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What is the Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

So here a question about SEO it's what isthe difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEOIm gonna tell you about secret all SEO in the eyes of Google is Black HAT is SEO issearch engine optimization and Google doesn't want you a company whose online with you anyengine optimization other that just creating a unique original content pre-content onlinein your website that all they want you to do.

in word of reality there's a lot a moneyon the table and very smart is competitors can do use SEO and most of your competitorsor whatever competitor you have are probably doing SEO and so its really the reality isthey have to do some kind of SEO and almost all cases and have breaking competitor andthen maybe there's a lot money in the table so why had SEO Is usually describe does asthing s lot like in trouble really the idea of just creating content and having a contentfocus marketing program you're not buying links you're not trying to game the systemoverlay.

Whereas they also have gray hat SEO which is in between that about to describewhich is black hat SEO or shortcut technique that are very aggressive and purely in a normalburned style to get you rank quickly you absolutely don't wanna work to anybody like doing blackhat techniques if you have any kind of online visible you wanna maintain long term becauseGoogle is really smart company they have more page is the nasa.

so the pre-smart and ifthey haven't corrupt yet do catch it up later this me now so is not to say don't do SEObut you wanna make sure that the company that you working with is not being too aggressivehow do you measure in neither that.

That's tough if you don't understand industry amask question about the types of their view points on black hat vs.

white hat SEO thatwould be pretty telling also whatever the wrong develop about or what are gonna do becausetheir gonna be their gonna have the key business in your hand if you work on online marketingagency that has SEO they can completely take the ranking and they can destroy your websiteto the point where you to have to rebuild again from scratch laterally its its thatimportant so wanna make sure you have deal with is not going past your resculance interms of their the program that they implement that you get from online.

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