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Secret to Winning in Ecommerce Internet Marketing by Fortified Teams

(cheerful guitar music) – Hello, my name is Hien Quoc, and I have an important story to share.

But first, you should knowthis isn't my actual voice.

You see, I hired a voiceoverguy to better tell my story, and another professional tocreate this presentation.

I hired them to illustratethe entire point of the story I'm going to share with you.

You see, success isn't aboutyour capabilities alone.

You don't have to be goodat everything to succeed.

In fact, real success isabout having a good plan, the right system, and great teamwork.

And using some very simple principles, I'm gonna show you howI discovered the secret to greater financial freedom,to achieving success, and how you can earna living on your terms and in a way that fulfills your passions.

Now I know that soundslike a familiar pitch, but what I'm offeringisn't just a nice story, but an actual way that you can apply my hard-earned lessonsto your own success.

So stay with me for just a few minutes, and I promise, you won't be disappointed.

You see, I started off like most people.

I went to college, I worked hard.

I earned a degree in engineering, bought a house, and started a family.

It was the American dream, and I thought if I didall the right things, then I'd have both happiness and success.

Five years later though, things weren't as I thoughtthey'd be, and one morning I found myself lying inbed, staring at the ceiling, realizing that for allmy hard work and effort, all I had to show forit was a lot of bills, and a $300 savings account.

Not only wasn't I getting ahead, I was actually falling behind.

And the more hours I putin, the more taxes I paid, so it seemed that more workwasn't the answer either.

You see, at the time, my onlymotivation was to earn money.

I thought that wouldsolve all my problems.

That if I just had enough money, that I'd be happy and fulfilled.

I came to realize that just earning money though wasn't enough.

You see, I discoveredthat with every increase, and every overtime dollar earned, the government took alarger share through taxes.

So I decided to study thetax issue a bit closer.

I knew I couldn't doanything about the tax code, but over and over I read thatthe secret to lower taxes was offsetting themwith business expenses.

And the only way to have business expenses was to open my own business.

Of course like many people,I had no idea how to find, open, or even run a business.

I imagined that it requiredthings like a storefront, equipment, product, and employees.

Plus, you needed the onething I didn't have, money.

Still, I knew I had to do something to get out of the endlessdebt loop that I was in.

So I started to read everything I could on starting my own business,and discovered that online stores were alow-cost way to get started.

It seemed like something I could do, and as an engineer, I likedthe idea of the process.

So I dove in.

Setting up my first storeplayed to all my strengths.

I went out and I learned about web design, electronic shopping carts, coding my site, and the various products I could sell.

But when it came to actuallyloading products onto my site and maintaining all thestuff you had to maintain, I started to get bored.

It just felt like my dayjob, and worst of all, I wasn't making any money at it.

I decided the revenue problem was that I just didn't know enoughabout SEO and sales.

I figured the best thing Icould do was learn those things.

So I abandoned my onlinestore for the moment and went into real estate.

My timing, of course,was less than perfect, as I entered the market in 2008, right as the housing industry crashed.

Two years later theonly thing I had learned was that I didn't like wearing a suit, chasing leads, and I certainlydidn't like still being poor.

But I needed to make money, and I was still interestedin being my own boss.

So I took over my parent'sbusiness, a small donut shop.

And I failed again.

Transferring the business,getting the building up to code, purchasing new equipment, it all landed me in $20,000 worth of debt.

And although the revenue plodded along, I just didn't have a passionfor getting up early every day and grinding out aliving that was no better and no more fruitfulthan my engineering job.

The idea that internet marketing and sales could be my answer hadstayed with me, though.

It seemed there were thousandsof people being successful.

I knew I just hadn'tfigured out the formula.

So I bought an onlinetraining course for $7, which I could barely afford, and learned about websitesales and affiliate marketing.

It seemed easy enough, so I got started.

The sales did trickle in,but not enough to inspire me, and barely enough to pay any of my bills.

Worst of all, however, I was again bored with the repetitive process.

Select a product, load a product, sell it, find a new product, and repeat.

I really thought the problem was me.

That maybe I lacked thefocus to be successful.

Needing money, and determinedto work on my focus, I took a job at a bullet factory.

I signed up for the most repetitive, tedious, boring process job they had.

12 hours a day, I made bullets.

It was mind-numbing.

But I thought it would help.

It did, but not in a way I ever imagined.

You see, I hadn't givenup on my online store.

With the little time I had, I started an onlinet-shirt and hoodie store.

I didn't have the time to do the research, the design, or the product maintenance, so I outsourced that stuff to other people that I had found online,who I could afford.

And then the most amazing thing happened.

While I toiled away at the bullet factory, my sales jumped to $30,000 one month.

Somewhere along theline, after 50 designs, we had discovered theone that people loved.

I realized that the lawof averages had worked.

If you stuck with something long enough, sooner or later, you find the winner.

The question I had now was,could that success be repeated, and could it be repeatedquicker than my first attempts? And the answer? The first thing I learned was that I needed to get out of my own way.

You see, the harder I tried to do things I didn't like doing, themore I slowed my own process.

I came to understandthat instead of focusing on my weaknesses, I shouldfocus on my strength.

The second thing I learnedthat was that being successful requires the help of others.

And the third and final thing was that behind every success story is a process, a process you can learnand you can repeat.

I wanted to test that last part.

You see, I always enjoyed helping others, and I was so excited bywhat I had discovered, I wanted to know if I coulduse it to help someone else.

I got my chance when I raninto an old friend at a party.

His story was like many people, and a lot like mine.

His wife was workingon her nursing degree, and he was trying to support them, but he had no money and a ton of debt.

When he told me he was payinghis rent with credit cards, I decided I would atleast try to help him.

I explained the process I had used, from setting up my store,to outsourcing the work.

He seemed eager, almostdesperate to try anything.

So we agreed to meet at my house, where I'd walk him through my process.

Within a few weeks he had his first sale, and with a few months, hisfinancial concerns were resolved.

It was a great feeling to help him, and as I build my ownsales to over $1000 a day, I kept returning to thehappiness and fulfillment I felt helping my friend.

I realized that money wasn'tthe real key to my happiness, it seemed that way onlybecause I didn't have enough.

But once I found success,I knew that my real passion was in teaching and helping others.

Those are the things that give my life purpose and fulfillment.

But to help others, I wantedto apply the same process I had learned with online selling.

That is, I didn't wanna helpjust one person at a time.

I wanted to reach asmany people as I could.

And that's the reason I decided to create my online training course.

And that is what I'm offering you today.

I really want to helpyou reach your goals.

I want to show you allthe things I've learned, and I know better thananyone that you want, probably need, a systemthat will work this week.

Not next month, not nextyear, but right now.

And I know, just like me and my friend, you probably don't have alot of money to get started.

That's okay, because I'm offering you my three video courses for free.

With the courses you'llquickly learn how to set up your fully-functioning store, seed it with the onething needed for success, and you'll learn how touse a virtual assistant to do all the heavy lifting.

Plus, I'm gonna share with you my secret to getting your virtualassistant to happily give up 16 hours of free help.

With this one secret, youcould hire up to four virtual assistants and get your first40 hours of work for free.

And the best part, myprogram will show you how to start selling in a week.

So don't wait, and don'tretrace all the hard, pointless steps I took.

Opt in and get started towardsthe success you deserve.

The only thing you need to invest is your email and your time.

So come join me, and I'llsee you on the other side.

(cheerful music).

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How to create a webinar presentation for internet marketing and offline marketing ecommerce

Hi I'm Anthony Flatt and Welcome to my video for those that know me know that I've been doing webinars to using GoToWebinar all the way back before webinars were cool i've been using citrix products going back to like the mid-nineties using citrus went citrix wind frame using that product so i I've been around for a long time doing doing webinars and I am I do about a hundred webinars a year about to a week on average sometimes three or four and I've been doing that for about the last 45 years and that is the primary driver behind where I get most of my business customers from and I get lots of calls and I get lots of emails from people asking me questions about how to do a webinar what do you do in your webinars and and and how do you make them successful so I made a couple videos to answer some of those questions and I've written a couple notes here today and one of the big ones is I've got a topic for a webinar but I don't know how to get that that information together I don't know how to put together the presentation I think it's a good idea but you know where the way where do I start how do i get my presentation together how I get my webinar put together so let me just go over a couple notes that I've made and I think this will help you out a lot so how do i create a webinar well if you have a concept in your head and you haven't you already written it written down written outlining you're still trying to figure all that out first thing I would do is I do what I'm doing now i'd make a video recording right make an audio recording i would go and get audio program either on your phone or on your computer there's a bunch of free ones out there audacity is one that I've used I think the windows program now comes with an audio recorder and so does the max so justjust record to start to start talking and into your computer and get it recorded don't worry about exactly what you say that you hear me saying I'm sonars don't worry about things and I just get it recorded get the get the meat and potatoes of your presentation recorded just do it and get it recorded and then you can take that recording and you can either if you're if you're good at typing and you enjoy doing that you can listen to it and you can type it up and just type word for word what you said in your in your recording if you're not good at typing like I'm not a typist I man it'll take me forever to type anything so what I do is I take and I send it off and have it transcribed now you can have transcribed on fiber fi ve RR dot com i believe and you know for five bucks depending on how long it is you can you can do it there's lots of different places you can go let's see yes on fiber it's like five to ten slides maybe for about 5 bucks and in more than that's going to cost more so what you can do is you can ask them to transcribe it but you can also find people on fire who will actually create slides for you so what you do is going to have to transcribe you get that document back you edit it and you clean it up you put it into some sections right like the chapters of a book right this is the beginning part and here's the part i'm going to talk about you know you read your your passage of whatever you wrote and then come up with your your title for then read the next part come with the title and you know someone we're going to be small segments and we're going to be larger segment that's just the way we we talk that's just the way we present things that go through that you can have somebody actually create the slides or you can create the site and that's how i do it i record something very quickly i put it out there I get it transcribed I edited it and I do a lot of pretty heavy editing I clean up a lot so because what I'm doing the recording initially I'm not really concerned about did I say everything perfectly did I get everything to wait so I'd rather get a lot of information out there and then get it get it all down in my in my document ok so so let's some people say well that sounds good but I don't have a completely thought right i don't have a everything figured out i got this concept got this idea but how do I flesh that out how do i how do i figure that out it and go through that and I do that using something i call our chunking or research chunking right so basically it doesn't mean that you go out and research for days but go and take your topic in search the internet for you can obviously do Google searches and so forth and find different things and ask different questions about what is your topic is but you can also go to bookstores you can look at it look through magazines online or at their at the stores you can go to new sites there's logic says so much information out there so if you have a topic just start looking forward to start some of the questions that people might ask about your topic type those into the google search and search for those and every time you get an article or every time you get a news report or the summary of a book or a snippet an article that somebody's done a whitepaper grab that and print it and then just keep doing that you'll find another one grabbed it and printed find another one grabbing printed grab another and then take those lay them all out on the table and without with a marker go through and start marking out the things you don't want don't start doing the things that you do when we're not there yet go through and say you know I I don't want not you know this isn't part of it this is the header this is the photo this is part of their website this is an ad to start crossing out everything that's not pertinent what you're looking for then go back through and start crossing out in the parts of the white paper article that doesn't pertain specifically to what it is you're going to be talking about right and what will happen is you'll have actually have a bunch of documents that look like they came from the government because they'll have all these black lines through for probably sixty seventy percent of the of the words that are on each one of those pages but when you're done you'll have a bunch of good pieces that are on each one of those different pages and you can start either go back and cut and paste those into a document or you can go back and retype those into your document and then you can start structuring those in your doc document it helps me a lot to organize my thoughts because i'll have an idea but maybe I haven't totally flushed it out and then I see a white paper something that somebody else's wrote and I and I think well that's an interesting way to present that I don't copy i'm not a big fan of anybody going out and copying or stealing anybody's stuff but modeling with somebody else's do thing is what people have been doing for thousands and thousands of years and that's the best way honestly to really flesh out an idea get your concept and then go find bits and pieces of stuff that people have written and then come up with your version of that right so let's see yeah so just keep editing it go through it and getting so once you've got it that format then you can again create your slides from it what I like to do want to create my slides is I don't try to do a word-for-word type down everything also be on a slide if i'm going to present it to the customer on the webinar is words that are going to get them thinking right words that are going to support what I'm going to say now in my notes I might include a little bit more maybe i'll include some additional bullets are some additional information basically whatever I need to help me remember what it is i'm going to talk about and make sure that I hit all the points that i wanted to talk about but I don't like putting a bunch of words on the screen I don't like reading word-for-word everything that's on the screen you know it it bet it flows better for me if I just have some bullets here's what I'm going to talk about boom here's the way you go so hopefully that's helpful that's how i would create a presentation for webinar if I didn't know where to start i would first go and record my thoughts go to a bunch of research cut and paste that research put it into another document create my outline maybe even rerecorded again and go through that process again sometimes i go through that process two or three times because it really refined and it Holmes your overall presentation and then i have my on my webinar presentation now that's just one of a ton of questions that I've gotten and i keep getting the same ones again and again and again so what i am gonna do is I'm gonna put together a webinar invite you guys to come to it for free and i'll make you a deal I'm gonna send out a questionnaire to anybody who registered for the webinar and you ask your questions in the questionnaire ok and if you'll do that for me so that I have some questions and I know what everybody wants me to answer to talk about because I mean there's so many things that could go over i'd like to answer the questions that you guys have most specifically and if you'll do that for me then I'll promise you I won't try to sell you anything on the webinar you can take your hand off your wallet take your hand out of your purse I'm not gonna ask you to buy anything just want to get this webinar out there i think there's a lot of value and I think there's a lot of people that really failed doing webinars and I think there's some things that they can do I know there's some things that they can do to improve that and I've been doing webinars for the last for almost five years i think what I've got 300 400 webinars under my belt and the majority of my business is driven from webinars and I'll talk a little bit about that on on the on the webinar itself but there'll be a link you know down below or maybe over here maybe over there maybe I don't know where it's going there'll be a link somewhere around here for you be able to register for the webinar register for the webinar i'll send you the quiz or the I don't even know what exactly I'm gonna send you about it away for you to be able to respond with your question so that I'll have those before the webinar starts and if you do that i will tell you anything on the webinar will be totally free just my gift to you and I think that will help a lot of people take care.

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