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Should you build nofollow links in a white hat SEO campaign?

Hi guys, It's David James from Business GrowthDigital Marketing.

And in this video, I want to talk about thevalue of doing link building even on sites where you don't get the complete SEO benefit.

Now, I know I juxtapose myself just by sayingthat.

There's more value that you can get with certainsites than just trying to get a link to rank.

So I will show you in this example with oneof the sites that links on their site to one of my other websites which is called Lollivia.


What has happened here is I wanted to getmore traffic and get a better ranking for the keyword Cambodia backpacking.

Now the actual site doesn't rank anywhere.

Although it is just page 1.

It doesn't rank on the first page anyway.

What I did when I was prospecting was I waslooking for any sites where I could get a bit more exposure.

So the first site that I came across was indietraveller.


Now, I'm just going to jump over to the siteand it is an actual blog where they have written a really, really good guide.

The guys name is Marek and he is a reallywell travelled person and if you are into travelling, then definitely follow him.

But, what was interesting was since the linkhas been live.

So that is from back in, let's say Septemberof 2015.

Since then, there has been 621 people thathave come from that site alone.

So that's quite interesting.

Now I am just going to go back to the siteand I am going to show you the link.

Check out the guide.

You will see that it is very thorough.

So if you are looking to go to Cambodia, checkit out.

I am just going to scroll all of the way downto the comments section.

There are 14 comments and I actually commentedin one of them.

And what I had done was I had left a positivecomment saying that my wife and I had travelled to Cambodia and that Ihad written a post aboutit and I shared a comment with a link back to the post.

He accepted the comment and it is live onhis site.

But as a result, we have received quite afew visitors to the site every month.

Now I am going to inspect this.

The first thing that you will see is it isa direct link.

But the link is a nofollow link.

So there isn't any direct SEO benefit fromthe link directly.

But, it does get the site traffic, which isvaluable and it allows the content to be discovered.

In the future, it could lead onto other linkbuilding opportunities where I will get links naturally.

But the purpose of this video is to let youknow that if you d link building and you do something like leave a blog comment on a websitewhere it uses the rel=nofollow attribute, then you should still get a link from it torelevant content on your site to boost your audience and to create an opportunity to getnatural links in the future.

So I hope that you found this interesting.

If you have any questions, please feel freeto leave them in the comment section below.

If you liked the video, please hit like, don'tforget to subscribe.

Thanks for watching.

And I will speak to you next time.

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How to Build Backlinks to Every Content Publish Everyday | SharpRocket Episode 1

Hello everyone, Venchito Tampon here.

Director of Marketing at SharpRocket.

Today, I'll answer one question on Quora.

He said, how can I build backlinks to each blog post if I'm pumping out content everyday? First things first, I assume that your content isn't a rehashed or a duplicate of content of another brand.

And it's something that really provides value to your audience It's something that you are very proud of to promote massively to your audience.

I assume it's a great content that you are putting out every single day.

Otherwise, I'd rather spend my time publishing one or two high-quality blog post every week Promoting it to my audience I assume it's a great content There are two things that you can do Hire a virtual assistant Here in the Philippines you can hire someone around $5 or $7 per hour What you can do is Take a video of you working on the campaign prospecting for link opportunities or blogs in your industry and doing the email outreach Document it There are a lot of tools out there.

that can help you document that video.

Send it to the VA and help him or her In that way, you can semi-automate your outreach to that person Second thing that you can do is to do Facebook advertising Retarget your website visitors You can create a custom audience based on the website visitors And it will retarget those who visit your website It will show in their newsfeed The thing here is that you need to customize it a little bit more in detail specific to the industry or topic of each of your blog posts You can use that customized audience to every content that you promote Two things Hire a virtual assistant to semi-automate your outreach or link prospecting process Second thing is semi-automate content promotion using Facebook advertising I hope I answer your question I want you to build more links to rocket up your rankings.

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Internet Marketing Tips – Finding Time To Build Your Business

Hey guys Aces here from NetPlayMarketing.

Comand today I want to talk to you guys about is finding time to build yourbusiness welcome back guys so in today's videoI want to talk about finding time to build your business I know a lot of entrepreneurs strugglewith I know that I definitely struggle with this a lot when i whenever istarted my business and this idea of of finding time to actually be able tobuild your business right especially if you're if you're a lotlike me when I was working a full-time job when I started you know into myentrepreneurial journey and so I was only able to really work my business you know part-time and there's nothingwrong with that guys but I feel a lot of people even prevent themselves fromgetting started working in their business because they don't see howthey're going to be able to find the time to work their business right.

Theycan't find you can't see how they're going to be able to dedicate a few hours totheir business every single day and I think there's kind of two thingsto this one is that you have this conception that that you're going to getthat you're going to need to taking a lot of our a lot of time to be able tobuild your business right and if you really want to like let's say take yourbusiness to that next level and then be like really really reallyincome-producing then yes you might have to dedicate more time to it but whenyou're just getting started if you just want to kind of you know eithersupplement your income or if you want to just replace the income that you'remaking right now you could probably easily do that byjust working a few hours a day now when I say that you're gonna beworking a few hours a day guys what i mean by this is that is that you need tobe able to be ready to be productive so there's a difference between workinga lot of hours and being productive for a few hours and i think this is thesecond thing that I really wanted to touch on because the the first thing isthat a lot of people feel like they're going to have to dedicate a lot of time becausethey're used to doing that work right and it's take all the statisticsare out there and it's already a known fact that a lot of people you know theydo just the bare minimum amount of work to kind of keep their jobs and a lot ofemployers pay just enough so that they will stay but with that goes a lotof times where people aren't being productive at work.

There's alot of talk about people who are just wasting time you know with the watercooler talk or you know just watching youtube videos while they're at workwhen you get a minute and so there's a lot of stuff a lot oftimes it's just being wasted and if you are getting paid for it right and sothey're kind of used to this sort of that sort of feel when it comes to yourbusiness you know as an entrepreneur the great thing is that you have control ofyour schedule.

the horrible thing about being entrepreneurs that you havecontrol of your schedule what I mean by this guy is that you have to learn to bevery disciplined when it comes to to running your business you have to becomedisciplined on being productive in your business so what out what I really wantto get across to you guys here is that if you dedicate yourself to you knowbeing able to invest that one or two straight hours of your productive nondisturbed work you're going to be able to accomplish way more then you might bein your in your day job and and the thing is because you're working foryourself and you're building something that's your own and that's that's thegreat thing because you know a lot of times people are are wasting their time to get distractedwhen it comes to their business that's what i mean by it being that you have tocontrol your time can be a bad thing too because as an entrepreneur believe me I've been there two hands up -guilty of wasting time in my business you know I get on the computerthinking okay I'm gonna you know start building my business or besomething productive and then I get distracted by youtube I facebook or byyou know doing things that aren't productive right for example sometimes people feellike they're being productive but they're not actuallyspending their time on things that are going to produce them in income anexample of that maybe of spending hours and hours and hours trying to you knowmake the websites look pretty make their websites you know look they change thecolor scheme on their websites or maybe designing a page here there that that isreally relevant to them but you know actually making an income and those arethings that people feel like they're being productive but when it comes down to it it's notgoing to be something that's going to produce an income.

So things thatare gonna go create an income will be things like your writing an email toyour email list may be creating a sales page that would be an income-producingactivity recording a content video like this that you can engage people maybegenerate leads from or just for the sake of creating content for your audienceretaining them or whatever the case may be right so things like this would beincome producing activities so those are things that you want to focus on and soif you focus yourself for an hour or two doing things like this then i canguarantee your business is going to grow but if you spent hours and hourswatching videos on YouTube on how to do this and how do that not apply it thenyou're gonna end up exactly you are so you know when I was workingfull-time I would spend.

sometimesI didn't know when I was going to be able to do some of these income producingactivities like writting my emails or recording a video or doing thesethings so I quickly learned to find the little gaps of time where i wasable to do that kind of stuff so for example like this video right nowI'm kind of driving around and recording a video.

It might not be the safest thing in theworld for me to do but I find that sometimes i'm driving around i'm coming fromhere to there there to here sometimes I have a half an hour or anhour in the car were I want to be productive often what I do is I listen to a lot ofpositive audio and work on my mind and my mindset but sometimes I'll flip on the camera and record a video because they know that they canuse that content to share with my audience right and so I'm finding kind of that quick little time I can use to invest into my business another example was when I was workingmy full-time job you know sometimes what I would do is I would findtime during my lunch time to write out my daily emailthat I would write out to my email list you know it was half an hour of time ormaybe more of time that I could spend just there just towork on my business and because I knew I didn't have that time when I got homeand so I would find that half an hour doing that right or sometimes people find that you knowwaking up early before they go into work is something that helps it helpsthem do it whatever way that you need to find the time guys to be able to work on yourbusiness do it.

Because that's the main thing.

There is time in yourday I guarantee it you have to find it andbe diligent and be committed to want toinvest that time in your business rather than on wasting time flipping throughfacebook watching a TV show that isn't going to add any value and it is not going to produce you any income so I hope that this videobrought value for you guys if you're liking it make sure that you share itlike it comment and let me know that you're enjoying thiscontent let me know about any other content that you would like for me tocreate and if you're looking for some other great continent how to build yourbusiness guys make sure you head over to NetPlayMarketing.

Com and until next time guys let's get outthere and have some fun You can get more online marketing andtraining tips at NetPlayMarketing.

Com while you're there make sure to requestaccess to the NetPlay Marketing Facebook Mastermind group where you willbe able to connect and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs find outwhat's working online right now and get any of your questions answered on how tobest grow your business.

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