed blue box phone phreaking which is achieved by using frequencies or tones to manipulate telephone switching hardware in order to make phone calls.

In the 1980s, an old school hacking group called the PHIRM was founded and published guides related to breaching systems and obtaining information In March 1986, Dark Creaper of the PHIRM wrote How to Get Anything on Anybody And in 1989, he published a guide hacking Bank of America's home banking system The escalation and hacking activity brought a lot of scrutiny, farewell arrests, which led to the group's disbanding.

In 1988, graduate student Robert Morris of Cornell University launched a worm on the fledging ARPANET which is a precursor to the internet.

Morris managed to take down about 6000 network government and university systems.

Morris was discharged from Cornell, served three years probation, and was fined $10,000 Soon afterward, cybercrime began to intensify.

The computer emergency response team or CERT is created by DARPA to dress network security.

And congress passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in 1989 making it a crime to break into computer systems The first DEF CON conference took place in Las Vegas in 1993 right after the internet became public And the first conference was meant to be a party to say goodbye to hackers and freakers bulletin board systems or BBS But the gathering was so popular, it is now an annual event.

In May 2000 the I Love You virus or Love Bug infected millions of computers around the world within hours of its release.

The virus was sent as an email attachment with I Love You in a subject line.

When opened, the message was resent to everyone in the recipients Microsoft Outlook address book.

In addition, the Love Bug ate through every PNG,MP3, and other files on the recipient's hard disk And it's considered to be one of the most destructive worms in history After the attacks on 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security was created and is responsible for protecting the United States IT infrastructure.

One of the key components is the EINSTEIN program.

An intrusion detection system that monitors the internet for unauthorized traffic You can find out more about the EINSTEIN system on the Department of Homeland Security's website Despite the popularity of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-malware and layered security technologies attackers are able to penetrate our fragile data with the scale of a surgeon's blade.

Companies fall victim to attacks for a number of reasons.

Mostly do vulnerabilities which include configuration errors, unpatched systems human error or software flaws.

Companies are hyper vigilant and recognize the importance of human expertise in a complex security architecture As a result, organizations need to continually assess the security measures in place in order to defend against ongoing threats Ethical hacking is an important element of a comprehensive security plan.

As ethical hacking provides a mechanism to test the computer system or a network with a purpose of locating vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited so they can be addressed.

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Rapid Fire #2: Black Hat SEO Examples; Unheard of Google Ranking Factors

Bala : Welcome to another great episode ofthis rapid fire round that we are doing with Sameer Panjwani, the CEO and founder of Mondovo.

Welcome back Sameer and we have some morequestions for you where, of course, you know the rules of the game.

Sameer : Yes I do.

Bala : Quick, fast and precise.

Sameer : Always short and sweet.

Bala: Fantastic, alright so are you readyfor the rapid fire? Sameer : Shoot away.

Bala : Fantastic what kind of SEO Practitionerare you – black, white, grey? Sameer : I believe, if we say black hat bordersof the illegal aspects, then I will say I am a grey hat.

Bala : Ok, alright then why don’t give usan example of grey hat tactic? Sameer: Hmm… Ok, that’s a good one but I’m supposedto make this quick.

I don’t think buying links is illegal andI think that it’s perfectly valid so I would say my links is kind of grey hat but I knowit works.

Bala : Interesting then why don’t you giveus an example about black hat tactics also? Sameer : Hmm….

Now as I said, I think black hat means totallyillegal out there so I know, I have seen a few people who have actually hacked someones’site, put a link out there, I mean created a new page on their site got parasite hostingand a link from an existing page which is ranking well to that page.

So ya its that hard.

Bala : That’s hard core black hat I agreewith that.

Ok, so another question is do you think Googleshould display the Page Ranks again? Sameer : It’s a hard question.

When it was there, I think its, I would loveto have Page Rank back may be I know they are not going to show it again but I wouldlove to have Page Rank back from on a scale of 0 to 100 and they would actually revealthe score in decimal formats of 95.

8 versus a site which is 73 point something so I wouldactually know.

But I know, they are not going to and whenit was there it just built that whole atmosphere of buying links based on Page Rank so I amnot sure if it’s good thing to bring back but there are replacements metric like DomainAuthority out there.

So, I’d love to have it back why not moredata the better I would say because data is a marketers’ dream on SEO guys think.

Bala : Absolutely I remember, you know, attimes when Page Rank was the metric for everyone.

Sameer : Totally.

When I started off, Page Rank was the onlymetric we looked at.

So, yes.

Bala : Ok.

So, ok now here is it what is important likebacklink or content? Sameer : Hmm.

Without content, you can’t build that manybacklinks and without backlinks you can’t really survive.

No you can, I would say because of contentmarketing these days you might not even need backlinks.

I think content is a more solid foundationbecause you have social now a days to support you.

Backlinks is one way to rank on Google andBing, content first, backlink second.

Bala : True.

Like, if you have real good content obviouslypeople would start first.

Sameer : There are many ways to promote yourcontent, backlink is just one tactic of improving your rankings.

Bala : Alright ok so is there any rankingfactor google considers and many people don’t talk about? Sameer: Hmm.

Ok this is just one theory, I have been havingover the last few days.

So, everyone knows that links are super importantand Google measures them on quality of the site to getting the links from relevance butI’ve just been hypothesizing in my head that I think Google has, they collect a lotof data from Chrome, Google Analytics and I think, they collect lot of click streamdata as well so if you are getting a link from a site and how many people are actuallyclicking on that link to your site so the traffic that you get from a link to your sitecould potentially be a factor.

Because I think I am suspecting that if Googlehas to really truly determine the quality of a link, if people are not clicking enoughfrom that link then may be that link is not as worthy as it should be or not as relevantas I think.

The true measurement of how high quality orhighly relevant link is would be based on how many people actually click on that linkso now that is just a hypothesis, they never talked about it or at least not that I knowof so purely theoretical but ya my thinking.

Bala : This is interesting.

I just want to add one more thing like youknow if I have to kind of work upon that particular tactic, what I should be doing? Sameer : If you want to take advantage ofthat of course you could possibly try to simulate clicks based on links that you already havebut this is purely theoretical so I am not sure if it works but ya of course the bestway is to get links for the purpose of traffic and actually those links may not be somethingyou can get why would require actually and that’s what Hoogle will like us to say.

Bala : Fantastic, alright so what is thatone skill the marketer must have? Sameer : I think creativity over anythingelse Bala : Creativity.

What I thought, even you will be talking aboutpsychology, because behavioral psychology is the most important thing for a marketer,don’t you think? Sameer : Of course understanding buyer psyche,what goes through a buyer’s mind, I think is necessary but now there is let’s saya marketer job is to stand out from the crowd so as much as you can understand your buyerif you don’t know how to stand out from the crowd, I think you need creativity forthat because there are many people out there you may think they are marketers but if youcannot help your brand stand out from the crowd for that you need to be creative asmuch as you understand and if you are a boring marketer, I am not sure you will be that successful.

Bala : Perfect OK this is little bit personalto you what is that one skill, you think, you need to improve upon? Sameer : In the digital marketing space, definitelyI am low on IQ on social media.

It’s not a space that I have covered thatwell and I have been so much into SEO that I have ignored that aspect, that’s an areathat I really need improving on so but ya we are working on it.

I know we are experimenting with podcast videos,Facebook and everything out there so its a learning process and I think, its an experimentbut work in progress.

Bala : Tell me about irony and you have youknow one of the best Facebook analytics and Twitter analytics in your software.

Sameer : Ironic I know but yes.

Bala : Alright, Fantastic thank you very muchSameer.

That was a great set of rounds.

We are gonna come back again with even moreinteresting questions.

In fact, we have a business round and we willbe talking to you about business.

Sameer : Looking forward to that.

Thank You.

Bala : Fantastic, Thank you very much guyscome back again look for this space and we have many more interesting questions comingup like this.

See you soon again.

Good Bye.

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How to Build Backlinks to Every Content Publish Everyday | SharpRocket Episode 1

Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here.

Director of Marketing at SharpRocket.

Today, I'll answer one question on Quora.

He said, how can I build backlinks to each blog post if I'm pumping out content everyday? First things first, I assume that your content isn't a rehashed or a duplicate of content of another brand.

And it's something that really provides value to your audience It's something that you are very proud of to promote massively to your audience.

I assume it's a great content that you are putting out every single day.

Otherwise, I'd rather spend my time publishing one or two high-quality blog post every week Promoting it to my audience I assume it's a great content There are two things that you can do Hire a virtual assistant Here in the Philippines you can hire someone around $5 or $7 per hour What you can do is Take a video of you working on the campaign prospecting for link opportunities or blogs in your industry and doing the email outreach Document it There are a lot of tools out there.

that can help you document that video.

Send it to the VA and help him or her In that way, you can semi-automate your outreach to that person Second thing that you can do is to do Facebook advertising Retarget your website visitors You can create a custom audience based on the website visitors And it will retarget those who visit your website It will show in their newsfeed The thing here is that you need to customize it a little bit more in detail specific to the industry or topic of each of your blog posts You can use that customized audience to every content that you promote Two things Hire a virtual assistant to semi-automate your outreach or link prospecting process Second thing is semi-automate content promotion using Facebook advertising I hope I answer your question I want you to build more links to rocket up your rankings.

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Using Deadlink Checker to Find Broken Backlinks

Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here Director of Marketing at SharpRocket Today, I'm going to show you how you can use a deadlink checker in order for you to find any broken links on a page whether it's on your website or it's a website of another blogger or webmaster that you can reach out for your link building campaign Let's go straight to the tool that I'm going to use for this tutorial LinkMiner created by Jon Cooper of Pointblankseo This can help you check webpages for any broken links The good thing with this is that It helps you to pull some metrics whether it's a Moz DA Ahrefs DR or Majestic TF or CF This can help you check the quality of those links To get started with this You need to install the LinkMiner as your Chrome Extension tool Click the Install I'll be including the URL of this chrome extension tool below this video Install it and once you're done Go straight to Settings Then Extensions – Options You need to authorize Ahrefs, Moz or Majestic whichever metric you are using for your campaign You can enable Total Links, External Links if you want the Total number of links to be displayed on the page Also, you can check these third-party metrics whichever metric you are using I'd like to note this on-page element This helps you to see the number of internal or extenal links on a specific page without actually using a third-party tool or plugging or grabbing the URL to a third-party tool It really works It's a productivity hack that you can implement Once you set up all the options that you need for you to check the quality of links Also checking the broken links Let's get started with trying to use LinkMiner This is a resource page on Global Addiction Association If I am executing broken link building strategy What I would do is to check if there are any broken links I would find here and recommend and suggest to webmaster if they would like to remove or replace this broken links with a link on relevant resource as well as a link to my content It's a value proposition that you can use for your outreach Click the LinkMiner And it's processing around 1 minute or 30 seconds depending on the number of external links Remember that you need to check if the link is actually working or not Broken links are highlighted in red You will also see the HTTP code Check if it's actually working This is a page not found The good with this is that it helps you scale finding broken links within 5 seconds or 10 seconds depending on the number of external links You can use this for your broken link building strategy or checking any external links on your page in your website for you to monitor if there are any 404 pages If there is any broken link that might dillute any link equity in your website I hope this short tutorial helps you.

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Quora Keyword Research for Micro Content

Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here Director of Marketing here at SharpRocket Today, I'm going to show you how you can use Quora in order for you to build brand awareness in your industry as well as create micro content that can rank for long tail keywords and enable you to get some search traffic from that Let's go straight to Quora website If you don't have a Quora profile then you just need to sign up and log in your account In the description box, there you need to include a description about your personal brand or your business and include links to your website and to your social profiles in order to complete all the details Also, upload your profile picture The good thing with Quora is that it's a non-cost effective marketing strategy that you can leverage on a daily basis Imagine if you get 15,000, 16,000 overall views by answering questions spending three to five or even 2 to 5 minutes a day to answer relevant questions in your industry that's already a big help in your branding whether you are in the B2B or B2C industry What you can do is to answer questions that already rank in SERPS Basically, what we will do is to get Quora domain and plug it in in SEMRush or Serpstat See what are the keywords that Quora pages are ranking Basically, these are the keywords that are easy to rank It doesn't have page authority though Quora already has high domain authority Let's go straight to some keywords What I would do now is to filter it based on the industry that I'm targeting Click keywords, include "link building" "backlinking", "anchor text" It depends on the industry that you're in If you are a mommy blogger then you can include mommy or parenting tips fashion, how to, reviews Click, apply filter to see all the keywords that Quora pages are already ranking Let me add another filter which is the Search Volume for micro content, at least 50 Also, filter pages ranking from 1 to 20 What I would generate now are the keywords that Quora pages are already ranking which means they aren't difficult to rank for if you will create micro content whether it's a video, a short article Export it in CSV file See what are the keywords that I can target Basically, these are the keywords that have low competition And you can use video, short article to answer these very straightforward keywords If you are having a difficulty with creating micro content this is a keyword research strategy that you can use in Quora Another thing is You can also check Quora page or question and see if you can answer it The good thing with this is that these pages are already ranking in search, then these are pages that get some considerable amount of search traffic over time which means that even if you just answer you might also acquire new views or visitors over time It amplifies your brand visibility I hope this tutorial helps you Two things that you can do Plug Quora into Serpstat or SEMrush These are the keywords that you can target for micro content Once you're done with video content You can upload it in Quora to get more visibility I hope this tutorial helps you build more links and create great content.

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Now friends, let's talk about SEO and see the difference between the White and the Black Hat.

Generic Well, if you came to this video not knowing what SEO, here's a short enough concrete definition! SEO is the art of positioning a website in the first natural results search engine.

So now it will be interesting to see why SEO is divided into 2 parts.

The black and white.

Before continuing to go further, just know that I make this video in the single to inform and therefore I will not give any technical element for achieving the white or black! Come on, let's go to the heart of the matter: The white hat SEO is the fine if I may say, that recommended for continue in a sustainable way on the internet.

To summarize, the white hat practices are that Google advises to make reference efficiently and over the long term (yeah Jean-Bernard, I have generalized Speaking as Google but with over 90% market share.

We will not quibble!) Good afternoon, Google has never said so loud and clear recommendations but masquerade communicate via innuendo to understand good practices to adopt ! Now to the black hat, SEO I like to call aggressive.

This uses less conventional methods.

They are very clearly 'no fair play "Often associated with spam and also so they are well made, they allow to reference in the first places in the short term, unlike the white, but these techniques expose your web pages to Google and therefore penalties for simplicity risk overnight to remove your Google pages.

The black also allows for the Negative SEO, ie, can be used to damage the SEO and of course, your competitors by logical reasoning.

I will not dwell on this because this practice goes against my ethics.

But then, in summary, in the long run, we put on the white hat, on the short term, on the black.

That is all for today friends.

If you enjoyed the video, please put the little blue thumb that makes pleasure, I invite you to visit the website idea marketing.

Fr to learn free how you make reference to Youtube and especially friends, subscribe the channel for more marketing idea.

Ciao ciao.

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