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What is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

My name's Alec Sharratt, and I'm a searchspecialist here at Koozai.

Today I'm going to be talking a little bit aboutwhite hat and black hat SEO.

In order to understand the difference betweenthose two aspects of SEO, I think we first need to understand a bit moreabout where Google is coming from.

Google is primarily a search engine,and they deliver search results to their end user.

It is the relevancy ofthose search results that has made them king of the search engines.

They'rethe most relevant search engine for what most people are looking for.

So in order to protect this relevancy andultimately their profits, they've created a set of guidelines, and these guidelinesare freely available for any company or website that are out there.

They just list dos and don'ts about what you can do or shouldn't do on yourwebsites.

Now these rules are just rules.

They're Google's rules.

They'renot laws.

There's no prison sentence associated with breaking one of Google'srules.

But there are quite stiff penalties, which can be devastatingto an online business.

It's in this set of guidelines that arisesthe difference between white and black hat SEO.

White hat SEO, simply put,follows Google's guidelines.

They don't break or bend the rules.

Whereas, blackhat SEO techniques will break the rules or bend the rules.

And as such,the fundamental differences between the two become more apparent.

Whitehat SEO is associated with little to no risk at all.

If you follow theguidelines appropriately that Google have sent, you're not going to getany sort of penalty or penalization from Google.

If however, you use black hat techniques,you do run the risk of being penalized.

Now penalization can take the formof being wiped from Google's index, and this simply means that you no longerwill be able to be found within Google, or at least your website won'tbe found within Google.

This can be a devastating and fatal blow to anonline marketing strategy or company's business and can result in the lossof a lot of money generated from online resources.

So, really, this riskis the fundamental difference that separates white hat and black hat SEO.

Now there are a number of different techniquesthat can be used in both quarters, and some are more clever or moresubtle than others.

With regards to black hats, there are techniques that youcan implement that may result in a website not being caught by Google fora very long time, if at all.

Although their search engine robots are veryclever at discovering black hat techniques.

To give you an idea or an example of the differencebetween a white hat and a black hat technique, let's take the useof keywords on page.

White hat SEO will use keywords on a page to build therelevancy for that page to that keyword.

Black hat will use keyword stuffingwhere the keyword will be used over and over and overagain on a page.

With regards to off page activities, link building, forexample, used by many white hat SEO consultants, you get links from otherwebsites on the Internet that essentially promote your website.

Black hatwould use link farms or buy links from other websites, and this is definitelyagainst Google's guidelines.

Now the pros of using white hats or blackhat SEO, I think, can become a bit more apparent.

White hat, the pro is reallya lack of risk.

There is no risk involved in your website being bannedfrom the index.

But black hat has a different pro, and that is that youcan get results very, very quickly, and depending on the industry thatyou're in, this may be more relevant to what you're actually trying toachieve.

If, for example, you're in an industry where people use a sort ofrinse and repeat black hat technique, they create a website, use blackhat to optimise it, get results, make profit, get banned from Google,and then create another site and do the same thing all over again.

Thiscan go on forever essentially.

But you're not really going to get the benefitthat you get out of a long- term online marketing strategy.

So, whitehat is a very stable and long- term source of generating revenue, whereasblack hat is a very immediate way of doing that and also carries this highrisk.

So there is the fundamental difference betweenblack hat and white hat SEO.

I hope that's been of help to you.

My nameis Alec Sharratt.

If you'd like to see more videos by myself or any of mycolleagues, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

You can follow us onTwitter and you can like us on Facebook, as well.

Thank you for your time.

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How can social media and PR work together? Christer Holloman, digital marketing expert, discusses

How does PR and social media worktogether? In other words, how does it both overlap and how is it different? Yeah, I think the PR industry,sort of, doesn't really know what to do with social media.

Traditionally, social media has been owned by the marketing department and because it's a conversation with consumers,PR agencies say that they should be involved because in the same way theyhelp you get covered on national newspapers, we can help you getcoverage or get your message amplified through social channels.

So that's sort of the pitch the PRcompanies did in beginning, especially.

That this is just another channel of PR.

And then you had specialized socialmedia agencies popping up, which was sort of challenging PR companies, sayingyou're working with a PR company that's good at getting you coverage in a nationalprinted newspaper, or in a national TV station, or something, but they are not digital natives,they don't get this new media, they don't understand that operates in this space or exists in thisspace, you should therefore trust us.

So, because social media was considered to be a side, or a separated isolated type of activity, it was quite easy for marketing people to say you know what we're going to hire this social media agency to do our PR in social media channels.

So the challenge that PR companies now have been facing for a while is that how did they create a credible socialmedia proposition within the PR context, because they still argue thatthey are the best people suited to manage a conversation with the audience.

This is what they've been doing for decades, that's what they will continuedoing, and social media is just a new flavour I suppose.

So some agencies have decided to acquire an existing digital businesses, a digital agency, a PR agency.

Some companies have decided to take a couple of their employees and put them in a separate part of the office and call that the social media task force, or whatever, the kind ofknowledge expert hub or something.

And others have kind of giventhem a brand name, try to launch them as a separate business, still within the within the PR company's walls.

I think that's the challenge, how does a traditional PR company convince yourcustomers that you're suitable to communicate with this new audience or over these new channels, and how do you as a PR company decide,do you buy another existing social media PR company, do you create something internally, do you keep your brand or do you give it a brand new identity to kind of separate out and make it clear in the mind's of the customers that this is actually a separate part ofour company and they have a special skill set and therefore you can trust them, you don't have to go to this external company.

So I think that's the main challenges.

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SEO: Black and White Hats – What Are They?

Hi, and welcome to OurChurch.

Com's "Questionsand Answers", where we have the answers to your questions.

Today we are going to discussSEO: Black and White Hats.

"What are they?" Hi, I'm Mark Steinbrueck, and this is KurtSteinbrueck.

We're with OurChurch.

Com, and on this video we're going to talk about "SEO:Black and White Hats – What Are They?" This seems pretty scary, Kurt.

(laughs) Veryscary.

Black hat, what is black hat SEO? Well, theterm "black hat," just so you know, is really a reference to the old TV Westerns where thebad guy would always wear a black hat, and a white hat for the good guy.

So that's whatit's referring to, people breaking the rules and all this kind of stuff, to try to getahead in the search engines.

Generally speaking, there's usually nothingmorally or ethically wrong with what's going on.

If you're hacking people's sites, okay,that's an issue.

But usually it's more of a risk-reward type thing.

The real risk hereis that these are things that the search engines have said, "Look, if you do these things,we're basically going to treat you like you're trying to manipulate us, and we're just goingto either penalize you or kick you out.

" So imagine your site no longer in Google, andwhat that will do to your site.

That's the risk that you're taking with these things.

Personally, I think they're things to avoid.

The trick is that they're also things thattend to work, and that's really the seduction of it, right? If it didn't work, then nobodywould even try to do it.

But they do work, and so people are lured into doing it becauseyou can usually get quicker results, better results sometimes.

It's just, if they findyou, you lose everything.

That's the risk that you take.

It's kind of like if you cheat on a test.

If you can get it away with it and you haveall the answers, you got 100 on the test.

That's great.

Take the morals out of it.

(laughs)But if the teacher comes by and sees you with your little sheet, then you failed the test,you got a zero, and probably — Kicked out of school.


You'll get in trouble with your parents, all that kind of stuff.

So that's really whatwe're talking about.

We're going to look at some of the specific things with black hat.

It's not everything, but it's just something to give you an idea of some of the major thingsto look out for.

The first one is keyword stuffing.

What this is, usually it happens when somebody realizes that they can rank better in thesearch engines because they used keywords on their site, and then they just went overboard.

They took it too far.

So either they've just created a block of text that just had everykeyword they could think of, and they stuck it on the bottom of their page, or maybe theyused one keyword but they kept adding more and more and more and more.

Sometimes it's even a gradual thing.

You started out and you're like, "Well, I'm not doingtoo well for this keyword, so I'm going to add it in on my page," and then, "I'm stillnot doing as well, so I'm going to add it a few more times," and then after a few timesof doing that, all of a sudden you realize, "I've got this one keyword on here 50 times,"and it's not natural at all.

It doesn't make any sense.

So when you're just shoving all these keywords in, that's something that the search engineslook for, and they can certainly penalize you for it.

Another thing is what's calledcloaking.

Cloaking is basically any time that you showthe search engines different content than what you're showing users.

This can be donein a couple of different ways.

One way is there's HTML little coding tricks where youcan actually determine if the person viewing your site is a Google bot or a person, likea real person or is it a search engine robot, and deliver different content.

So you're showingthe search engines one thing, you're showing the people another thing.

Sometimes this is done for semi-legitimate reasons.

Maybe you want to show people somethingthat looks like graphics, and the search engines can't read that, so you're like "I'll justshow the search engines all this real content, but the people I want to show graphics.

" Searchengines still don't like it, even if you think that there's a legitimate reason to do it.

Sometimes it's a very illegitimate reason, and we've had people who showed content tothe search engines that was maybe about automotive stuff, and then the people go and click onthe link and it's a gambling site or something.

It's just completely different.

So whetherit seems legitimate or not, you really want to be showing the search engines the samecontent that you're showing people.

That's what they want you to do, and that's how youshould do it.

There's two other ways that people cloak Iwant to mention, because these are actually more common.

One is to try to hide text bymaking it the same color as the background.

So you're like, "Okay, I don't really wantto show people this really optimized text that has all my keywords in it, so I'm goingto make it so they can't see it because it's the same color as the background, but thesearch engines will still be able to read it.

" Well, search engines can read colorstoo, so they know when you're doing that.

The other thing is to hide it behind imagesand things like that, so you put the text in there, then use some little coding trickso that an image is displayed on top of it.

That's another thing.

They can usually detectthat as well.

But just don't try to hide content.

Don't try to cloak things like that.

That'sbad news.

Another thing that happens is buying links.

Buying links is a pretty popular thing to do for a black hat thing, because links arereally very important in SEO.

When we first started out with search engines, everyonewas kind of trading links, because they found that that could help.

Then the search enginessaid, "We're not going to count those anymore.

" So then people started buying links.

Thisis something that the search engines really started to crack down on.

There are ways todo it, because there are legitimate reasons to buy links, but if you don't follow themethods and the standards that the search engines give, then they'll see it as you'retrying to manipulate their rankings.

Basically they say mark the links by identifyingthem as a paid link.

Just having something sponsored or whatever on it.

And then alsoadding a nofollow tag.

So if you do those, then they're fine with it, because you'rebeing open with them.

You're saying, "Look, I bought these links, but I'm not trying tomess with your rankings at all.

I want this because I wanted that link there.

" They'refine with that.

But if you start to do it without those things, then they're going tolook at it as you're trying to manipulate things and they can punish you.

They can alsopunish the site that's selling you those links.

Yeah, that's the interesting thing, is they'lltarget both the selling site as well as the buying site and penalize both of you.

Yeah, so it's dangerous for both.

And buying links is really:Just one of many Linking Schemes.

That's the next thing.

It's kind of an all-inclusiveconcept, but there's just a lot of link schemes out there, things that people try to comeup with to get links that are not legitimately gotten.

They're not really people saying,"Hey, I love this content on this site so I'm going to link to it," it's just otherways of getting links.

Sometimes it's spammy blog comments.

We seethat a lot.

I have a couple of blogs, and I'm constantly deleting those.

Sometimes peoplewill create forum profiles, not to actually do anything on the forum; they just createthe profile and put a link on there.

There are things called link pyramids wherethey create all these spammy links and they go through all these different sites thatlink to each other and link to each other, and they end up with a couple of sites atthe bottom that then link to your site.

The idea is that somehow the search engines won'tlook far enough down the pyramid to realize that all these spammy links are really justdirected at your site.

They can figure that out.

So there's just a lot of things like that that you have to watch out for.

A lot of times,the people that are offering these things are not very forthcoming about that, so whenyou're talking to someone about a link opportunity, if you will, a lot of times if you start hearingthings like, "Hey, we've put these things in place to protect you or to buffer you fromthe link building strategies that we're doing," that should tell you that what they're doingis something that could get you in trouble.

Yeah, that's a red flag.


If you're doing legitimate link building, you don't have to buffer.

You don't have toprotect yourself.

You want the search engines to know those links are coming from you.


I think it brings up a good point that if an organization that does SEO for you isengaging in the black hat SEO practices, they don't have anything to worry about.

It's allgoing to come back on you, the website owner, or the website itself.

So if your websitewere to get caught and banned or penalized, it's not going to have any effect on the companythat's performing that.

And you may or may not have known that they were engaging inthese kind of practices, so it's very important for you to try to listen, as Kurt said, verycarefully to the practices that they do.

Really, when it comes down to it, those kindof practices, those black hat techniques, will only work in the short-term, becauseGoogle and Yahoo and Bing have thousands of people that are paid to go out and manuallylook at websites that are doing these kind of things, that are hiding text or engagingother kind of black hat practices.

So they are very good at doing what they do, verygood at finding people or websites that are engaging in these kind of practices, and soit is a very short-term gain that you will get, and as a result you could have some verylong-term problems.

Yeah, absolutely.

There were some recent updateswhen Google was going against a lot of these things, there were a lot of companies thatlost everything.

And one other link scheme that I want to mention, just because it'sbeen pretty popular lately, is something called private blog networks, which are basicallya network of thousands of blogs that you can buy into, and you then submit your own content,if you will, that can have some of your links on it.

The blogs are not really intended for users.

They try to tell you to put in legitimatecontent and everything, but generally speaking, it's usually a lot of spammy stuff that justhas links.

But it's something that the search engines have very specifically said "Don'tdo this.

" They've actually taken down several of the private blog networks.

They have penetratedthem and figured out what they all are and just wiped them out.


So it's something to avoid.


So as a summary, SEO: Black and White Hats – What Are They? And the mortal sinsto avoid are keyword stuffing, cloaking, buying links, and just overall link schemes.

As Kurt mentioned before, these are just a few of the many different things, black hattechniques that people engage in to try to gain the system that you should try to avoid.

We want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

I hope that it has beeninformative.

If there's anything that we can do for you here at OurChurch.

Com to help youaccomplish your goals or mission online, please fill out the form below to request a free,no-obligation consultation.

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Online Reputation Management And Marketing

online reputation management do you google yourself or your businessand don't like what you see in most cases you just shrug it off you don't have time to deal withnegative reviews right well guess what your prospect customers and clientswon't be as forgiving did you know that according to research amassive eighty percent of consumers can changetheir purchasing decisions after reading a negative review onlineeighty percent that means that if there's one bad reviewabout you out there online and if people saw it then 8 out of 10interested buyers would change their mind about your product or service how do we know people actually readcustomer reviews research shows that online consumerreviews are the second most trusted former advertising after word of mouth recommendations 78 percent ofinternet users trust online reviews if you're a doctor lawyer, plumber or anyone who'soffering professional services then at least 44 percent of adults who havesought your services have also already searched for more information about you on-line and consumers aren't just readingand believing reviews they're also writing in fact fiftypercent of all internet users age 18 and above have left a reviewonline it's not just negative reviews that can harm your online reputation negative articles blog post comments onFacebook tweets, as long as they appear onsearch results they can ruin everything you've workedhard for so think about it people are searchingfor you and your business online and the moment they see negativereviews or content amount you they'll runaway so how much revenue areyou actually flushing down the drain just becauseyou've been ignoring that bad review by a single disgruntled customer you needto deal with your online reputation today ORM or online reputationmanagement or reputation marketing means conducting efforts to ensure the desired positiveresults in the search push down negative ones it meanscountering weakening or eliminating the negativematerial found on the internet defeating it with more positivematerial in order to improve your credibility andcustomers trust in you how do we do it after our initialconsultation with you will proceed to research first about youand your current reputation online and then about yourcompetition we will conduct an in-depth web reputation analysis foryou to know where you currently stand interms of your online reputation managment and marketing will carry out keyword research for youto know exactly what term their prospects used when searchingfor you or your business online will then start publishing yourgenuine positive consumer reviews on the mostrelevant review sites based on location and niche will also optimize your socialmedia accounts especially Facebook and Twitter so you'reofficial accounts become more visible than fakeaccounts or negative reviews that are out to ruin your online reputation online willset up your social accounts if you don't have them yet we willparticipate relevant Facebook discussions and post regular tweets on your behalf to increase yourfollowing we will write and publish optimize press releases articles and blogposts about you and your business we can even set up external blog sitesto host your content plus form commenting social bookmarking and ahand full of other miscellaneous services that allaim to improve how prospects see you online of course everything comes with reports say you'llsee exactly how much progress our campaigns are gaining in managing your online reputation so do prospects pick up the phone to bookyour service after learning about your business online or do they moved to search for anotherroofer plumber doctor or lawyer because they foundnegative reviews about you and your business on the internet don't let negative material about yourbusiness takeover search results and affect you sales call us now for your free in-depth consultation to see how we canhelp your online reputation management and on line reputation management and marketing.

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What is the Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

So here a question about SEO it's what isthe difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEOIm gonna tell you about secret all SEO in the eyes of Google is Black HAT is SEO issearch engine optimization and Google doesn't want you a company whose online with you anyengine optimization other that just creating a unique original content pre-content onlinein your website that all they want you to do.

in word of reality there's a lot a moneyon the table and very smart is competitors can do use SEO and most of your competitorsor whatever competitor you have are probably doing SEO and so its really the reality isthey have to do some kind of SEO and almost all cases and have breaking competitor andthen maybe there's a lot money in the table so why had SEO Is usually describe does asthing s lot like in trouble really the idea of just creating content and having a contentfocus marketing program you're not buying links you're not trying to game the systemoverlay.

Whereas they also have gray hat SEO which is in between that about to describewhich is black hat SEO or shortcut technique that are very aggressive and purely in a normalburned style to get you rank quickly you absolutely don't wanna work to anybody like doing blackhat techniques if you have any kind of online visible you wanna maintain long term becauseGoogle is really smart company they have more page is the nasa.

so the pre-smart and ifthey haven't corrupt yet do catch it up later this me now so is not to say don't do SEObut you wanna make sure that the company that you working with is not being too aggressivehow do you measure in neither that.

That's tough if you don't understand industry amask question about the types of their view points on black hat vs.

white hat SEO thatwould be pretty telling also whatever the wrong develop about or what are gonna do becausetheir gonna be their gonna have the key business in your hand if you work on online marketingagency that has SEO they can completely take the ranking and they can destroy your websiteto the point where you to have to rebuild again from scratch laterally its its thatimportant so wanna make sure you have deal with is not going past your resculance interms of their the program that they implement that you get from online.

For access for entirelibrary frequently ask question videos please visit Socialmedianinjas.


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01-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Welcome) By IT Training and Solutions

Hello, my name is hamza, cyber threats are everywhere, and are becoming more aggressive complex and sophisticated.

Enter the white hat hacker, who protects users by diligently seeking out the weak spots so a company can fine-tune their security posture in this course, I'll explore today's threat landscape, dissecting the top attack vectors and motives for attacks.

I'll define ethical hacking and compare the differences between white, grey, and black hat hackers.

Finally, I'll explain the importance of structured ethical hacking in an organization.

This course is part of the ethical hacking series.

If you're ready to lock things down, let's get to it.

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02-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( What You Should Know ) By IT Training and Solutions

This course is intended for network administrators, students, teachers, or anyone with an interest in learning more about the concept of ethical hacking and reasons it is important in an organization as part of an overall security framework.

Participants should have a basic understanding of terms and concepts and an interest in the subject.

Now let's get started.

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03-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Hacking Ethicaly) By IT Training and Solutions

The goal of the ethical hacking series is to help system administrators understand how to better protect the assets they manage.

I'll focus on the concepts of ethical hacking in order to explain why it's essential in any organization's overall security framework The tests and procedures I explore should only be executed on your own system or on system that you are charged with protecting.

If ownership and responsibility lie with another party, be sure to get clear written instructions with explicit permission to conduct ethical hacking activities.

Do not investigate , websites, servers, or conduct any illegal activities on any system you do not have permission to analyze.

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04-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Information Security ) By IT Training and Solutions

Companies are faced with numerous challenges to protect the infrastructure Network environments are complex and can include bring your own device, bring your own application, Cloud computing, virtualization, social media and a new technology that is added to the mix on a daily basis.

Coupled with the challenges cyber threats are becoming more aggressive, complex and sophisticated Attackers range from the disgruntled employee, to crime rings and nation states.

The attacks can include cyber crime, hactivism and espionage Every organization and government is a potential target including Sony, Fox, Lockheed Martin, law enforcement, Target and many others.

The attacks are highly organized by skilled and motivated players and have resulted in massive amounts of sensitive data such as credit cards, medical data, intellectual property, passwords, and state secrets being exposed The increased complexity of current cyber attacks correlates to the shift towards more aggressive and coordinated mechanisms.

In addition the attacker profile has changed.

Reported hacking activity began as early as 1971 when John Draper also known as Captain Crunch developed blue box phone phreaking which is achieved by using frequencies or tones to manipulate telephone switching hardware in order to make phone calls.

In the 1980s, an old school hacking group called the PHIRM was founded and published guides related to breaching systems and obtaining information In March 1986, Dark Creaper of the PHIRM wrote How to Get Anything on Anybody And in 1989, he published a guide hacking Bank of America's home banking system The escalation and hacking activity brought a lot of scrutiny, farewell arrests, which led to the group's disbanding.

In 1988, graduate student Robert Morris of Cornell University launched a worm on the fledging ARPANET which is a precursor to the internet.

Morris managed to take down about 6000 network government and university systems.

Morris was discharged from Cornell, served three years probation, and was fined $10,000 Soon afterward, cybercrime began to intensify.

The computer emergency response team or CERT is created by DARPA to dress network security.

And congress passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in 1989 making it a crime to break into computer systems The first DEF CON conference took place in Las Vegas in 1993 right after the internet became public And the first conference was meant to be a party to say goodbye to hackers and freakers bulletin board systems or BBS But the gathering was so popular, it is now an annual event.

In May 2000 the I Love You virus or Love Bug infected millions of computers around the world within hours of its release.

The virus was sent as an email attachment with I Love You in a subject line.

When opened, the message was resent to everyone in the recipients Microsoft Outlook address book.

In addition, the Love Bug ate through every PNG,MP3, and other files on the recipient's hard disk And it's considered to be one of the most destructive worms in history After the attacks on 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security was created and is responsible for protecting the United States IT infrastructure.

One of the key components is the EINSTEIN program.

An intrusion detection system that monitors the internet for unauthorized traffic You can find out more about the EINSTEIN system on the Department of Homeland Security's website Despite the popularity of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-malware and layered security technologies attackers are able to penetrate our fragile data with the scale of a surgeon's blade.

Companies fall victim to attacks for a number of reasons.

Mostly do vulnerabilities which include configuration errors, unpatched systems human error or software flaws.

Companies are hyper vigilant and recognize the importance of human expertise in a complex security architecture As a result, organizations need to continually assess the security measures in place in order to defend against ongoing threats Ethical hacking is an important element of a comprehensive security plan.

As ethical hacking provides a mechanism to test the computer system or a network with a purpose of locating vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited so they can be addressed.

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SEO and Digital Marketing Quotes

SEO and Digital Marketing Quotes search engine marketing and searchengine optimization are critically important to online businesses you canspend every penny move on a website but it will all be for nothing if nobodyknows your site is there them say Google is gone others sayGoogle is taking AP Google is too powerful remember that with search engines unlikeother companies politics the single click to go to another search engine everything I ever wanted to know I justasked a search engine and there's the end there at the least I can do for myclient list share what I've learned good website and optimizing forconversion usually makes for good search engine optimization Leesburg together toensure you drive holiday traffic and conversely that traffic to help you meetyour business goals Google actually lies under users to helpwith our marketing we have a very high percentage of our users who often tellothers about her search engine content build relationshipsrelationships are built on trust trust drive revenue SEO is a marketing function for sure butit needs to be baked into a product not slept on my guy saying after the cake ispain it's hard to find things that won't sellonline online advertising works althoughatlantis especially on search engines like Google and Yahoo they achieve muchhigher revenues online and the websites of publishing kentucky's advertising is very simple in a lot ofways advertisers go where the users go and uses are choosing to spend a lotmore time online marketers need to build digitalrelationships and reputation before closing a sale marketing is no longer about the stuffthat you make but about the stories you tell intend to hire social media of gasoline word of mouth marketing has always beenimportant today it's more important than everbecause of the power of the Internet only love scene when everyone else leftthe first.

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