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Black Hat SEO – Mortal Sins to Avoid in SEO

MARK: Hi, Iím Mark Steinbrueck, and thisis Kurt Steinbrueck.

Weíre with OurChurch.

Com, and on this video weíre going to talk aboutblack hat SEO, or search engine optimization, and what the mortal sins to avoid in SEO.

This seems pretty scary, Kurt.

(laughs) Very scary.

KURT: Black hat, what is black hat SEO? Well,the term ìblack hat,î just so you know, is really a reference to the old TV Westernswhere the bad guy would always wear a black hat, and a white hat for the good guy.

Sothatís what itís referring to, people breaking the rules and all this kind of stuff, to tryto get ahead in the search engines.

Generally speaking, thereís usually nothingmorally wrong with whatís going on.

If youíre hacking peopleís sites, okay, thatís anissue.

But usually itís more of a risk-reward type thing.

The real risk here is that theseare things that the search engines have said, ìLook, if you do these things, weíre basicallygoing to treat you like youíre trying to manipulate us, and weíre just going to eitherpenalize you or kick you out.

î So imagine your site no longer in Google, and what thatwill do to your site.

Thatís the risk that youíre taking with these things.

Personally, I think theyíre things to avoid.

The trick is that theyíre also things that tend to work, and thatís really the seductionof it, right? If it didnít work, then nobody would even try to do it.

But they do work,and so people are lured into doing it because you can usually get quicker results, betterresults sometimes.

Itís just, if they find you, you lose everything.

Thatís the riskthat you take.

Itís kind of like if you cheat on a test.

If you can get it away with it and you have all the answers, you got 100 on the test.

Thatís great.

Take the morals out of it.

(laughs) But if the teacher comes by and seesyou with your little sheet, then you failed the test, you got a zero, and probably ñ MARK: Kicked out of school.

KURT: Yeah.

Got in trouble with your parents,all that kind of stuff.

So thatís really what weíre talking about.

Weíre going tolook at some of the specific things with black hat.

Itís not everything, but itís justsomething to give you an idea of some of the major things to look out for.

The first one is keyword stuffing.

What thisis, usually it happens when somebody realizes that they can rank better in the search enginesbecause they used keywords on their site, and then they just went overboard.

They tookit too far.

So either theyíve just created a block of text that just had every keywordthey could think of, and they stuck it on the bottom of their page, or maybe they usedone keyword but they kept adding more and more and more and more.

Sometimes itís even a gradual thing.

Youstarted out and youíre like, ìWell, Iím not doing too well for this keyword, so Iímgoing to add it in on my page,î and then, ìIím still not doing as well, so Iím goingto add it a few more times,î and then after a few times of doing that, all of a suddenyou realize, ìIíve got this one keyword on here 50 times,î and itís not naturalat all.

It doesnít make any sense.

So when youíre just shoving all these keywordsin, thatís something that the search engines look for, and they can certainly penalizeyou for it.

Another thing is whatís called cloaking.

What cloaking is, is basically any time that you show the search engines different contentthan what youíre showing users.

This can be done in a couple of different ways.

Oneway is thereís HTML little coding tricks where you can actually determine if the personviewing your site is a Google bot or a person, like a real person or is it a search enginerobot, and deliver different content.

So youíre showing the search engines one thing, youíreshowing the people another thing.

Sometimes this is done for semi-legitimatereasons.

Maybe you want to show people something that looks like graphics, and the search enginescanít read that, so youíre like ìIíll just show the search engines all this realcontent, but the people I want to show graphics.

î Search engines still donít like it, evenif you think that thereís a legitimate reason to do it.

Sometimes itís a very illegitimate reason,and weíve had people who showed content to the search engines that was maybe about automotivestuff, and then the people go and click on the link and itís a gambling site or something.

Itís just completely different.

So whether it seems legitimate or not, you really wantto be showing the search engines the same content that youíre showing people.

Thatíswhat they want you to do, and thatís how you should do it.

Thereís two other ways that people cloakI want to mention, because these are actually more common.

One is to try to hide text bymaking it the same color as the background.

So youíre like, ìOkay, I donít really wantto show people this really optimized text that has all my keywords in it, so Iím goingto make it so they canít see it because itís the same color as the background, but thesearch engines will still be able to read it.

î Well, search engines can read colorstoo, so they know when youíre doing that.

The other thing is to hide it behind imagesand things like that, so you put the text in there, then you use some little codingtrick so that an image is displayed on top of it.

Thatís another thing.

They can usuallydetect that as well.

But just donít try to hide content.

Donít try to cloak things likethat.

Thatís bad news.

Another thing that happens is buying links.

Buying links is a pretty popular thing to do for a black hat thing, because links arereally very important in SEO.

When we first started out with search engines, everyonewas kind of trading links, because they found that that could help.

Then the search enginessaid, ìWeíre not going to count those anymore.

î So then people started buying links.

Thisis something that the search engines really started to crack down on.

There are ways todo it, because there are legitimate reasons to buy links, but if you donít follow themethods and the standards that the search engines give, then theyíll see it as youíretrying to manipulate their rankings.

Basically they say mark the links by identifyingthem as a paid link.

Just having something sponsored or whatever on it.

And then alsoadding a nofollow tag.

So if you do those, then theyíre fine with it, because youírebeing open with them.

Youíre saying, ìLook, I bought these links, but Iím not tryingto mess with your rankings at all.

I want this because I wanted that link there.

î Theyírefine with that.

But if you start to do it without those things, then theyíre goingto look at it as youíre trying to manipulate things and they can punish you.

They can alsopunish the site thatís selling you those links.

MARK: Yeah, thatís the interesting thing,is theyíll target both the selling site as well as the buying site and penalize bothof you.

KURT: Yeah, so itís dangerous for both.

Andbuying links is really just one of many linking schemes.

Thatís the next thing.

Itís kindof an all-inclusive concept, but thereís just a lot of link schemes out there, thingsthat people try to come up with to get links that are not legitimately gotten.

Theyírenot really people saying, ìHey, I love this content on this site so Iím going to linkto it,î itís just other ways of getting links.

Sometimes itís spammy blog comments.

We seethat a lot.

I have a couple of blogs, and Iím constantly deleting those.

Sometimespeople will create forum profiles, not to actually do anything on the forum; they justcreate the profile and put a link on there.

There are things called link pyramids wherethey create all these spammy links and they go through all these different sites thatlink to each other and link to each other, and they end up with a couple of sites atthe bottom that then link to your site.

The idea is that somehow the search engines wonítlook far enough down the pyramid to realize that all these spammy links are really justdirected at your site.

They can figure that out.

So thereís just a lot of things like thatthat you have to watch out for.

A lot of times, the people that are offering these thingsare not very forthcoming about that, so when youíre talking to someone about a link opportunity,if you will, a lot of times if you start hearing things like, ìHey, weíve put these thingsin place to protect you or to buffer you from the link building strategies that weíre doing,îthat should tell you that what theyíre doing is something that could get you in trouble.

MARK: Yeah, thatís a red flag.

KURT: Yeah.

If youíre doing legitimate linkbuilding, you donít have to buffer.

You donít have to protect yourself.

You want the searchengines to know those links are coming from you.

MARK: Yeah.

I think it brings up a good pointthat if an organization that does SEO for you is engaging in the black hat SEO practices,they donít have anything to worry about.

Itís all going to come back on you, the websiteowner, or the website itself.

So if your website were to get caught and banned or penalized,itís not going to have any effect on the company thatís performing that.

And you mayor may not have known that they were engaging in these kind of practices, so itís veryimportant for you to try to listen, as Kurt said, very carefully to the practices thatthey do.

Really, when it comes down to it, those kindof practices, those black hat techniques, will only work in the short-term, becauseGoogle and Yahoo and Bing have thousands of people that are paid to go out and manuallylook at websites that are doing these kind of things, that are hiding text or engagingother kind of black hat practices.

So they are very good at doing what they do, verygood at finding people or websites that are engaging in these kind of practices, and soit is a very short-term gain that you will get, and as a result you could have some verylong-term problems.

KURT: Yeah, absolutely.

There were some recentupdates when Google was going against a lot of these things, there were a lot of companiesthat lost everything.

And one other link scheme that I want to mention, just because itísbeen pretty popular lately, is something called private blog networks, which are basicallya network of thousands of blogs that you can buy into, and you then submit your own content,if you will, that can have some of your links on it.

The blogs are not really intended for users.

They try to tell you to put in legitimate content and everything, but generally speaking,itís usually a lot of spammy stuff that just has links.

But itís something that the searchengines have very specifically said ìDonít do this.

î Theyíve actually taken down severalof the private blog networks.

They have infiltrated them and figured out what they all are andjust wiped them out.

MARK: Wow.

KURT: So itís something to avoid.

MARK: Yeah.

So as a summary, black hat SEO,the mortal sins to avoid: keyword stuffing, cloaking, buying links, and just overall linkschemes are things that you want to avoid.

As Kurt mentioned before, these are just afew of the many different things, black hat techniques that people engage in to try togain the system that you should try to avoid.

We want to thank you for taking the time towatch this video.

I hope that it has been informative.

If thereís anything that wecan do for you here at OurChurch.

Com to help you accomplish your goals or mission online,please email us at support@ourchurch.


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Should you build nofollow links in a white hat SEO campaign?

Hi guys, It's David James from Business GrowthDigital Marketing.

And in this video, I want to talk about thevalue of doing link building even on sites where you don't get the complete SEO benefit.

Now, I know I juxtapose myself just by sayingthat.

There's more value that you can get with certainsites than just trying to get a link to rank.

So I will show you in this example with oneof the sites that links on their site to one of my other websites which is called Lollivia.


What has happened here is I wanted to getmore traffic and get a better ranking for the keyword Cambodia backpacking.

Now the actual site doesn't rank anywhere.

Although it is just page 1.

It doesn't rank on the first page anyway.

What I did when I was prospecting was I waslooking for any sites where I could get a bit more exposure.

So the first site that I came across was indietraveller.


Now, I'm just going to jump over to the siteand it is an actual blog where they have written a really, really good guide.

The guys name is Marek and he is a reallywell travelled person and if you are into travelling, then definitely follow him.

But, what was interesting was since the linkhas been live.

So that is from back in, let's say Septemberof 2015.

Since then, there has been 621 people thathave come from that site alone.

So that's quite interesting.

Now I am just going to go back to the siteand I am going to show you the link.

Check out the guide.

You will see that it is very thorough.

So if you are looking to go to Cambodia, checkit out.

I am just going to scroll all of the way downto the comments section.

There are 14 comments and I actually commentedin one of them.

And what I had done was I had left a positivecomment saying that my wife and I had travelled to Cambodia and that Ihad written a post aboutit and I shared a comment with a link back to the post.

He accepted the comment and it is live onhis site.

But as a result, we have received quite afew visitors to the site every month.

Now I am going to inspect this.

The first thing that you will see is it isa direct link.

But the link is a nofollow link.

So there isn't any direct SEO benefit fromthe link directly.

But, it does get the site traffic, which isvaluable and it allows the content to be discovered.

In the future, it could lead onto other linkbuilding opportunities where I will get links naturally.

But the purpose of this video is to let youknow that if you d link building and you do something like leave a blog comment on a websitewhere it uses the rel=nofollow attribute, then you should still get a link from it torelevant content on your site to boost your audience and to create an opportunity to getnatural links in the future.

So I hope that you found this interesting.

If you have any questions, please feel freeto leave them in the comment section below.

If you liked the video, please hit like, don'tforget to subscribe.

Thanks for watching.

And I will speak to you next time.

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In Focus Marketing Sessions PROMO – Topic: SEO – Live on Facebook 1/25/17 at 11am

Hey everybody I want to tell you about our brand new show that we're starting this month.

It's gonna be live on facebook and we're calling it In Focus Marketing Sessions.

We're going to sit down once a month with marketing experts from the Space Coast.

So if you want to know anything about video marketing, web marketing, social media marketing, this is the place to be.

This month we're going to be sitting down with Matthew from Next Level Marketing and we're going to be talking about SEO.

And the episode airs LIVE on facebook on january 25th at 11am.

The best part about the format of this show is that it's a three-way conversation between the host, the guest, and you.

So if you have any questions involving SEO be sure to submit them right now to the events page on facebook or you can submit them live during the show.

We'll see you on January 25th at 11am.

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The Secret to Massive Success in Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing Tips for Success

What's up guys this is morii Malveaux herefor reach me on the sky.

Com okay I'm just located this year I'm always at home alwaysshould have a treehouse and beautiful clean Texas but I want to tell you the secret tomassive success and on internet marketing internet marketing tips for Success how doyou become the top leader in your business opportunity how do you gain massive successwell the first thing I was doing research about basically all the leaders in networkmarketing all the strong leaders and something that they all have a common is they all havea why they all have a very big specific Vision they have a incredible why so if you wantto become massively successful in your business opportunity you're going to need a strongwhile okay and the second thing that you're going to need it is of course the right mentorshipand what do I mean by this who you hanging around with so the top five people you hangaround with you I'll probably have the same the same amount of income coming in so ifyou begin to hang yourself with if you begin to hang around people with you know five figures6-figure earners then guess what it's not going to be too long before you become a fiveor six figure order so it's not going to it's not going to be long until you Beast you startbecoming a 6:07 figured if I figured because you're learning what they're doing right okayand then the third thing that you're going to need I should have said this for numberone but the first thing you're going to need is the right mindset which kind of goes backto number 1 something that all the top leaders and all the massively successful leaders likeJim Rohn die or what's his name Ty Lopez and Tony Tony Robbins is they all have a greatmine said they're all very strong-minded when it comes to internet marketing or doing somethingthat a lot of people aren't doing or traveling the world The Road Less Traveled on is goingto take a lot of mental strength because people are always going to try to knock you on yourstuff you're always going to try to say your not good or they're going to doubt your abilitiesall because they feel that they can't do it so they doubt your abilities and they don'tsee your vision right so you're going to have to have a strong mindset and realize thatit's a journey be the kind of person that enjoys the journey instead of looking forinstant gratification and that leads me to number 3 take consistent action all thesetop leaders in Massachusetts for people in their internet marketing didn't get thereby being lazy it just wasn't random they had to work their butts off to get where theyneeded to go they invest the money they invest the time because of the energy they were willingto learn a different skill-set because they had a strong Vision once your mind is madeup and you have your eyes set on the goal or on whatever you want to quit your job tomaybe spend some more time with your kids or you want to quit your job and travel onceyou have your vision and you have your why'd you have to be so specific about why you wantto do it how you want to do it and when you want to do it so you have to have a ClearVision because as you can see once you're going down that road you're going to haveobstacles you know you're going to have not so good days and that's just the life of anentrepreneur but you're going to have to realize that you're going to have to fight all rightso that's why little tips on success how to become successful have a wife have a greatmentor taking Xanax and everyd ay have a great mind said alright so I hopethat helps those were like four or five golden nuggets and get a great system get a systemthat you get up I might recommend it will be digital altitude it's a high convertingand has great products celebrity offer and you get the mentorship you get your emailmarketing going to give funnels for you and really is teaching her house so probably howto properly internet mortgage it's rewiring your brain for success and it's great fornewbies I was able to get started and I don't have a great mentor thankThank God he taught me everything I need to learn about YouTube that's how I was ableto see alot of my success it leads in sales on the consistent basis and you can too alrightso if you're interested in that a lot of My Success and get leaves in cells on the consistentbasis and you can't you are right so if you're interested in that click the link below it'sonly a dollar trial but I will also be sending you a free training anyways all you had todo was put your email address or just beginning to take its consistent action if you're lookingfor a Min so I can make sure your guys you I'll be able to if you sign underneath meI'll give you all the stuff that I use the tools that I used to run a business for meand how it works and how it's continuously working for me and how it can do the samefor you but it's the balls in your court you're going to have to take everything out therebecause obviously if you come across this video thing in your life just be honest andI'm giving you tools and guidance that you're going to need in order to see why becauseI was able to do it too Alright With that being said, I want to hear tips on how tobecome Massive Successin your life being your love life Fitness been to college or anything like that howdo you achieve your goals are right so that means I'll see you on the other side thankyou.

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Secret to Winning in Ecommerce Internet Marketing by Fortified Teams

(cheerful guitar music) – Hello, my name is Hien Quoc, and I have an important story to share.

But first, you should knowthis isn't my actual voice.

You see, I hired a voiceoverguy to better tell my story, and another professional tocreate this presentation.

I hired them to illustratethe entire point of the story I'm going to share with you.

You see, success isn't aboutyour capabilities alone.

You don't have to be goodat everything to succeed.

In fact, real success isabout having a good plan, the right system, and great teamwork.

And using some very simple principles, I'm gonna show you howI discovered the secret to greater financial freedom,to achieving success, and how you can earna living on your terms and in a way that fulfills your passions.

Now I know that soundslike a familiar pitch, but what I'm offeringisn't just a nice story, but an actual way that you can apply my hard-earned lessonsto your own success.

So stay with me for just a few minutes, and I promise, you won't be disappointed.

You see, I started off like most people.

I went to college, I worked hard.

I earned a degree in engineering, bought a house, and started a family.

It was the American dream, and I thought if I didall the right things, then I'd have both happiness and success.

Five years later though, things weren't as I thoughtthey'd be, and one morning I found myself lying inbed, staring at the ceiling, realizing that for allmy hard work and effort, all I had to show forit was a lot of bills, and a $300 savings account.

Not only wasn't I getting ahead, I was actually falling behind.

And the more hours I putin, the more taxes I paid, so it seemed that more workwasn't the answer either.

You see, at the time, my onlymotivation was to earn money.

I thought that wouldsolve all my problems.

That if I just had enough money, that I'd be happy and fulfilled.

I came to realize that just earning money though wasn't enough.

You see, I discoveredthat with every increase, and every overtime dollar earned, the government took alarger share through taxes.

So I decided to study thetax issue a bit closer.

I knew I couldn't doanything about the tax code, but over and over I read thatthe secret to lower taxes was offsetting themwith business expenses.

And the only way to have business expenses was to open my own business.

Of course like many people,I had no idea how to find, open, or even run a business.

I imagined that it requiredthings like a storefront, equipment, product, and employees.

Plus, you needed the onething I didn't have, money.

Still, I knew I had to do something to get out of the endlessdebt loop that I was in.

So I started to read everything I could on starting my own business,and discovered that online stores were alow-cost way to get started.

It seemed like something I could do, and as an engineer, I likedthe idea of the process.

So I dove in.

Setting up my first storeplayed to all my strengths.

I went out and I learned about web design, electronic shopping carts, coding my site, and the various products I could sell.

But when it came to actuallyloading products onto my site and maintaining all thestuff you had to maintain, I started to get bored.

It just felt like my dayjob, and worst of all, I wasn't making any money at it.

I decided the revenue problem was that I just didn't know enoughabout SEO and sales.

I figured the best thing Icould do was learn those things.

So I abandoned my onlinestore for the moment and went into real estate.

My timing, of course,was less than perfect, as I entered the market in 2008, right as the housing industry crashed.

Two years later theonly thing I had learned was that I didn't like wearing a suit, chasing leads, and I certainlydidn't like still being poor.

But I needed to make money, and I was still interestedin being my own boss.

So I took over my parent'sbusiness, a small donut shop.

And I failed again.

Transferring the business,getting the building up to code, purchasing new equipment, it all landed me in $20,000 worth of debt.

And although the revenue plodded along, I just didn't have a passionfor getting up early every day and grinding out aliving that was no better and no more fruitfulthan my engineering job.

The idea that internet marketing and sales could be my answer hadstayed with me, though.

It seemed there were thousandsof people being successful.

I knew I just hadn'tfigured out the formula.

So I bought an onlinetraining course for $7, which I could barely afford, and learned about websitesales and affiliate marketing.

It seemed easy enough, so I got started.

The sales did trickle in,but not enough to inspire me, and barely enough to pay any of my bills.

Worst of all, however, I was again bored with the repetitive process.

Select a product, load a product, sell it, find a new product, and repeat.

I really thought the problem was me.

That maybe I lacked thefocus to be successful.

Needing money, and determinedto work on my focus, I took a job at a bullet factory.

I signed up for the most repetitive, tedious, boring process job they had.

12 hours a day, I made bullets.

It was mind-numbing.

But I thought it would help.

It did, but not in a way I ever imagined.

You see, I hadn't givenup on my online store.

With the little time I had, I started an onlinet-shirt and hoodie store.

I didn't have the time to do the research, the design, or the product maintenance, so I outsourced that stuff to other people that I had found online,who I could afford.

And then the most amazing thing happened.

While I toiled away at the bullet factory, my sales jumped to $30,000 one month.

Somewhere along theline, after 50 designs, we had discovered theone that people loved.

I realized that the lawof averages had worked.

If you stuck with something long enough, sooner or later, you find the winner.

The question I had now was,could that success be repeated, and could it be repeatedquicker than my first attempts? And the answer? The first thing I learned was that I needed to get out of my own way.

You see, the harder I tried to do things I didn't like doing, themore I slowed my own process.

I came to understandthat instead of focusing on my weaknesses, I shouldfocus on my strength.

The second thing I learnedthat was that being successful requires the help of others.

And the third and final thing was that behind every success story is a process, a process you can learnand you can repeat.

I wanted to test that last part.

You see, I always enjoyed helping others, and I was so excited bywhat I had discovered, I wanted to know if I coulduse it to help someone else.

I got my chance when I raninto an old friend at a party.

His story was like many people, and a lot like mine.

His wife was workingon her nursing degree, and he was trying to support them, but he had no money and a ton of debt.

When he told me he was payinghis rent with credit cards, I decided I would atleast try to help him.

I explained the process I had used, from setting up my store,to outsourcing the work.

He seemed eager, almostdesperate to try anything.

So we agreed to meet at my house, where I'd walk him through my process.

Within a few weeks he had his first sale, and with a few months, hisfinancial concerns were resolved.

It was a great feeling to help him, and as I build my ownsales to over $1000 a day, I kept returning to thehappiness and fulfillment I felt helping my friend.

I realized that money wasn'tthe real key to my happiness, it seemed that way onlybecause I didn't have enough.

But once I found success,I knew that my real passion was in teaching and helping others.

Those are the things that give my life purpose and fulfillment.

But to help others, I wantedto apply the same process I had learned with online selling.

That is, I didn't wanna helpjust one person at a time.

I wanted to reach asmany people as I could.

And that's the reason I decided to create my online training course.

And that is what I'm offering you today.

I really want to helpyou reach your goals.

I want to show you allthe things I've learned, and I know better thananyone that you want, probably need, a systemthat will work this week.

Not next month, not nextyear, but right now.

And I know, just like me and my friend, you probably don't have alot of money to get started.

That's okay, because I'm offering you my three video courses for free.

With the courses you'llquickly learn how to set up your fully-functioning store, seed it with the onething needed for success, and you'll learn how touse a virtual assistant to do all the heavy lifting.

Plus, I'm gonna share with you my secret to getting your virtualassistant to happily give up 16 hours of free help.

With this one secret, youcould hire up to four virtual assistants and get your first40 hours of work for free.

And the best part, myprogram will show you how to start selling in a week.

So don't wait, and don'tretrace all the hard, pointless steps I took.

Opt in and get started towardsthe success you deserve.

The only thing you need to invest is your email and your time.

So come join me, and I'llsee you on the other side.

(cheerful music).

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How to Succeed with Online Marketing in 2017

hello my wonderful friends of the internet today we're going to talk about what trumps, sorry, everything in marketing a Lorri Ratzlaff video production really absolutely everything if you want to market your product or service or goods or program or store or anything if you want to sell stuff using on-line methods like social media and online marketing and those types of things this one thing well it's three things but it's all one thing three things into one this these three things trumps everything I hate saying that word now sorry just my own personal viewpoint what you need to do in order to truly succeed with online marketing whether that be using social media whether that be using whatever amazing things there are online for us to use to sell our products and our services those are all great but if you don't sincerely genuinely authentically show passion show enthusiasm show vulnerability of the process of the product of what the product or service does for you in your life or how it has changed the lives of your clients or customers is that level of transparency isn't obvious than I am sorry to tell you your road is a lot longer than most people see the thing is, is today's marketing, marketing in 2017 and moving forward is going to be more and more and more about telling the story about being vulnerable about showing what it's doing for you in your life or that of your client or customer it's not just a billboard anymore saying buy my stuff because it's awesome buy my stuff because I said so buy my product because just because it doesn't work like that anymore my friends of the internet is just doesn't for you to see actual results you need to put yourself out there in a way that is truly authentic truly passionate truly enthusiastic and truly vulnerable even transparent i was talking on my snap story just yesterday about a real disappointment i had it was my first speaking engagement of the year I was so excited I was so ready for I prepped for hours and hours and hours it was in this in a city over an hour away like this is a big fricking deal one person showed up needless to say I was disappointed and what really almost made it all worthwhile and you know and it wasn't a complete write-off there was a couple of good things that came out of the evening but yeah it was disappointing 10 people would have been great a hundred would have been fantastic but one anyway when I went to check on my snapchat and there was a ton of direct messages in there one of them said and I quote I'm going to read it for you he said or she said I actually don't know if this person is a he or a she this person said howard schultz starbucks owner was turned down 242 times before someone invested i love that you document when things don't go as expected this is important for people to see keep moving forward that message all by itself was worth everything was worth all the effort did I make a sale no did I impact that one person i may have as of the moment of making this video I don't know but I impacted my snapchat family I impacted my Instagram live family and now hopefully I'm impacting my youtube family and those that are seeing it on facebook so my message today though is over and above everything if you want to market successfully be passionate enthusiastic and vulnerable you cannot go wrong with that and of course i'm here to tell you how super passionate I am about my Gen X Social program if you have not yet checked it out please do so click on the link that i have down there in the description and i also have something up here in the cards for you this is a specially created social media training program for the gen Xer the baby boomer that 50-plus crowd that needs just a little bit of added help for their social media whether it be for personal use or business use it really doesn't matter there's great information in this program for both of those usage levels if that's a word anyways thank you again so much my wonderful friends of the internet you could be spending your time anywhere you're spending it here with me today and I'm super super grateful if you haven't yet subscribed to my channel please go ahead and click on there's going to be a button here any second now and that's what i have for you today so until my next video i want to wish for you a wonderful day.

Source: Youtube