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How to Build Backlinks to Every Content Publish Everyday | SharpRocket Episode 1

Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here.

Director of Marketing at SharpRocket.

Today, I'll answer one question on Quora.

He said, how can I build backlinks to each blog post if I'm pumping out content everyday? First things first, I assume that your content isn't a rehashed or a duplicate of content of another brand.

And it's something that really provides value to your audience It's something that you are very proud of to promote massively to your audience.

I assume it's a great content that you are putting out every single day.

Otherwise, I'd rather spend my time publishing one or two high-quality blog post every week Promoting it to my audience I assume it's a great content There are two things that you can do Hire a virtual assistant Here in the Philippines you can hire someone around $5 or $7 per hour What you can do is Take a video of you working on the campaign prospecting for link opportunities or blogs in your industry and doing the email outreach Document it There are a lot of tools out there.

that can help you document that video.

Send it to the VA and help him or her In that way, you can semi-automate your outreach to that person Second thing that you can do is to do Facebook advertising Retarget your website visitors You can create a custom audience based on the website visitors And it will retarget those who visit your website It will show in their newsfeed The thing here is that you need to customize it a little bit more in detail specific to the industry or topic of each of your blog posts You can use that customized audience to every content that you promote Two things Hire a virtual assistant to semi-automate your outreach or link prospecting process Second thing is semi-automate content promotion using Facebook advertising I hope I answer your question I want you to build more links to rocket up your rankings.

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Using Deadlink Checker to Find Broken Backlinks

Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here Director of Marketing at SharpRocket Today, I'm going to show you how you can use a deadlink checker in order for you to find any broken links on a page whether it's on your website or it's a website of another blogger or webmaster that you can reach out for your link building campaign Let's go straight to the tool that I'm going to use for this tutorial LinkMiner created by Jon Cooper of Pointblankseo This can help you check webpages for any broken links The good thing with this is that It helps you to pull some metrics whether it's a Moz DA Ahrefs DR or Majestic TF or CF This can help you check the quality of those links To get started with this You need to install the LinkMiner as your Chrome Extension tool Click the Install I'll be including the URL of this chrome extension tool below this video Install it and once you're done Go straight to Settings Then Extensions – Options You need to authorize Ahrefs, Moz or Majestic whichever metric you are using for your campaign You can enable Total Links, External Links if you want the Total number of links to be displayed on the page Also, you can check these third-party metrics whichever metric you are using I'd like to note this on-page element This helps you to see the number of internal or extenal links on a specific page without actually using a third-party tool or plugging or grabbing the URL to a third-party tool It really works It's a productivity hack that you can implement Once you set up all the options that you need for you to check the quality of links Also checking the broken links Let's get started with trying to use LinkMiner This is a resource page on Global Addiction Association If I am executing broken link building strategy What I would do is to check if there are any broken links I would find here and recommend and suggest to webmaster if they would like to remove or replace this broken links with a link on relevant resource as well as a link to my content It's a value proposition that you can use for your outreach Click the LinkMiner And it's processing around 1 minute or 30 seconds depending on the number of external links Remember that you need to check if the link is actually working or not Broken links are highlighted in red You will also see the HTTP code Check if it's actually working This is a page not found The good with this is that it helps you scale finding broken links within 5 seconds or 10 seconds depending on the number of external links You can use this for your broken link building strategy or checking any external links on your page in your website for you to monitor if there are any 404 pages If there is any broken link that might dillute any link equity in your website I hope this short tutorial helps you.

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