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My Advanced Online Marketing Funnel Template Revealed

alright Miles Beckler here again andwe're doing a little funnel series in the last video we covered the simpleself liquidating funnel its kind of funnel that got me going really in whatI would consider professional level I internet marketing even though i wasdoing it for years before i was really big catalyst this next one is like theadvanced version of that funnel so this is if you have your own personalproducts and you have many products if you have a bunch of different productlines products that kind of work together that complement each otherreally well this is definitely where you want to go and honestly getting intothis level of final building is really where you can start to get cash flowpositive on your funnels straight from cold traffic what i mean by that isyou're putting a dollar in your getting two dollars out on the other side whichultimately just creates a larger marketing budget for yourself and youcan really scale the size of your business and the size of your campaignsrelatively quickly so let's jump right in and i'm going to go ahead and movemyself other way and let's bring in the advanced self liquidating funnel allright so you know this is you're getting into the kind of the role of thetripwire I guess you know ryan deiss uses that term a lot and you try to triphim up on a seven dollar product and then you hit him over the head with likea higher priced product i don't really like that terminology extends from likeland mines i believe is what a trip wires from and that's the wrong analogyfor me because I'm all about getting people what they want and helping themaccess more content if they're that kind of person you know every time you makean offer there's some percentage of people who are going to want to buy andthere's gonna be some percentage of people who are always going to want tobuy more so what we're doing with this offer withthis funnel is we're allowing those people who want to buy more from us theopportunity to do so it's very simple so how does it start again same thingyou can literally keep that same often page that you had from the previous thesimple funnel you opt-in for something free whether to free report free videoor free audio and they enter their email address and then they submit at thispoint they go on to your email list right here and then they see an otowhich is a one I'm offer and this is a chance for themto buy something at a very significant discount from you this has to be great content if you feellike wow I'm really offering to much I'm not charging enough you're on theright path because you want it to be that good because the goal is totransition them to a customer the goal is not to make money right hereat all you make money in the future with a backend of your funnel this is thefront end of your funnel so the goal this point is just to turn them into acustomer because once their customer the likelihood of them purchasing again goesup significantly so we have a new direction here if you'll notice if theygo to click X in the top corner of their browser here they would see anopportunity to see another offer and a little pop-up would say hey wait are yousure you want to leave this page and it will have a button that says leaving abutton that says stay if they click stay you can make them a second offer thiscan be a different product or it can be a different price i don't really likedoing a different price for the same product because I kind of have thatfeeling when I see this sort of thing is like wait you're gonna charge me 27 for it here but since i was leavingyou give me the same thing for seven dollars like you see we're trying to ripme off at first and now you're trying to like save that I don't get it sopersonally what I do is I think this is a chance to give them a different offerso if this was product a that would help them lose weight maybe this is product be that would givethem meal plans or if our workout routine right so accomplishing the samegoal of losing weight but just from a different angle because maybe this offerwould resonate with them and if they do go to the order they obviously go to thecheckout page and what happens when they create this checkout is at this pointthis order remains open in your system this is called a one-click upsell rightso all they have to do they get another product offer on this screen and allthey have to do is click yes and they don't we enter their credit card theorder just kind of increases in the size of the order they click know the ordercloses with just this product on here so generally people will structure this in like a 72 $17 otoupwards of twenty seven thirty-seven dollars here and then after the checkoutyou're generally going to have a higher price upsell on the back and here andwhat you're gonna see is so again you have you know twenty to fifty percentoften hear one to four percent conversion rate here and then on thisone it gets really exciting because you often see twenty to thirty percentconversion rates on the upsell and then your system which is smart enough toknow if they bought just this one or bought both of them will give them theappropriate delivery page also you can see if they go through the exit pop andthey purchase they're also getting going to get the one-click upsell the otoafter the offer so let's say on a fitness plan you've got the video serieson how to lose weight and then they order the video series on how to loseweight for seventeen dollars and then on the upsell you offer them monthlycoaching access to a private group and meal plans and a workout plan and thatwould be this would be seventeen dollars and then this would be a 97 dollarupsell what happens when you get to the end of the funnel is your average ordervalue from your customer goes up this means you're able to spend more money onthe pay-per-click side at your often level you're able to spend more percustomer because your funnel is optimized to deliver more money percustomer than anyone else and this game is all about who can spend more on acustomer if you can spend more on your customer than your competitors can youwill be able to buy all the traffic and you will be able to get more customersand again you gotta remember this is the front end of the funnel you're going tohave a follow-up sequence the process here right so we have like two percentof people one-percenter two percent of people purchasing here so there'sninety-eight percent of people are dated by and they're on your email list whichis going to follow up and make additional sales then you're going tooffer additional products to your customers as well which is going tocreate additional sales so this really is something that when you get to thecity advanced level on the funnel you canstart to get really excited about working towards the one dollar intodollars out one dollar and three dollars out and really seeing a return on yourmarketing investment very very quickly and my recommendation is always to dumpmost all of that right back into more marketing because when you get a systemthat's working really well and is building a list for you that's so keythen dumped all you can Intuit live lean for a while keep don't pull your moneyout and go by the the fancy cars that the fake ass gurus talk about livereally lean and build your list build your relationship with your list becausewhat you're building is an asset that can generate cash flow for years andyears and years to come is really powerful when this works andthis is a great funnel so start with the simple funnel if you don't have thatdone yet if you've had that simple funnel in place for a while and you'rewondering what the next level is this is it right here take a screenshot andleave me a comment below if you have questions about how to implement thisfunnel specifically if you have questions about other funnels let meknow i'm happy to answer your questions I'll leave a resource link below for oneof the tools that I use actual just linking all the tools that i use forthese kinds of funnels for this kind of funnel building and be sure to subscribe I've got another two finals in thisseries that I'm going to be illustrated in the next videos and these are reallygetting into more advanced funnels this next one the membership final i'm goingto show you has literally generated hundreds of thousands of dollars inextra revenue for my business in the last year or so it's a really powerfulmodel so thank you very much for tuning in again miles back there leave me a comment below go ahead andsubscribe above and i look forward to seeing you on the next video.

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