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Black Hat SEO Tactics That Could Hurt Your Site


My name is Emma North, and I'm a digitalmarketing executive here at Koozai.

Today, I'd like to talk to you a littlebit about some black hat techniques that you absolutely must avoid.

Now these are the sorts of things that used to be commonplace and perfectlyacceptable ways to achieve search engine optimisation, but that's notthe case anymore.

With recent Google algorithm updates, such as Penguinand Panda, these are the sorts of activities that will be penalised with a rankingpenalty.

So first of all, we've got paid links.

Ifyou've ever paid for a link to appear on someone's site, linking back toyour own site, then you should get these removed.

They appear very unnaturalto Google, and you're likely to suffer a ranking penalty if you haven'talready.

If you haven't already, that doesn't mean that you won't have onein the future.

So it's important to get these removed as soon as possible.

Generic directories, similarly these are veryunnatural to Google.

They are pages full of links to other sites, and ifyou've got a link there, Google will see that as an unnatural attempt to gamethe rankings.

Google holds you responsible for the inbound links to yoursite.

So it's important you review the link profile as a whole and identifyany links that could be considered unnatural and get those removed.

Contact the site owners.

Do anything you can to get them removed.

If you can't do that, and you've made everyeffort to get them removed, there is now on Google a disavow tool thatyou can use, but you do need evidence you've tried to remove the linksyourself.

Google disavow tool basically says to Google, "Don't take theselinks into consideration when you're ranking my site.

" So try to get themremoved on your own, and then if you've got evidence that you tried andthat didn't work, try the Google disavow tool.

But get these sorts of unnaturallinks removed at all costs.

Generally with links, if it looks like a badneighbourhood, it probably is, and you don't want to be there.

Next, we've got cloaking and more specificallyhidden content.

Cloaking is a technique where you hide content from theuser that is just specifically for the search engines.

You're trying to gamethe rankings by telling the search engines one thing about your site,when, in fact, it's really not about that.

Hidden content, in particular,Google is very clever now at finding this.

If you've got content writteninto the script that's not on page and is hidden from the user, Google willidentify that, and you may suffer a ranking penalty as a result of theGoogle Panda update.

It's important the content on the whole of yoursite is written for the user.

It needs to be informative, and it needs to beon page.

Don't have any hidden content in the script of your site.

If you'vegot it, get it removed.

Next, we've got keyword stuffing.

Now, it'sessential that you have some keywords on your site for the user as wellas the search engines.

But it is important that your contentisn't littered with them.

Make sure that the content is written forthe user, that it makes sense and reads well, and the rest will follow.

In thelong run, that will be rewarded.

Anything that's littered with keywordsis not going to rank in the long term because you may get hit witha ranking penalty as a result of the Panda update.

Similarly, Meta keyword tags; every page canstill have a Meta keyword tag, but they're not really used by Google anymore.

That's not to say they won't in the future, but other search engines douse them.

So don't stuff them full of dozens or hundreds keywords, justhalf a dozen relevant keywords is more than enough for each page to ensure thatyou're targeting the right keywords for those search engines.

Last thing we've got doorway pages.

Theseare not used so much anymore, but there are still people out there who willtell you can get benefit from them.

Similar to cloaking, this is a techniqueused to hide content from the user.

It's a page designed specificallyfor Google.

So they're usually stuffed full of keywords.

Google will sussout what you're doing if you try to use these pages.

Don't do it.

If you'reusing any of these pages that are designed only for the search engines andthey're full of keywords, get rid of them.

It's not going to serve you anybenefit in the long run.

So that's a few black hat techniques on thesurface.

Now that list isn't by any means conclusive.

There are hundreds oftechniques people use to try and game the system.

I guess the rule of thumbis write for the user.

Don't try to do anything to game Google becausethe quick wins won't be worth it in the long run, and you will suffer a rankingpenalty if you get caught.

White hat techniques are the way to achievenatural rankings, and continue doing that will mean you will continue stayingin the rankings and Google will continue to value your site.

Thanks very much for watching.

If you wantto find out more about Koozai, please interact with the social media buttonsafter this video, and thank you for watching.

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