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How to Get Page One Rankings with White Hat Linkbuilding tips | By Adam Payne

– [Adam] Hey everybody, Adam Payne here, and in this video, we are gonna learn a really cool white-hat three very powerful link-building technique, so that you can get good-quality, relevantbacklinks to your websites or your YouTube videos.

Now, this is gonna work best if you already have avideo or a website created and the content on yourwebsite / article / post or YouTube video, is good-quality.

If you've got a trashy videoor a trashy piece of content you're trying to rank,this may not work so well.

So with that being said, thefirst thing you'll need to do is to install a freeGoogle Chrome extension called Check My Links.

If you don't know how todo that, go to Google, type in "check my linksGoogle Chrome extension" and the first result will be the link, the extension itself.

Click on it, install it, and it will appear in the top right, a little checkmark witha green and red box.

Once that's done, you know that you've installed the extension correctly.

Then, you wanna head over to Google and do a search for a related search term in your niche.

Now, I've already done onefor the example of this video, so I went to Google andI typed in coconut oil, and I went to one of theresults on the first page, and I found this particularwebsite and this article.

I then clicked this little link and this extension(mumbles) the whole page and it brought back all of the links, and it highlighted everysingle link on this page.

There are 177 links on this page, so it goes to show the sitesthat rank well on Google have tons of internal linking and tons of links on their page.

But two of these are invalid, and they're highlighted in red, so what I now need to do is come through and find the ones that are red.

So let's come through,and we can find here, this is one here.

Just to make sure that it is broken, and that the extensiondidn't make a mistake, I wanna click on it.

And it brings up this URLand it says "Post not found".

So, there are two things that I can do.

If I already have a good piece of content, which is about the healthbenefits of minerals in relation to coconutoil, I may or may not have, but if you're doing asearch for these things, then you should already be in that niche, I can contact thewebmaster of this website and offer my good-quality video or website as an alternative, and just tell them that their link is broken.

Now, they may just goahead and fix their link, but they may add my content instead because it's gonna addvalue to their readers, and then I get a great backlink from a website that is alreadyhighly ranking on Google.

This method works greatfor Wikipedia pages and Wikihow pages.

If you can find links onthere that are broken, and believe me, there are lots of them, then you can just contact the webmaster and suggest your link as an alternative.

And a lot of the times,you'll get accepted, of course, sometimesyou will not hear back or people will say, "thanks, but I'm just gonna fix the link", but this is a great wayfor you to get links.

And another thing what you can do is, if you find a bunch of links and you don't actually haveany content directly related, so you may not have any content directly related to minerals, you can go ahead and you can copy the URL of the broken link, and youcan come to what's called the WayBack Machine,which is this website, archive.


And you can paste the link in here and hit BROWSE HISTORY.

And not every time, but sometimes, you'll be able to get a snapshot of what that website lookedlike at a point in the past.

And we can see here that thispage was saved six times, so we come down and we justfind one of those little dates, and we hover over it, and weclick this little link here, one second, and what it will do, is it will bring up that page.

Now, it's gonna take a littlebit of time to redirect.

And if I had a health-related website or a coconut-oil-related website, what I could do is I couldcopy this entire article, paste it on my website and publish it, and then send it to the webmaster for them to then link back to my site.

So, this is a great thing to do if you don't have the content created.

Now, in this particular case, I probably wouldn't copy this page and then send it back to theoriginal owners as my own, 'cuz that would be a bit unethical, but if this was on a Wikipedia page and it was linking toa URL that had expired or disappeared, that kind of thing, then, you're good to go.

This is a great way toget good-quality links to your YouTube videosand to your posts or pages on your websites or blogs.

Takes a little bit of time,little bit of research, and yes, you do really need to have good-quality content forpeople to want to link to it, but if you're serious aboutgetting links to your content, this is a great method.

It's free with regards cost, it does take a little bit of time, but then that's the wholepoint of online business.

I hope you found this video useful.

If you did, please Like the video, please subscribe to my channel, and if any of you arelooking for more information on ranking with regards to YouTube videos, then please click the linkthat's just appeared now, and you'll get a littlefree gift to your inbox.

Cheers, and I'll speak to you soon.

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01-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Welcome) By IT Training and Solutions

Hello, my name is hamza, cyber threats are everywhere, and are becoming more aggressive complex and sophisticated.

Enter the white hat hacker, who protects users by diligently seeking out the weak spots so a company can fine-tune their security posture in this course, I'll explore today's threat landscape, dissecting the top attack vectors and motives for attacks.

I'll define ethical hacking and compare the differences between white, grey, and black hat hackers.

Finally, I'll explain the importance of structured ethical hacking in an organization.

This course is part of the ethical hacking series.

If you're ready to lock things down, let's get to it.

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02-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( What You Should Know ) By IT Training and Solutions

This course is intended for network administrators, students, teachers, or anyone with an interest in learning more about the concept of ethical hacking and reasons it is important in an organization as part of an overall security framework.

Participants should have a basic understanding of terms and concepts and an interest in the subject.

Now let's get started.

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03-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Hacking Ethicaly) By IT Training and Solutions

The goal of the ethical hacking series is to help system administrators understand how to better protect the assets they manage.

I'll focus on the concepts of ethical hacking in order to explain why it's essential in any organization's overall security framework The tests and procedures I explore should only be executed on your own system or on system that you are charged with protecting.

If ownership and responsibility lie with another party, be sure to get clear written instructions with explicit permission to conduct ethical hacking activities.

Do not investigate , websites, servers, or conduct any illegal activities on any system you do not have permission to analyze.

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04-Introduction to Ethical Hacking ( Information Security ) By IT Training and Solutions

Companies are faced with numerous challenges to protect the infrastructure Network environments are complex and can include bring your own device, bring your own application, Cloud computing, virtualization, social media and a new technology that is added to the mix on a daily basis.

Coupled with the challenges cyber threats are becoming more aggressive, complex and sophisticated Attackers range from the disgruntled employee, to crime rings and nation states.

The attacks can include cyber crime, hactivism and espionage Every organization and government is a potential target including Sony, Fox, Lockheed Martin, law enforcement, Target and many others.

The attacks are highly organized by skilled and motivated players and have resulted in massive amounts of sensitive data such as credit cards, medical data, intellectual property, passwords, and state secrets being exposed The increased complexity of current cyber attacks correlates to the shift towards more aggressive and coordinated mechanisms.

In addition the attacker profile has changed.

Reported hacking activity began as early as 1971 when John Draper also known as Captain Crunch developed blue box phone phreaking which is achieved by using frequencies or tones to manipulate telephone switching hardware in order to make phone calls.

In the 1980s, an old school hacking group called the PHIRM was founded and published guides related to breaching systems and obtaining information In March 1986, Dark Creaper of the PHIRM wrote How to Get Anything on Anybody And in 1989, he published a guide hacking Bank of America's home banking system The escalation and hacking activity brought a lot of scrutiny, farewell arrests, which led to the group's disbanding.

In 1988, graduate student Robert Morris of Cornell University launched a worm on the fledging ARPANET which is a precursor to the internet.

Morris managed to take down about 6000 network government and university systems.

Morris was discharged from Cornell, served three years probation, and was fined $10,000 Soon afterward, cybercrime began to intensify.

The computer emergency response team or CERT is created by DARPA to dress network security.

And congress passed the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in 1989 making it a crime to break into computer systems The first DEF CON conference took place in Las Vegas in 1993 right after the internet became public And the first conference was meant to be a party to say goodbye to hackers and freakers bulletin board systems or BBS But the gathering was so popular, it is now an annual event.

In May 2000 the I Love You virus or Love Bug infected millions of computers around the world within hours of its release.

The virus was sent as an email attachment with I Love You in a subject line.

When opened, the message was resent to everyone in the recipients Microsoft Outlook address book.

In addition, the Love Bug ate through every PNG,MP3, and other files on the recipient's hard disk And it's considered to be one of the most destructive worms in history After the attacks on 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security was created and is responsible for protecting the United States IT infrastructure.

One of the key components is the EINSTEIN program.

An intrusion detection system that monitors the internet for unauthorized traffic You can find out more about the EINSTEIN system on the Department of Homeland Security's website Despite the popularity of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-malware and layered security technologies attackers are able to penetrate our fragile data with the scale of a surgeon's blade.

Companies fall victim to attacks for a number of reasons.

Mostly do vulnerabilities which include configuration errors, unpatched systems human error or software flaws.

Companies are hyper vigilant and recognize the importance of human expertise in a complex security architecture As a result, organizations need to continually assess the security measures in place in order to defend against ongoing threats Ethical hacking is an important element of a comprehensive security plan.

As ethical hacking provides a mechanism to test the computer system or a network with a purpose of locating vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited so they can be addressed.

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Impossible Marketing SEO Course Review By Kai Cheong

I administered some of the techniques we learnt in class.

About 6 to 8 weeks later, our website used to be just a placeholder page that doesn't rank anywhere on Google.

After 6 to 8 weeks, with the just very simple basic tips, even though our website is still a placeholder page, a simple one, we jumped up for our targeted keywords to page 1.

Of all the 3 keywords, 1 was quite permanent in page 1, the other 2 keywords are hovering about page 2 page 3.

So that was a really obvious sign that whatever we learnt in class was applicable and it was quite interesting because it came after 1 of the major Google updates.

Obviously whatever we learnt in class was progressive and was forward looking and it could be applied anytime that there are new updates coming in.

At the same time, we also experience increased business leads through our website so it's very obvious that putting us on first page does do good things to our business.

Definitely the course is worth coming for because it teaches you skills that are applicable and effective.

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Impossible Marketing SEO Course Review By Randy

Hi everybody, my name is Randy.

I'm actually a student of Alan Koh, Impossible Marketing.

Today I want to share with you a testimonial that I feel like sharing with the world.

It's how effective his course has been First and foremost, why I attended the course was really because I'm a web designer.

My company does web designing for many companies.

So what happen is I'm trying to help this client of ours to actually grow.

Before that, our own webpage did not actually have very good ranking.

So after attending the course, I find it really enriching and I learnt a lot of things.

Which in turn I sent my developers over to attend the course.

We went through a rigorous 2 months of applying the knowledge of what he has taught us.

With the thought that "Hey, let's do our best to get some ranking".

Surprisingly, after 2 months of really intensive hard work, we manage to get our ranking on Google 1st page.

And that to me is really a surprise, we didn't actually expect to get our 1st page ranking.

This only goes to show that Alan has done really really well in terms of what he has taught us.

For those fellow people out there who is very interested in Online Marketing, you have businesses that you feel that you want to get good ranking for a particular keywords that you are focusing on, I strongly encourage you guys to come over and attend the course.

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Impossible Marketing’s online marketing (SEO) course review by Kyden

Hello! I attended the course – ImpossibleMarketing, sometime back this year.

From no website, I've actually created a website, learnt to create a website from Impossible Marketing.

Right now my website is on page 1.

I hope it is going to climb up to page 1 number 1 soon.

Highly recommend this course to anyone out there that wants to build a website or wants to actually rank up your website.

Thank you.

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Secret to Winning in Ecommerce Internet Marketing by Fortified Teams

(cheerful guitar music) – Hello, my name is Hien Quoc, and I have an important story to share.

But first, you should knowthis isn't my actual voice.

You see, I hired a voiceoverguy to better tell my story, and another professional tocreate this presentation.

I hired them to illustratethe entire point of the story I'm going to share with you.

You see, success isn't aboutyour capabilities alone.

You don't have to be goodat everything to succeed.

In fact, real success isabout having a good plan, the right system, and great teamwork.

And using some very simple principles, I'm gonna show you howI discovered the secret to greater financial freedom,to achieving success, and how you can earna living on your terms and in a way that fulfills your passions.

Now I know that soundslike a familiar pitch, but what I'm offeringisn't just a nice story, but an actual way that you can apply my hard-earned lessonsto your own success.

So stay with me for just a few minutes, and I promise, you won't be disappointed.

You see, I started off like most people.

I went to college, I worked hard.

I earned a degree in engineering, bought a house, and started a family.

It was the American dream, and I thought if I didall the right things, then I'd have both happiness and success.

Five years later though, things weren't as I thoughtthey'd be, and one morning I found myself lying inbed, staring at the ceiling, realizing that for allmy hard work and effort, all I had to show forit was a lot of bills, and a $300 savings account.

Not only wasn't I getting ahead, I was actually falling behind.

And the more hours I putin, the more taxes I paid, so it seemed that more workwasn't the answer either.

You see, at the time, my onlymotivation was to earn money.

I thought that wouldsolve all my problems.

That if I just had enough money, that I'd be happy and fulfilled.

I came to realize that just earning money though wasn't enough.

You see, I discoveredthat with every increase, and every overtime dollar earned, the government took alarger share through taxes.

So I decided to study thetax issue a bit closer.

I knew I couldn't doanything about the tax code, but over and over I read thatthe secret to lower taxes was offsetting themwith business expenses.

And the only way to have business expenses was to open my own business.

Of course like many people,I had no idea how to find, open, or even run a business.

I imagined that it requiredthings like a storefront, equipment, product, and employees.

Plus, you needed the onething I didn't have, money.

Still, I knew I had to do something to get out of the endlessdebt loop that I was in.

So I started to read everything I could on starting my own business,and discovered that online stores were alow-cost way to get started.

It seemed like something I could do, and as an engineer, I likedthe idea of the process.

So I dove in.

Setting up my first storeplayed to all my strengths.

I went out and I learned about web design, electronic shopping carts, coding my site, and the various products I could sell.

But when it came to actuallyloading products onto my site and maintaining all thestuff you had to maintain, I started to get bored.

It just felt like my dayjob, and worst of all, I wasn't making any money at it.

I decided the revenue problem was that I just didn't know enoughabout SEO and sales.

I figured the best thing Icould do was learn those things.

So I abandoned my onlinestore for the moment and went into real estate.

My timing, of course,was less than perfect, as I entered the market in 2008, right as the housing industry crashed.

Two years later theonly thing I had learned was that I didn't like wearing a suit, chasing leads, and I certainlydidn't like still being poor.

But I needed to make money, and I was still interestedin being my own boss.

So I took over my parent'sbusiness, a small donut shop.

And I failed again.

Transferring the business,getting the building up to code, purchasing new equipment, it all landed me in $20,000 worth of debt.

And although the revenue plodded along, I just didn't have a passionfor getting up early every day and grinding out aliving that was no better and no more fruitfulthan my engineering job.

The idea that internet marketing and sales could be my answer hadstayed with me, though.

It seemed there were thousandsof people being successful.

I knew I just hadn'tfigured out the formula.

So I bought an onlinetraining course for $7, which I could barely afford, and learned about websitesales and affiliate marketing.

It seemed easy enough, so I got started.

The sales did trickle in,but not enough to inspire me, and barely enough to pay any of my bills.

Worst of all, however, I was again bored with the repetitive process.

Select a product, load a product, sell it, find a new product, and repeat.

I really thought the problem was me.

That maybe I lacked thefocus to be successful.

Needing money, and determinedto work on my focus, I took a job at a bullet factory.

I signed up for the most repetitive, tedious, boring process job they had.

12 hours a day, I made bullets.

It was mind-numbing.

But I thought it would help.

It did, but not in a way I ever imagined.

You see, I hadn't givenup on my online store.

With the little time I had, I started an onlinet-shirt and hoodie store.

I didn't have the time to do the research, the design, or the product maintenance, so I outsourced that stuff to other people that I had found online,who I could afford.

And then the most amazing thing happened.

While I toiled away at the bullet factory, my sales jumped to $30,000 one month.

Somewhere along theline, after 50 designs, we had discovered theone that people loved.

I realized that the lawof averages had worked.

If you stuck with something long enough, sooner or later, you find the winner.

The question I had now was,could that success be repeated, and could it be repeatedquicker than my first attempts? And the answer? The first thing I learned was that I needed to get out of my own way.

You see, the harder I tried to do things I didn't like doing, themore I slowed my own process.

I came to understandthat instead of focusing on my weaknesses, I shouldfocus on my strength.

The second thing I learnedthat was that being successful requires the help of others.

And the third and final thing was that behind every success story is a process, a process you can learnand you can repeat.

I wanted to test that last part.

You see, I always enjoyed helping others, and I was so excited bywhat I had discovered, I wanted to know if I coulduse it to help someone else.

I got my chance when I raninto an old friend at a party.

His story was like many people, and a lot like mine.

His wife was workingon her nursing degree, and he was trying to support them, but he had no money and a ton of debt.

When he told me he was payinghis rent with credit cards, I decided I would atleast try to help him.

I explained the process I had used, from setting up my store,to outsourcing the work.

He seemed eager, almostdesperate to try anything.

So we agreed to meet at my house, where I'd walk him through my process.

Within a few weeks he had his first sale, and with a few months, hisfinancial concerns were resolved.

It was a great feeling to help him, and as I build my ownsales to over $1000 a day, I kept returning to thehappiness and fulfillment I felt helping my friend.

I realized that money wasn'tthe real key to my happiness, it seemed that way onlybecause I didn't have enough.

But once I found success,I knew that my real passion was in teaching and helping others.

Those are the things that give my life purpose and fulfillment.

But to help others, I wantedto apply the same process I had learned with online selling.

That is, I didn't wanna helpjust one person at a time.

I wanted to reach asmany people as I could.

And that's the reason I decided to create my online training course.

And that is what I'm offering you today.

I really want to helpyou reach your goals.

I want to show you allthe things I've learned, and I know better thananyone that you want, probably need, a systemthat will work this week.

Not next month, not nextyear, but right now.

And I know, just like me and my friend, you probably don't have alot of money to get started.

That's okay, because I'm offering you my three video courses for free.

With the courses you'llquickly learn how to set up your fully-functioning store, seed it with the onething needed for success, and you'll learn how touse a virtual assistant to do all the heavy lifting.

Plus, I'm gonna share with you my secret to getting your virtualassistant to happily give up 16 hours of free help.

With this one secret, youcould hire up to four virtual assistants and get your first40 hours of work for free.

And the best part, myprogram will show you how to start selling in a week.

So don't wait, and don'tretrace all the hard, pointless steps I took.

Opt in and get started towardsthe success you deserve.

The only thing you need to invest is your email and your time.

So come join me, and I'llsee you on the other side.

(cheerful music).

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