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Passive Internet Marketing To Grow Your Business Online

hey guys what's going on it's NathanLucas in in this video I want to show you guys how you can use passiveprospecting (internet marketing) to grow your business online so check this out already has somebody job on the boardshere and a blocky through exactly how you can do this to grow your businessand that is why hosting content onto the internet right to do that in severaldifferent ways a lot of different platforms you have failed to eat so suchas Facebook Instagram YouTube walking and that's just a few many otherdifferent ways that you can put constant now what kind of content and we can beposed in and out onto the area to help us grow well we want to provide value todo this for our potential prospects more value to them and here's what kind ofdolly what kind of information is value tothese people process in order to decide what that iswe have to identify a problem or a struggle that our prospects are doingand when we can do that we provide a solution to our prospects in that iswhat we do here we come back to the choice we post again provide valueidentified the struggle a little late today that we provide a solution and wedo this over and over and over out onto the internet so what comes outto all of our valued contact tonight we're putting it out on the internet buthere's what we're doing actually making you giving our prospectsand opportunities to capture page recaptured now and thenwhat's going to happen after the date you capture page you gonna give themsomething of value on the other side of that captures do that they have to put in the emaillist follow-up well the same thing happenswhen market so you gonna build and at the same time this allows you to followup with them via email service providing value to that over and over right and when you're able to do thisthese two thanks you provide a solution you provide that in their side you havealready produced in place right however in other words you're gonna make sales Imean you want to make money that's the end goal but if we use it by providing asolution providing value on the back and we have helped help them grow theirbusiness and at the same time we have something for us and then what we do iswe have something in place that gives us residual and what that means is now westart to make money over and over and over again whether we actually work soyou know all starts right here by content we have to create content that's Valley that provides a solution to a strugglein the market and that's what we do is that a lead capture page right givingsomething away of value otherwise are not gonna get their information and thenon the other side of that when we do these things more consistent over time guess what now that's information allout on the internet working for us even when we're not work you literally can'tbuild a business if you stay consistent and start to make money whether youactually worked or not that's where the residual income comes in place so if yougot value out this video and learning about passes prospecting I'm asking youto do two things one go ahead and lights this video and that'll help me out so ifyou like the video down below and the second thing is there's a link belowthis video and go ahead and click that link and on the other side of that isthe exact marketing system the exact community that has taught me the basicsbasics and even going into depth about internet marketing in how to actuallymake sales how's business and how to grow your business and I really thinkyou guys get some value my name's David Lucas I appreciate yourtime and I'll see you guys.

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How To Get Customers For Your Business (Online Marketing Tips)

how to use the internet to get morecustomers for your business What's up everyone? This is Stefan from projectlifemastery.

Com and in this episode of Ask Stefan, I've got a great question from Moss Bresnahan, and the question is; Hey Stefan, I've been trying to get clients for my new sales video business.

Any suggestions? All right, so getting more customers, more clients and utilize the internet is actually relatively simple.

First of all, you need a website and on that website you need to have your product, your service, whatever it is that you are offering, and a way for the person that goes to the website to sign up for that.

Some form of call to action.

Whether that's a way for them to pay, or to sign up for a consultation, or whatever it is that's going to work best for you.

Now that website, when people go to it, you have to make sure that website converts.

Meaning that when people visit the website it has to be able to convert a visitor into a customer.

There's a whole lot of stuff involved in terms of optimizing your website, making sure that it has a good sales copy, has testimonials, it has good information about the product, it has all the benefits, the features.

All those things are going to play a role in how well your offer converts.

Also making sure that you've got a good price point, you've got a good call to action.

Something that incentives the person in some way to want to actually buy your products, service, or sign up for whatever it is that you are offering.

Making sure that your website converts is something that doesn't have just like that.

Typically what happens is you send traffic to your website, which I'll share some different methods for that in this video, but you send traffic to it.

Once you send traffic to it, you're going to see what your conversion rate is.

So when people go to your website you're going to see, out of one hundred people maybe one person signs up for your product or service.

Or maybe five people do or ten people do.

In which case it has a ten percent conversion rate or a five percent.

You really need to make sure that you know the numbers.

One of the best ways to track that is by installing Google analytics onto your website and that will show you a lot of the data of your website and where people are coming from, and you are also able to track your conversion rates and all that sort of stuff ok.

So you're always going to improve your website.

You're always going to test different things and the littlest things can make the world of difference.

Testing your price, testing your offer, testing graphics, colors, font sizes, headlines.

All of these things are things that you can test.

Just by making these small improvements, you'll be able to prove your conversion rate.

The other piece that you need is traffic.

Not just any form of traffic, but targeted traffic because you can send a ton of people to your website, but what good is it sending people to your website if they're not targeted, if they're not somewhat interested or have an interest in whatever it is that you are selling.

You want to make sure that you are sending targeted visitors.

There's so many different ways on online marketing to be able to send traffic to your website.

Everything from Facebook, whether that's building a Facebook fan page and using some organic methods.

You'll get more fans and be able to promote your website, your product, your service to your fans and Or maybe using Facebook ads through paper click advertising.

With Facebook ads you can target people based on their interests, based on certain things about them, their demographic.

It could really allow you to get really laser targeted people to your website that can really convert the best for you.

You could use Google, the search engine.

You could have a blog and put content that is related to your product, your industry, or your service and then attract people to you just from people that are searching in the search engine.

Once people come to your website they're already targeted because they came to your website by first consuming some form of your content first.

Search engine optimization is powerful for that reason.

Alternatively you could use Google ads.

Google has their advertising platforms called Google AdWords.

You can pay Google and optimize optimize your advertisements for certain key words and and then again send targeted traffic to your website that way.

There's YouTube, which is what I enjoy using and providing content.

When you provide content for the people in the way that I'm doing right now on YouTube, and you help people, and you put up videos that are related to your product or service, then when people find it they are already getting a taste for you, for your product, for your service, and what you're about.

It's going to help elevate the trust level.

It's going to make them want to do business for you because they are going to trust you more as opposed to someone that they don't really know that person, they can't get a feel for them online.

YouTube is a powerful way of attracting people and then funneling them in to whatever your product or service is and send them to your website.

Using Twitter, Instagram, Bing, Bing Ads, Yahoo, LinkedIn, there's so many different platforms, Pinterest.

There's so many different ways of attracting people and then sending them to your website.

Once you have your website set up, what I have to recommend for people is to pick one or two methods first.

Decide that you are going to commit to SEO and you're going to build a blog and master that.

In which case, find different courses, resources, and spend a lot of time really understanding SEO and implement a strategy over the long term that could help attract visitors and funnel them in to your website.

If it's YouTube, then spend some time working on that.

Maybe you find a goof YouTube course.

Invest in it.

Get really good at it.

You don't want to try to do everything and just dabble.

You will do a poor or average job at everything.

You want to pick one or two things and become really good and skilled at it and drive consistent traffic to your website.

Then over time, once you've mastered that, you can start another way of driving traffic to your website and just slowly build that.

So we are going to send traffic to your website, either paying for it or getting some fleet traffic through Google, YouTube, social media.

Once you get traffic to your website you are going to see exactly how people convert.

You are going to see whether or not they are interested in your product.

If your product actually meets the demand of the market.

Whether or not it's converting in any way.

If not, you can tweek and improve it.

And improve it over time.

I have to go now.

They are going to play soccer here.

So I'll see you guys next video.

Take care.

Hey this is Stefan and thank you so much for watching this video.

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I want to thank you again for watching this video.

Until the next one, I'll talk to you soon.

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Internet Marketing Tips – Finding Time To Build Your Business

Hey guys Aces here from NetPlayMarketing.

Comand today I want to talk to you guys about is finding time to build yourbusiness welcome back guys so in today's videoI want to talk about finding time to build your business I know a lot of entrepreneurs strugglewith I know that I definitely struggle with this a lot when i whenever istarted my business and this idea of of finding time to actually be able tobuild your business right especially if you're if you're a lotlike me when I was working a full-time job when I started you know into myentrepreneurial journey and so I was only able to really work my business you know part-time and there's nothingwrong with that guys but I feel a lot of people even prevent themselves fromgetting started working in their business because they don't see howthey're going to be able to find the time to work their business right.

Theycan't find you can't see how they're going to be able to dedicate a few hours totheir business every single day and I think there's kind of two thingsto this one is that you have this conception that that you're going to getthat you're going to need to taking a lot of our a lot of time to be able tobuild your business right and if you really want to like let's say take yourbusiness to that next level and then be like really really reallyincome-producing then yes you might have to dedicate more time to it but whenyou're just getting started if you just want to kind of you know eithersupplement your income or if you want to just replace the income that you'remaking right now you could probably easily do that byjust working a few hours a day now when I say that you're gonna beworking a few hours a day guys what i mean by this is that is that you need tobe able to be ready to be productive so there's a difference between workinga lot of hours and being productive for a few hours and i think this is thesecond thing that I really wanted to touch on because the the first thing isthat a lot of people feel like they're going to have to dedicate a lot of time becausethey're used to doing that work right and it's take all the statisticsare out there and it's already a known fact that a lot of people you know theydo just the bare minimum amount of work to kind of keep their jobs and a lot ofemployers pay just enough so that they will stay but with that goes a lotof times where people aren't being productive at work.

There's alot of talk about people who are just wasting time you know with the watercooler talk or you know just watching youtube videos while they're at workwhen you get a minute and so there's a lot of stuff a lot oftimes it's just being wasted and if you are getting paid for it right and sothey're kind of used to this sort of that sort of feel when it comes to yourbusiness you know as an entrepreneur the great thing is that you have control ofyour schedule.

the horrible thing about being entrepreneurs that you havecontrol of your schedule what I mean by this guy is that you have to learn to bevery disciplined when it comes to to running your business you have to becomedisciplined on being productive in your business so what out what I really wantto get across to you guys here is that if you dedicate yourself to you knowbeing able to invest that one or two straight hours of your productive nondisturbed work you're going to be able to accomplish way more then you might bein your in your day job and and the thing is because you're working foryourself and you're building something that's your own and that's that's thegreat thing because you know a lot of times people are are wasting their time to get distractedwhen it comes to their business that's what i mean by it being that you have tocontrol your time can be a bad thing too because as an entrepreneur believe me I've been there two hands up -guilty of wasting time in my business you know I get on the computerthinking okay I'm gonna you know start building my business or besomething productive and then I get distracted by youtube I facebook or byyou know doing things that aren't productive right for example sometimes people feellike they're being productive but they're not actuallyspending their time on things that are going to produce them in income anexample of that maybe of spending hours and hours and hours trying to you knowmake the websites look pretty make their websites you know look they change thecolor scheme on their websites or maybe designing a page here there that that isreally relevant to them but you know actually making an income and those arethings that people feel like they're being productive but when it comes down to it it's notgoing to be something that's going to produce an income.

So things thatare gonna go create an income will be things like your writing an email toyour email list may be creating a sales page that would be an income-producingactivity recording a content video like this that you can engage people maybegenerate leads from or just for the sake of creating content for your audienceretaining them or whatever the case may be right so things like this would beincome producing activities so those are things that you want to focus on and soif you focus yourself for an hour or two doing things like this then i canguarantee your business is going to grow but if you spent hours and hourswatching videos on YouTube on how to do this and how do that not apply it thenyou're gonna end up exactly you are so you know when I was workingfull-time I would spend.

sometimesI didn't know when I was going to be able to do some of these income producingactivities like writting my emails or recording a video or doing thesethings so I quickly learned to find the little gaps of time where i wasable to do that kind of stuff so for example like this video right nowI'm kind of driving around and recording a video.

It might not be the safest thing in theworld for me to do but I find that sometimes i'm driving around i'm coming fromhere to there there to here sometimes I have a half an hour or anhour in the car were I want to be productive often what I do is I listen to a lot ofpositive audio and work on my mind and my mindset but sometimes I'll flip on the camera and record a video because they know that they canuse that content to share with my audience right and so I'm finding kind of that quick little time I can use to invest into my business another example was when I was workingmy full-time job you know sometimes what I would do is I would findtime during my lunch time to write out my daily emailthat I would write out to my email list you know it was half an hour of time ormaybe more of time that I could spend just there just towork on my business and because I knew I didn't have that time when I got homeand so I would find that half an hour doing that right or sometimes people find that you knowwaking up early before they go into work is something that helps it helpsthem do it whatever way that you need to find the time guys to be able to work on yourbusiness do it.

Because that's the main thing.

There is time in yourday I guarantee it you have to find it andbe diligent and be committed to want toinvest that time in your business rather than on wasting time flipping throughfacebook watching a TV show that isn't going to add any value and it is not going to produce you any income so I hope that this videobrought value for you guys if you're liking it make sure that you share itlike it comment and let me know that you're enjoying thiscontent let me know about any other content that you would like for me tocreate and if you're looking for some other great continent how to build yourbusiness guys make sure you head over to NetPlayMarketing.

Com and until next time guys let's get outthere and have some fun You can get more online marketing andtraining tips at NetPlayMarketing.

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Internet Marketing Tips – How To Squash Procrastination

Hey guys Aces here from NetPlayMarketing.

Comand today I want to talk to you about how to squash procrastination welcome back guys so today I want toactually talk to you guys about how to Squash procrastination now I don't care whether you'restill at the job or whether you're a student whether studying or whether you're looking tobuild your business procrastination is something that we all struggle withand it can be really tough to kind of overcome and really getover and especially when it comes to your business is something that's going to definitelyimpede you from moving forward and starting to see some results in yourbusiness now I believe that you know one of thebiggest reasons why we all struggle with procrastination is because we tend tokind of think of us having to be prepared or having things perfect beforewe can get going I think this kind of comes goesdown to you know the way that we were taught in school to learn how we were testedright because when it comes down to it you know think about how you weretelling you how you learn in school you know you went to class for whatevernumber of weeks or days and then you have to kind of take all thisinformation then you like have to study for a test and then you would get testedto see you know how much you will retain information and then you get graded onit and so it's natural for us to want to come to do a similar thing inour business where you know we have to learn new skills and so you know we buyall these training courses we buy all these things that we hope aregoing to provide us with the skills and the knowledge that we're goingto need to be able to be successful in our business but the thing is there is there is notest right there is no test you can take for business that's going to prove to youthat you're going to be successful right there is no test in business that'sgoing to help you be successful and so the thing you need to kind of get overis the fact that there is no test guys and so all you can really do is youcan intake information you can learn this knowledge so you can acquire the skills that you need foryour business for example if you are in online marketing you're going to need to learn emailmarketing going to need to learn how to sort of traffic and you're going to needto learn how do i know you do some maybe do some how to set up landing pages andthings like that you're going to need to learn theseskills however once you've learned them then you have to apply them and really theonly way to prove that you're going to be successful is by getting out theretrying and seeing what works because what works for me may not work foryou may not work for somebody else and so you're going to have to get over this this idea of being perfect, this idea of you wanting to perfect not want to make a mistake isgoing to prevent you from actually seeing any success and seeing any results in yourbusiness that's probably the biggest mistake you can actually make becauseyou're automatically failing because you're not trying right because anythingthat you do in business whether whether it ends in a positive result orit ends up with really measily results what you can learn from things that givemeasily result is that you can learn that you learn from the experience.

youlearn what not to do you find out what doesn't work right and so by learningwhat doesn't work you're eventually going to find what does work and that'skind of the key to success guys it's the key to being successful in any business it's the key to being able to unlockreally the potential power that your knowledge and your skills really have inspite really honest just applying so guys if you really want to scratchprocrastination all you gotta do is you have to forget about being perfect toforget about being right and to be successful you have to go out there andsee what happens get the results and ifthe results aren't what you expect then go back out there and you try to get back into itagain get better and get better and you willget better you will always get better but what if you don't try you'll neverknow alright guys so I'm hoping you reallygot value from this video if you know your liking what you're hearingto make sure that you know you like you share this video with others comment onanything you might want me to talk about to me in my next video and until next time get out there and have some fun get more online marketing and trainingtips at NetPlayMarketing.

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Internet Marketing Tips – The One Secret To Success

Hey guys, Aces here from NetPlayMarketing.

Com and today I want to share with you theONE secret to success Welcome back guys.

So in today's video I wanted toshare with you the ONE secret to success So, what is the one secret to success? Well, it's not so much a secret as opposed to something we should be doing for you to finally start seeing the resultsin your business and your goals.

What this one thing is guys is creating HABITS.

Now for you guys to really understand the impact of what creating a habit can really do for you You need to take it back a step and think aboutyour day-to-day routine.

Your day to day life.

What is it you currently do If you really think about it and you really noticethere's a lot of things that you do almost automatically every single day that arebecause you've made them a habit.

You've created a habit of doing these things every single day sothat's why they feel so natural to you whether it's when you get up in themorning you brush your teeth or you go and jump into the shower thenmaybe have some breakfast or if you're like most people you'll just run out of the housewithout breakfast and pick up a coffee to work, then you commute to work and then you work for your eight hours even the stuff you do during those eight hours are all built up of habits.

you come home have dinner maybe watch TV for a bit then you jump online for a little bit scroll through your phone brush your teeth and go back to sleep.

If that routine sounds even similar to you and what your day to day is kind of like it's because it's a habit that a lot of people getinto it's a habit to have these daily rituals almost that you do everysingle day and again all those things are just habits andeverything in between is all habits.

So for you to be able to be successfulwhat you need to do is you need to develop and build successful habits.

So, you have to stop and thinkwhat does a successful person do that I am not currently doing that isgoing to give me results? And what they're doing is that they're working ontheir business and if you're not working on your businessthen.

there you go If you're not working on your business you're not getting results in your business andthat's a big thing.

So, you have to take a step backand think if I was already successful what is it that I would be doing or evenjust take a look at what some of the people you follow some of yourmentors some of the people you really respect in your niche.

What is itthat they do that you currently aren't doing For myself let's say for example if I think of myself as an online marketer and look at some of the online marketers that are out there that I admire, the ones I'm trying to build and be like, they dothings like create content like almost every single day they put out blog posts or they recordvideos or they do I see them conducting webinars doing things like that.

Theyimplement all these different things into their business and in the processof them doing so they start building afollowing they continue to create value for their audience and these are all habits that they've created.

Or they've gotten into the habit of creating this content they've gotten intothe habit of creating traffic campaigns to to boost their content They got into the habit of doing all thesedifferent little things and so if you pay attention to people that you look up to in your niche thenstart doing some of the things that they're doing! Now, before you go and jumpin and do these things though guys there's a little bit of a disclaimerand what that is, is the reason why people fail in their businesses becausewhen they start doing something like that, when they're trying to build a habit whatthey do sometimes people from zero to a hundred like really quick, no pun intended to the song, butthey do they try to go from doing absolutely nothing in theirbusiness or from doing absolutely nothing let's say if it was a fitness goal to wanting to go to the gym 7 days a week and trying to eat healthy and what they do is theyoverwhelm themselves.

They take on too much too fast.

So, for you to start building up ahabit you got to just change a little bit here and there.

Start by doingsmaller little steps that are going to get you eventually to the bigger successes that you want.

So, if right now let's say you see thatone of your mentors is creating content or creating videos or writing blogsevery single day that's great How about if you start off by doing it once a week? Create one blog post a week.

and keep with.

Make sure thatwhatever happens throughout your week whatever happens in life you dedicate yourself and commityourself to doing that one blog a week.

That's something you need to do.

Then once you getinto the habit of doing that thing once a week then maybe in a monthor so then you can consider doing it twice a week maybeyou'll go up to three times, maybe you'll get up to doing it every single day,right? Eventually, but you need to build up the habit beacuse if you're trying to do toomuch too fast what's going to happen is you're going to get overwhelmed and eventually you're just going to burnyourself out and you're just going to quit.

Ok guys? That's something that definitelyhappened to me, I remember trying to do a lot of things inmy business and I took on way too much way too fast and Iwould get really discouraged a really frustrated in my business and I ended not doing anything in my business at all, because I burned myself out.

So guys, I hope you really got value from this video,just remember that if you really want to see success if you want that one secret formulawhat you need to do is you got to start building some positive habits and start slow and build your way up.

Ok guys? So, if you're enjoying this content guys make sure that youlike it, you share it with people you think will get value from it.

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Com and on facebook at Facebook.

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The Secret to Massive Success in Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing Tips for Success

What's up guys this is morii Malveaux herefor reach me on the sky.

Com okay I'm just located this year I'm always at home alwaysshould have a treehouse and beautiful clean Texas but I want to tell you the secret tomassive success and on internet marketing internet marketing tips for Success how doyou become the top leader in your business opportunity how do you gain massive successwell the first thing I was doing research about basically all the leaders in networkmarketing all the strong leaders and something that they all have a common is they all havea why they all have a very big specific Vision they have a incredible why so if you wantto become massively successful in your business opportunity you're going to need a strongwhile okay and the second thing that you're going to need it is of course the right mentorshipand what do I mean by this who you hanging around with so the top five people you hangaround with you I'll probably have the same the same amount of income coming in so ifyou begin to hang yourself with if you begin to hang around people with you know five figures6-figure earners then guess what it's not going to be too long before you become a fiveor six figure order so it's not going to it's not going to be long until you Beast you startbecoming a 6:07 figured if I figured because you're learning what they're doing right okayand then the third thing that you're going to need I should have said this for numberone but the first thing you're going to need is the right mindset which kind of goes backto number 1 something that all the top leaders and all the massively successful leaders likeJim Rohn die or what's his name Ty Lopez and Tony Tony Robbins is they all have a greatmine said they're all very strong-minded when it comes to internet marketing or doing somethingthat a lot of people aren't doing or traveling the world The Road Less Traveled on is goingto take a lot of mental strength because people are always going to try to knock you on yourstuff you're always going to try to say your not good or they're going to doubt your abilitiesall because they feel that they can't do it so they doubt your abilities and they don'tsee your vision right so you're going to have to have a strong mindset and realize thatit's a journey be the kind of person that enjoys the journey instead of looking forinstant gratification and that leads me to number 3 take consistent action all thesetop leaders in Massachusetts for people in their internet marketing didn't get thereby being lazy it just wasn't random they had to work their butts off to get where theyneeded to go they invest the money they invest the time because of the energy they were willingto learn a different skill-set because they had a strong Vision once your mind is madeup and you have your eyes set on the goal or on whatever you want to quit your job tomaybe spend some more time with your kids or you want to quit your job and travel onceyou have your vision and you have your why'd you have to be so specific about why you wantto do it how you want to do it and when you want to do it so you have to have a ClearVision because as you can see once you're going down that road you're going to haveobstacles you know you're going to have not so good days and that's just the life of anentrepreneur but you're going to have to realize that you're going to have to fight all rightso that's why little tips on success how to become successful have a wife have a greatmentor taking Xanax and everyd ay have a great mind said alright so I hopethat helps those were like four or five golden nuggets and get a great system get a systemthat you get up I might recommend it will be digital altitude it's a high convertingand has great products celebrity offer and you get the mentorship you get your emailmarketing going to give funnels for you and really is teaching her house so probably howto properly internet mortgage it's rewiring your brain for success and it's great fornewbies I was able to get started and I don't have a great mentor thankThank God he taught me everything I need to learn about YouTube that's how I was ableto see alot of my success it leads in sales on the consistent basis and you can too alrightso if you're interested in that a lot of My Success and get leaves in cells on the consistentbasis and you can't you are right so if you're interested in that click the link below it'sonly a dollar trial but I will also be sending you a free training anyways all you had todo was put your email address or just beginning to take its consistent action if you're lookingfor a Min so I can make sure your guys you I'll be able to if you sign underneath meI'll give you all the stuff that I use the tools that I used to run a business for meand how it works and how it's continuously working for me and how it can do the samefor you but it's the balls in your court you're going to have to take everything out therebecause obviously if you come across this video thing in your life just be honest andI'm giving you tools and guidance that you're going to need in order to see why becauseI was able to do it too Alright With that being said, I want to hear tips on how tobecome Massive Successin your life being your love life Fitness been to college or anything like that howdo you achieve your goals are right so that means I'll see you on the other side thankyou.

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Free Plus Shipping Marketing Funnel, Internet Marketing’s Secret Weapon To Grow Your Online Business

Hey! Miles Beckler here and in this videowe're going to look at one of the hottest funnels that out there the mostof the big-time marketers are using to create tons of customers, cash flow upfront and really really build their customer list in a way that allows themto drive more sales on the back end of the funnel.

Tthis is probably one of themost powerful front end of funnels that I've seen and this is what i'm working onbuilding and creating in my business and I'm going to go ahead and show you thefunnel and we're also going to look at the few examples of the different typesof ways people are using this final because you could you could do a lot ofdifferent things with it with a little creative funnel so we get myself out ofthe way here and pull up the the beautiful drawing of the funnel you'rewelcome and this is a free plus shipping funnelso a free plus shipping funnel in its essence is a free item all you have to do is pay shipping andthat's the entrance point of the funnel you'll notice that there is an upsellinvolved right so the offer you get to offer from your advertising is free plusshipping so you get a free book it could be afree CD it could be a free physical item will look at some of those all they payis shipping now one of the kind of like secrets of this that's probably not asecret is the vendor is usually break even on the free plus shipping so it'llbe maybe 695 shipping and handling where they're actually able to print the bookand deliver the book for six dollars and ninety-five cents and there exactlybreak even on that so their only loss is the cost of the pay-per-click to get youinto the funnel so after the free plus shipping you go to the checkout when youclick on buy they take you to an upsell page and this is where they're reallystarting to increase their cart value their average order value and this ishow they make the free plus shipping work on the first step now you need toknow that once you check out here you get on their email list and from the email list they're gonnamake other offers to you in the future some of these ones were going to look ati know for a fact they sell multi-thousand dollar products and someof them even have products that go up into the tens of thousands of dollarsand it all starts the funnel all begins with a free plus shipping so you go for the free plus shipping youcheck out at this point you're on their customer mailing list you get offered anadditional product that's generally going to be much higher value somewhere97 2 197 and if you say yes you get delivered if you say no they say thankyou and you get your free item in the mail so it's super simple one of thereasons this works so well is you get to use the marketing's favorite word threeso the advertisement you run on facebook or pinterest or YouTube or Googlewherever you're running your ads you can say get a free blank go here and thenyou might want to note just for clarity that they just pay shipping but thatthat promise of a free book or a free item is strong enough that it getspeople to take action it's a lot more valuable there's a lotmore perceived value in the free physical item than the free ebook thefree video that we've talked about in the previous funnels so let's go aheadand take a look at a few examples so this first one is a free t-shirt offerright so this guy's actually giving away a free t-shirt you choose your size downhere you click order and he's gonna be saying it somewhere shipping supplies sothere you go that's that's that's literally how he's mentioned he doesn'ttell you what shipping is so you would need to go into the funnel before youfigure out what that shipping cost is obviously this is marketed directlytowards people who like to carry guns in their pockets or purses or on their hipsas they wander around and so it's it's an American audience i know for a factthat the upsell after this is this American gun Association i believe it'sa 9 95 per month offer but it's a subscription offer so he goes around onfacebook and markets this free shirt people who have gone love shirts that show that they haveguns so they're like it's very compelling offer to that audience andthen they up-sell them with this 95 per month a garret American gun Associationand that up so happens instantly after the checkout and that's I guaranteethat's not all there offering over the course of time they're gonna sell otherproducts to the same people other things that they're gonna like possibly withthe same ipaq brand on them or other things I targets ammo who knows what islive events etc the next one we're going to look at is a survival business cardnow this is actually a clickbank offer so if your clickbank affiliate you couldpromote this and actually earn Commission's anytime someone purchasedthe follow-up products but you'll see they're giving away this metal it's likeslides into your your wallet and it's got all kinds of things right a water compass a wrench of flatheadscrewdriver knife age can opener saw blade so this is really marketed towardsthe prepper niche or the survivalist Mitch it's a physical product and youjust play shipping so they say right here shipping and handling not included Idon't know if they tell you how much the shipping handling is they don't this is a digital marketer product soit's one of ryan dices offers so the city this key thing converts likegangbusters and you'll notice you've got a little uh Robert Shelby's influencegoing on here you don't actually know how much you'regoing to have to pay until you enter your shipping details so they get youinto the cart before they tell you the shipping and that makes sense right soif I'm in the u.


my shipping is gonna be one thing but from Australia shippingmight be something totally different or they might rule me out in Australianot allow me to order this so i find it really interesting that they get a microcommitment from the user to click the button before actually letting him knowhow much they're gonna pay although they say you're going to paysomething and they don't say order now enter shippingdetails so it's a verylight commitment if you will and after this there's going to be an upsellanother product from them that you can also promote on clickbank is a credit card knife soit is kind of based on the same idea they manufacture these in china by thethousands they get an incredibly low cost per on these and then they're ableto offer them as a front-end so this again works for people who are reallyinto the everyday carry type concept the survivalists the preppers out there socampers hunters etc would love this kind of an offer and this is something thatyou can promote the last one is kind of more traditional i would say and this isa free book offer and this is russell Bronson's free plus shipping offer itsays.

com secrets book if you haven't read this book it's an absolutelyfantastic book I've gone through it multiple times now and every time I gothrough and I get a lot it talks about funnels and value laddersand it really is a powerful book i'm going to link you to this below i am anaffiliate of this so if you purchase any of the products that he offersafterwards because like I said there's upsells you no surprises but if you dopurchase any of those I would receive some sort of commission I don't even know what those would bebut ultimately I think it's worth your time to get this.

com secrets book andread through it because it's a really good book on how to build funnels andhow to build an online business but you'll notice he wrote full-on I meanthis is a full-on sales letter right he's got the video testimonials frompeople who are well known in the industry as Amazon testimonials in hereand really kind of shows you you can see we're on the right he talks about thethe value ladder and its really good content i really think that if you'reserious about internet marketing is one of the books that you definitely need toread so I'm just trying to show you as I scroll like how how aggressive of a salethis is and it's not aggressive in the sense of like bye-bye it's more when i say aggressive they puta lot of time and energy into this sales page so they're giving something forfree and they put a lot of time and money into it and that's because theyhave a back end of the funnel built in a way that they know for every book theygive away on average they're going to make x installers on the back end of the funnelnow you have the full right to go into this funnel to get the free book justpay shipping and say no thank you to all of the other upsells that they offerthat's that they account for that in their metrics right but enough peopletake them up on their upsells to make it worth it to them to continue toadvertise or to continue to pay affiliates to drive traffic to thisoffer so once again this is really it this iswhat i would consider kind of the the hip the the newest the the leading edgeof a marketing funnel right now and part of what makes us so special is you'regetting a physical item in their hands it really kind of does somethingpsychologically it makes people believe like wow this is a real business they'vegot their stuff together that they get to feel the quality of what you do sowhen you offer them future products they're like wow you know he actuallysent me that free book the content was great it was really professionally donei will go to their event that they're holding this $500 a ticket or whateverit is because you have the trust in the brand at that point these convert a lothigher than digital product only funnels right so the free report to the like theone-time offer after that's gonna have a lower conversion rate than these thesecan convert upwards of eight ten twelve fifteen twenty percent of traffic andwe're not converting just opt ins for converting them to customers and that'sthat's really powerful because your customer list has a higher likelihood ofbuying from you in the future than your prospect list so the customer list isthe most valuable list the prospect list is number to both lists are great andagain this is kind of one of the advanced funnels so this is what i'mworking on currently i'm working on a CD based offer i'm working on a book basedoffer for our niche i'm really excited about it there's a little bit more logistics thatyou have to put together because there's fulfillment i don't i'm not i don'treally have a home base i am kind of nomadic so it's not like i canjust have a bunch of these in my garage and and run down to the mail house andmail them when I'm in Thailand or new zealand or wherever I'm going to be nextyear so i'm looking at the logistics I'd but you could just as easily dosomething like this from your home if you do have a home base and you can runan offer like this yourself very very simple so if you're an advanced marketerif you're wondering what the next level is if you feel like your digital funnelshaven't been performing as well as they should this is the final you want to considerso I do thank you very much for your time again my name is Miles bechler goahead and leave me a comment below i'm very interested to hear what you thinkabout this funnel or if you're running something like this shoot me a link in a comment I'd love tosee what your funnel looks like and take a look also take a moment and click thesubscribe button and the subscribe button will make sure you're notifiedwith the next video as it comes out i'm on a content creating rampage here andi'm laying it all out on teaching everything that these successfulmarketers and myself as a sec successful marketer everything we're doing togenerate lifestyle businesses and to generate multiple six-figure incomebusinesses from home or from wherever so I go ahead and give me a comment clickthe subscribe thank you very much for your time and i will see you on the nextvideo.

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How To Avoid Costly Internet Marketing Mistakes

People can earn a successful livelihood through Internet marketing.

It can also fall flat if you don't know what you're doing.

The success of any Internet business depends upon its online marketing.

Know how to avoid costly Internet marketing mistakes by learning the right way to market successfully.

Steps Make it easy for visitors to log on to your site or they'll go elsewhere.

Graphics may be awesome, but if they take forever to load, they're not worth it.

Check that your web server is quick and reliable.

Allow visitors options for viewing information.

Not everyone has PowerPoint or Macromedia's Flash on their computers.

List your web site with search engines.

People regularly use search engines like Google and Yahoo! to find what they're looking for.

Learn about — and use — search engine optimization for a higher ranking on search engines.

Look professional in all your Internet marketing.

Have your own domain name for your web site, blogs and other contact with visitors.

Make certain your web site looks professional.

Hiring a professional is money well spent.

Keep your web site current.

To market successfully, you have to stay current or you'll lose traffic.

Promote your online marketing sites constantly.

Monitor keywords and search engine optimization (SEO).

Stay up to date on marketing on line techniques.

Have your Internet marketing web site send visitors to specific product pages through your home page when they're looking for something specific.

Make it easy for visitors to take action on your web site, whether it's asking for more information or ordering an item.

Allow customers an easy way to contact you by email or phone.

Many sales hinge on answering a simple question promptly.

If you make things too hard, customers will just go elsewhere.

Make checking out quick and easy.

Keep customers satisfied.

A satisfied customer is a happy customer, and a happy customer can generate great word-of-mouth that other online marketers can't compete with.

Ask for email addresses to provide more information to customers.

Make certain they see the benefit, such as a subscription to a newsletter or sales alerts.

Make certain that your online marketing is sent through email only and by permission.

Stay away from companies or programs that use spamming.

You don't want to partner with anyone who violates the CAN-SPAM act.

Remain aware of your competition and their online marketing.

Avoid marketing mistakes by duplicating what's not working for others.

Consider using web site analytics programs, such as Google Analytics, to find out more about your web site traffic.

Stick with it.

Marketing successfully on the Internet takes time.

Tips Not using social networking sites can be a huge marketing mistake.

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Secret to Winning in Ecommerce Internet Marketing by Fortified Teams

(cheerful guitar music) – Hello, my name is Hien Quoc, and I have an important story to share.

But first, you should knowthis isn't my actual voice.

You see, I hired a voiceoverguy to better tell my story, and another professional tocreate this presentation.

I hired them to illustratethe entire point of the story I'm going to share with you.

You see, success isn't aboutyour capabilities alone.

You don't have to be goodat everything to succeed.

In fact, real success isabout having a good plan, the right system, and great teamwork.

And using some very simple principles, I'm gonna show you howI discovered the secret to greater financial freedom,to achieving success, and how you can earna living on your terms and in a way that fulfills your passions.

Now I know that soundslike a familiar pitch, but what I'm offeringisn't just a nice story, but an actual way that you can apply my hard-earned lessonsto your own success.

So stay with me for just a few minutes, and I promise, you won't be disappointed.

You see, I started off like most people.

I went to college, I worked hard.

I earned a degree in engineering, bought a house, and started a family.

It was the American dream, and I thought if I didall the right things, then I'd have both happiness and success.

Five years later though, things weren't as I thoughtthey'd be, and one morning I found myself lying inbed, staring at the ceiling, realizing that for allmy hard work and effort, all I had to show forit was a lot of bills, and a $300 savings account.

Not only wasn't I getting ahead, I was actually falling behind.

And the more hours I putin, the more taxes I paid, so it seemed that more workwasn't the answer either.

You see, at the time, my onlymotivation was to earn money.

I thought that wouldsolve all my problems.

That if I just had enough money, that I'd be happy and fulfilled.

I came to realize that just earning money though wasn't enough.

You see, I discoveredthat with every increase, and every overtime dollar earned, the government took alarger share through taxes.

So I decided to study thetax issue a bit closer.

I knew I couldn't doanything about the tax code, but over and over I read thatthe secret to lower taxes was offsetting themwith business expenses.

And the only way to have business expenses was to open my own business.

Of course like many people,I had no idea how to find, open, or even run a business.

I imagined that it requiredthings like a storefront, equipment, product, and employees.

Plus, you needed the onething I didn't have, money.

Still, I knew I had to do something to get out of the endlessdebt loop that I was in.

So I started to read everything I could on starting my own business,and discovered that online stores were alow-cost way to get started.

It seemed like something I could do, and as an engineer, I likedthe idea of the process.

So I dove in.

Setting up my first storeplayed to all my strengths.

I went out and I learned about web design, electronic shopping carts, coding my site, and the various products I could sell.

But when it came to actuallyloading products onto my site and maintaining all thestuff you had to maintain, I started to get bored.

It just felt like my dayjob, and worst of all, I wasn't making any money at it.

I decided the revenue problem was that I just didn't know enoughabout SEO and sales.

I figured the best thing Icould do was learn those things.

So I abandoned my onlinestore for the moment and went into real estate.

My timing, of course,was less than perfect, as I entered the market in 2008, right as the housing industry crashed.

Two years later theonly thing I had learned was that I didn't like wearing a suit, chasing leads, and I certainlydidn't like still being poor.

But I needed to make money, and I was still interestedin being my own boss.

So I took over my parent'sbusiness, a small donut shop.

And I failed again.

Transferring the business,getting the building up to code, purchasing new equipment, it all landed me in $20,000 worth of debt.

And although the revenue plodded along, I just didn't have a passionfor getting up early every day and grinding out aliving that was no better and no more fruitfulthan my engineering job.

The idea that internet marketing and sales could be my answer hadstayed with me, though.

It seemed there were thousandsof people being successful.

I knew I just hadn'tfigured out the formula.

So I bought an onlinetraining course for $7, which I could barely afford, and learned about websitesales and affiliate marketing.

It seemed easy enough, so I got started.

The sales did trickle in,but not enough to inspire me, and barely enough to pay any of my bills.

Worst of all, however, I was again bored with the repetitive process.

Select a product, load a product, sell it, find a new product, and repeat.

I really thought the problem was me.

That maybe I lacked thefocus to be successful.

Needing money, and determinedto work on my focus, I took a job at a bullet factory.

I signed up for the most repetitive, tedious, boring process job they had.

12 hours a day, I made bullets.

It was mind-numbing.

But I thought it would help.

It did, but not in a way I ever imagined.

You see, I hadn't givenup on my online store.

With the little time I had, I started an onlinet-shirt and hoodie store.

I didn't have the time to do the research, the design, or the product maintenance, so I outsourced that stuff to other people that I had found online,who I could afford.

And then the most amazing thing happened.

While I toiled away at the bullet factory, my sales jumped to $30,000 one month.

Somewhere along theline, after 50 designs, we had discovered theone that people loved.

I realized that the lawof averages had worked.

If you stuck with something long enough, sooner or later, you find the winner.

The question I had now was,could that success be repeated, and could it be repeatedquicker than my first attempts? And the answer? The first thing I learned was that I needed to get out of my own way.

You see, the harder I tried to do things I didn't like doing, themore I slowed my own process.

I came to understandthat instead of focusing on my weaknesses, I shouldfocus on my strength.

The second thing I learnedthat was that being successful requires the help of others.

And the third and final thing was that behind every success story is a process, a process you can learnand you can repeat.

I wanted to test that last part.

You see, I always enjoyed helping others, and I was so excited bywhat I had discovered, I wanted to know if I coulduse it to help someone else.

I got my chance when I raninto an old friend at a party.

His story was like many people, and a lot like mine.

His wife was workingon her nursing degree, and he was trying to support them, but he had no money and a ton of debt.

When he told me he was payinghis rent with credit cards, I decided I would atleast try to help him.

I explained the process I had used, from setting up my store,to outsourcing the work.

He seemed eager, almostdesperate to try anything.

So we agreed to meet at my house, where I'd walk him through my process.

Within a few weeks he had his first sale, and with a few months, hisfinancial concerns were resolved.

It was a great feeling to help him, and as I build my ownsales to over $1000 a day, I kept returning to thehappiness and fulfillment I felt helping my friend.

I realized that money wasn'tthe real key to my happiness, it seemed that way onlybecause I didn't have enough.

But once I found success,I knew that my real passion was in teaching and helping others.

Those are the things that give my life purpose and fulfillment.

But to help others, I wantedto apply the same process I had learned with online selling.

That is, I didn't wanna helpjust one person at a time.

I wanted to reach asmany people as I could.

And that's the reason I decided to create my online training course.

And that is what I'm offering you today.

I really want to helpyou reach your goals.

I want to show you allthe things I've learned, and I know better thananyone that you want, probably need, a systemthat will work this week.

Not next month, not nextyear, but right now.

And I know, just like me and my friend, you probably don't have alot of money to get started.

That's okay, because I'm offering you my three video courses for free.

With the courses you'llquickly learn how to set up your fully-functioning store, seed it with the onething needed for success, and you'll learn how touse a virtual assistant to do all the heavy lifting.

Plus, I'm gonna share with you my secret to getting your virtualassistant to happily give up 16 hours of free help.

With this one secret, youcould hire up to four virtual assistants and get your first40 hours of work for free.

And the best part, myprogram will show you how to start selling in a week.

So don't wait, and don'tretrace all the hard, pointless steps I took.

Opt in and get started towardsthe success you deserve.

The only thing you need to invest is your email and your time.

So come join me, and I'llsee you on the other side.

(cheerful music).

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How to Work From Home Jobs Online 2017 and Make Money Full Time Online Internet Marketing Legitimate

how's it going my name is gene wolfe and I want to thank you to check it on my video and more than likely you're at this video because my video it has hit up in your search results and probably typed in like work from home or work at home,work from home,how to work from home, something in those regards right well I've been marketing online for eight and a half years now and I feel visibly for my first three and a half years are it wasn't without learn without failing that I did learn how to properly market how to work from home,how to work from home online,how to work from home legitimately,how to work from home in indian,how to work from home online 2017,how to work from home full time,how to work from home online in india, online how to make money from using the internet and how do you know basically do internet marketing period now I've done well over 250 thousand dollars in how to work from home and make money,how to work from home part time,how to make money online,make money online,internet marketing,home business,home based business,how to start a home business,work at home jobs,work from home opportunities, commissions and I did that in a very short period of time after my failure rate so is it is it necessary to fail yes it is very necessary for you to fail work at home lyrics,work at home jobs 2016,work at home jobs legitimate online,work at home jobs for moms,work at home jobs you can start today,work at home mom,work at home jobs no phone,work at home job opportunities,work at home jobs data entry,work at home,work at home assembly jobs,work at home amazon,work at home and earn money,work at home agents,work at home august 2015,work at home business,work at home business opportunities,work at home business ideas,online work at home business opportunities,best work at home jobs 2015,work at home customer service,work at home call center,work at home chat jobs,work at home companies, in order for you to understand how to succeed properly now the beauty of today compared to where I was eight years ago when i first came into internet marketing was that there's a big technology gap and transition in the industry so i went from being a part of a lot of different things that didn't have to type of technology we have today that speed up the process of allowing me to automate my business in many dif work at home call center jobs,work at home customer service jobs,work at home dad,work at home edu review,easy work at home,american express work at home,easy work at home jobs,easy craft work at home,hilton work at home,work at home institute,work at home institute review,work at home ideas,work at home in india,work at home in hindi,work at home in tamil,work at home jobs in india,work at home jobs no experience,work at home jobs 2017,craft work at home for kids,work out at home for kids, work at home legit,work at home legit work from home jobs 2015,legitimate work at home jobs,work at home mike,work at home mom jobs,work at home mom schedule,work at home mom routine,work at home non phone jobs,work at home no experience,work at home no recruiting,work at home no scams,work at home no phone,needle work at home,work at home online, different areas like marketing systems I automating my training to helping people and more importantly giving me a proper foundation to run a business from home where I can leverage my time better so work at home opportunities,work at home online jobs in philippines,online work at home in india,work at home paycheck,work at home positions,work at home phone jobs,work at home review,work at home revenue,work at home revenue review,sykes work at home review,work at home typing jobs,work at home transcription,work at home tips,work at home tutorial,work at home to earn money,work at home uk,work at home 2017,work at home 2016,work at home 2015,legitimate work at home jobs 2015,real work at home jobs 2015,legit work at home jobs 2015,work at home 5th harmony if you're one of those types of people you know you're really curious about making money online or working from home on you know there's a link in the description you click that link i can go check out my website and my system you can see a couple of the programs that i promote that are making me a lot of money and will make you a lot of money if you're an action taker when I say in action taker that means that you're you're the type of person that is not gonna you know I get all this information and do nothing with it you're going to actually take the how to work from home online,how to work from home legitimately,how to work from home online 2016,how to work from home and make money,how to work from home full time,how to work from home 2016,how to work from home effectively,how to work from home in import/export,how to work from home with amazon,how to work from home and stay productive,how to work from home,how to work from home and make money in india,how to work from home in india,how to work from home in canada,how to work online from home in india,how to work from home online in india,how to work from home uk,how to work from home 2017,how to work from home 2015,home business ideas,home business ideas and opportunities,home business ideas and opportunities 2016,home business whisperer,home business opportunity, information that you're taught take the information for that your coach and mentor that are going to teach you and going to implement it right so that is home business expert,home business ideas for women,home business tax deductions,home business success,home business fast start,home business,home business australia,home business a building start,home business ideas and opportunities in the philippines,home based business tax advantages,home movies business and pleasure,home business ideas and opportunities in india,home business success academy,a start home building business,home based business,home based business opportunities,home based business for women,home based business in india,best home business,home based business ideas philippines,home+based+business+strategy,home based business opportunities 2015,home based business ideas canada,home business canada, the key between be my other people make money and other people don't so if you're an action taker click on the click on the link i also i also have my phone number there so you can send me home care business,home health care business,checksoft home & business,home cleaning business,home catering business,home cooking business,home cake business,home craft business,home depot business operation,home delivery business,home daycare business plan,home based business tax deductions,diy home business,d9hu business home theater projector,home design business,home business empire blueprint,home business empire blueprint ray higdon,easy home business,home embroidery business,ebay home business,home business for women,home business for moms,home business for men,home business for ladies,home business 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solutions,home business sri lanka,home business server,home business song,home business success stories, doing is a problem is a good fit for you now everything that I do is to give you an understanding right now is that I'm i'm in the people helping industry right so I'm in the industry of solving people's problems in regards to education digital products and basically provide solutions to when people have problems online things that where people home business secrets,home business taxes,home business tax savings,home business training,home business tour,home business tamil,home business telugu,home+business+trainer,best home business to start,home t shirt business,home business uk,home business video,home business woodworking,work from home business,home based business for women in india,work from home business ideas,home based business for women in chennai,home based business for women in hyderabad,work from home business opportunities,home based business 2 000 per day planting seeds,home business 2016,home business 2015,best home business 2015,best home business 2014,office home & business 2013,home business ideas 2015,3d printer home business,sims 4 home business need tools people need education people need to learn how to do things so because i'm in the people help industry i always make money online because i'm always I always have an opportunity to solve someone's problem work from home; how to home online; legitimately; effectively; in indian; online 2017; full time; india; and make money; part money internet marketing; business; based start a at jobs; lyrics; jobs 2016; legitimate for moms; you can today; mom; no phone; job opportunities; this is the mindset that I have in my business now three now whenever my first three and a half years I was in a desperate mindset where I needed to make money all the time I wasn't interested in solving people's problems I was just data entry; assembly amazon; earn agents; august 2015; business ideas; best customer service; call center; chat companies; center service dad; edu review; easy american express craft hilton institute; institute hindi; tamil; experience; kids; out legit; legit mike; mom schedule; routine; non phone recruiting; scams; needle philippines; paycheck; positions; revenue; revenue sykes typing transcription; tips; tutorial; uk; real 5th harmony; import/export; with stay productive; canada; ideas opportunities whisperer; opportunity; expert; women; tax focused on making money so that is the key and difference between today and before and when you have that mindset when you understand that it's about solving people's problems it's about being a problem solver then you'll understand our industry properly and learn how to properly work from home or start a home business right so I got my deductions; success; fast start; australia; building the advantages; movies pleasure; success academy; home涫ṷ눩 쾬뚶굺; care health checksoft & cleaning catering cooking cake depot operation; delivery daycare plan; diy d9hu theater projector; design empire blueprint; blueprint ray higdon; embroidery ebay men; ladies; women global seth godin m&g good kerala; leads; labs; opportunity low cost motivation; mickey singh; malayalam; marathi; small machines; manufacturing homemade my network; news; networks 1; office; organization; office tour; home滫⊝戴❺; successful products; pro; ofitable ts quicken intuit reviews; rental facebook links there my phone numbers there and if you just want to jump ahead and you can check out the link click the link it will redirect you also have that I you know I do motivational content and stuff to my youtube channel subscribe to my channel on every so often I used to remodeling repair renovation running computer setup; summit; solutions; sri lanka; server; song; stories; secrets; taxes; savings; training; telugu; home滫⊝﫚 瞫; t shirt video; woodworking; chennai; hyderabad; do motivational mondays i kind of slacked off and that but I still crank helps a lot of different motivational content you can check out my playlist there it is a very powerful playlist not touching base on certain things that you know our key ingredients to have into proper minds that transitioning from what I call the slave mines that where you know this we rely so much on the system that we because that we no longer depend on ourselves to solve their own problems so I look forward to talking to you I not good luck with life and he prosper heavily in 2017 peace.

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