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SEO GURU – Kostenloser Workshop Evergreen SEO | Designers Inn

my name is marco linke.

welcome to workshop evergreen seo what is at stake in this workshop? simple: to Evergreen SEO.

three ask each company to burn fingernails: why should I care about the search engine optimization the second question is, if I care, as are my chances of success.

SEO is not already declared dead.

google is not so intelligent, that I can give him a page not optimize it works and the third question is if I do not on the whole game get involved and go away how can I also have lasting success not only today shortly be available and fly again from search results for out tomorrow We start at the front why we need me to search engine optimization than I the first time with the marketing've set apart and that it now no less than 15 20 years ago so quite a while because I'm a wealth tax partie which is even older which comes from the year 1920 approximately and this formula is true now more than ever I consider first what exactly my target group is hope that has my target group which has dreams does my target group which problems my target group and then develops targeted match the product and my if I already have a product then immediately I use this as the product of that thus the wish, the dream or the problems targeted solve my can and in the next step, it is only now about my product to the let go of the world so I need to generate traffic I have to tell people here there is a product, and there are two approaches of a very classic, first active I scream and a product in the world but hey addition there are my View products turned I go to the cinema radio Show tv or whatever so I think Show active or passive the other is off the target group is looking for a solution and then find me and the last off the course has the advantage that it charming to me This spot does not cost anything someone tries something and find me and b I have virtually no stray losses I have therefore the boarding about someone wants already have my power Now I know that I mean performance but seeks a performance and offer this now, this performance search request at this concord between and solution serving the suchmaschinenoptimierung so it is not a question in the search engine optimization as far as possible to direct with any suchbegriff of course it's nice if you great but directs with your suchbegriff the does not make sense and purpose of modern search engine optimization Our responsibility the entire image of the online marketings rather, it is a match to bring between the actual search request and our concrete answer to the search request about this way we have the great advantage that we know of the on our side is seeking a solution and we know what sought solution and our task is now only in quotes to offer him the best possible solution is that you keep asking hears does the whole fun at all it is not extinct is google is so smart that I can no longer take in any measures that I better rinke than my competitors to a very simple mind game Google wants to make money google then earned money if as many people also use the search engine google the people use google when they ask for their answers correct Find we know it's not just ask a question like google finds out what page best matches the search request Firstly google does have a mystical crystal ball in the basement and white now what is provided and what question ask the right side of this is 2 google does not care and advises that page could fit perhaps with eyes to and with them the page rausgepickt today times this tomorrow times those would be the third possibility Google looks at the sites, and has a kind of checklist and here turns google now a wide variety of criteria to which a page once evaluate the the page then then the environment of the page content, the technology of which page happened outside the page as Google would like a trustworthy Modern good website with professional content, the concrete as possible the But ask answer are comprehensive enough so enough fodder around it offer that the searching on the website also can further increase this overall picture of this package would google as the optimal result the present seeking and now comes a very simple conclusion if there is a checklist when searching criteria are by which google rated one page they can not stand because SEO simply means that I mean website according to these criteria optimizing why you always hear yet seo is dead why you always hear that no longer works everything we compare for a moment the search engine optimization with a card game, each individual card is the google for a criterion art project and now there are cards that are less important what cards are always and tide and there very important So for example the images can google lady king as a high and the classic case of search engine optimization and many customer of us have taken this away therefore, the classic case is is you get whispered Google may currently heart ass so I concentrate on my side to optimize the heart ass I write the lyrics for that I am because the images properly yes I buy any software which is very, very hot right now and in ranking I expected to when I think of any tips and tricks exact heart to think ass and that works well on one or other side otherwise it would not be a hot tip but google gets the with and will always hate of heart also Gekas the side heart the crashes and all the now concentrated here on natural gas who have put so on that one card that we now they say it does not work SEO is all rubbish have tried it have carefully I have images and texts it optimizes just works but anyone who does not focus on the individual card who now not some trick of perhaps tried works but much prefer the bow a little further exciting and I says know that the overall quality map is therefore I optimize Today optimize teller caro kick ass According So are all important factors one side of the ball-host immune from the changes makes whether we have now once bought cross or mark if a heart is changed to caro it does not matter because we have the whole thoughts of google detected after google rank a website and if we can do that then we speak of evergreens eu evergreens is therefore a strategy, the possible long term and comprehensive as possible tries to to use criteria The ball looks overall as a good benchmark for website and that is what the workshop so we do not want a quick trick and we do not want the only solution that does not exist available selectively times just grabs a trend on them and the tried then this can work but let's not focus on risk and say that works and tomorrow we are gone but we want to stay in the rankings and if the side of me as such take on the subject of design calculate the line I for years in the top ten or very very competitive concepts such as wordpress themes, it is a scary contested understand online marketing with millions search requests on this subject and I drink to hundreds of concepts ranging and not a day but one day in period and is everything you and the nice thing if you go this way that with each measures which are building it later takes his position his rankings quadrupled and the individual steps of this process that I bring you in the workshop evergreens like ok said as long listened diligently the must be rewarded and the reward is the workshop evergreens cod now can start is actually an evening seminar and has the award of 390 Euro we give the price for the business school berlin guide service for the wirtschaftsförderung possible after all I thought how can I bring facts compressed as possible but and have it a bus put together the know it all contains what is in the normal workshop there is only on the point brought and for the launch phase of this course I have I considered would not offer the course for 93 but for nothing know sounds strange but so I would be very happy if as many people this course through even want to give their feedback what like what I do not like what can I do better are asking left open or if some ground it's too complicated or perhaps all too easy So for me very happy if you give your feedback could threaten as a thank you for this course will launch phase for the complete be free so everything turns that could distract you switch the phone off night the door to and let's go we see you in the course evergreens.

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