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How can social media and PR work together? Christer Holloman, digital marketing expert, discusses

How does PR and social media worktogether? In other words, how does it both overlap and how is it different? Yeah, I think the PR industry,sort of, doesn't really know what to do with social media.

Traditionally, social media has been owned by the marketing department and because it's a conversation with consumers,PR agencies say that they should be involved because in the same way theyhelp you get covered on national newspapers, we can help you getcoverage or get your message amplified through social channels.

So that's sort of the pitch the PRcompanies did in beginning, especially.

That this is just another channel of PR.

And then you had specialized socialmedia agencies popping up, which was sort of challenging PR companies, sayingyou're working with a PR company that's good at getting you coverage in a nationalprinted newspaper, or in a national TV station, or something, but they are not digital natives,they don't get this new media, they don't understand that operates in this space or exists in thisspace, you should therefore trust us.

So, because social media was considered to be a side, or a separated isolated type of activity, it was quite easy for marketing people to say you know what we're going to hire this social media agency to do our PR in social media channels.

So the challenge that PR companies now have been facing for a while is that how did they create a credible socialmedia proposition within the PR context, because they still argue thatthey are the best people suited to manage a conversation with the audience.

This is what they've been doing for decades, that's what they will continuedoing, and social media is just a new flavour I suppose.

So some agencies have decided to acquire an existing digital businesses, a digital agency, a PR agency.

Some companies have decided to take a couple of their employees and put them in a separate part of the office and call that the social media task force, or whatever, the kind ofknowledge expert hub or something.

And others have kind of giventhem a brand name, try to launch them as a separate business, still within the within the PR company's walls.

I think that's the challenge, how does a traditional PR company convince yourcustomers that you're suitable to communicate with this new audience or over these new channels, and how do you as a PR company decide,do you buy another existing social media PR company, do you create something internally, do you keep your brand or do you give it a brand new identity to kind of separate out and make it clear in the mind's of the customers that this is actually a separate part ofour company and they have a special skill set and therefore you can trust them, you don't have to go to this external company.

So I think that's the main challenges.

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Can businesses optimise their digital marketing with social media? Christer Holloman discusses

It's clear that when I've seen and spoke to companies there are, often they work in silos you know you've got marketing here and you've got PR, there you've got financeand then you've got production and so on, what are your thoughts on how that'sgoing to change? How companies should now integrate all these functions in termsof social media activity? What sort of things, what sort of steps should companies take in changing the way they work? So kindof going back a little bit to your previous question you know what other problemsare PR companies facing? Yeah, they've been managing conversations for the company for a long time but social media is not just aboutmanaging conversation, social media is a way of interacting with our staff, ofinteracting with our clients our suppliers, it's a way of empowering ourconsumers, it's about reviews, it's about communities, it's aboutthe processes you talk about and realistically can a PR company doall of that? Can we outsource a component to onecompany, or do we need to as a business recognizethat social media is just something that needs to go across the business.

And, yeah how do you address that? I think looking from a company point-of-view anyways.

I mean lot of my clients, a lot of thepeople that I work with are marketing people and I, you know, speak at marketing conferences, et cetera, and what tell them is that although social media has traditionally beenowned by marketing that can't remain to be the casegoing forward, you as a marketing person needs toempower the rest of your business to get behind this.

So rather than tryingto think of it as losing power or losing that ownership think of it as empowering yourbusiness and being a thought leader and being the ambassador and an enabler of social media as opposedto someone guarding or trying to protect your interest.

So, for example, initiating somesort of Centre for Excellence or some sort ofwork group that pulls in not just marketing resources headed up by yourself, but also peoplethat represent customer service, people that represent product development, or HR even, youknow how can HR leverage social media? And help them to understand about bestpractices in different verticals and show them how you've been using Twitter so they can see how they can replicate that for their objectives within theirbusiness areas.

So back to your question social media definitely needs to filterthrough the entire organization, marketing has a good chance to bethe people kinda advocating that, orenabling that, and then again, how does, what relevancedoes a PR company have in that big scheme? I'm not so sure, I think PR isgood for managing maybe customer relationships but I don'tthink they can own and successfully manage that whole integrated, holistic view, of social media that like to see companies embracing going forward so.

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Online Reputation Management And Marketing

online reputation management do you google yourself or your businessand don't like what you see in most cases you just shrug it off you don't have time to deal withnegative reviews right well guess what your prospect customers and clientswon't be as forgiving did you know that according to research amassive eighty percent of consumers can changetheir purchasing decisions after reading a negative review onlineeighty percent that means that if there's one bad reviewabout you out there online and if people saw it then 8 out of 10interested buyers would change their mind about your product or service how do we know people actually readcustomer reviews research shows that online consumerreviews are the second most trusted former advertising after word of mouth recommendations 78 percent ofinternet users trust online reviews if you're a doctor lawyer, plumber or anyone who'soffering professional services then at least 44 percent of adults who havesought your services have also already searched for more information about you on-line and consumers aren't just readingand believing reviews they're also writing in fact fiftypercent of all internet users age 18 and above have left a reviewonline it's not just negative reviews that can harm your online reputation negative articles blog post comments onFacebook tweets, as long as they appear onsearch results they can ruin everything you've workedhard for so think about it people are searchingfor you and your business online and the moment they see negativereviews or content amount you they'll runaway so how much revenue areyou actually flushing down the drain just becauseyou've been ignoring that bad review by a single disgruntled customer you needto deal with your online reputation today ORM or online reputationmanagement or reputation marketing means conducting efforts to ensure the desired positiveresults in the search push down negative ones it meanscountering weakening or eliminating the negativematerial found on the internet defeating it with more positivematerial in order to improve your credibility andcustomers trust in you how do we do it after our initialconsultation with you will proceed to research first about youand your current reputation online and then about yourcompetition we will conduct an in-depth web reputation analysis foryou to know where you currently stand interms of your online reputation managment and marketing will carry out keyword research for youto know exactly what term their prospects used when searchingfor you or your business online will then start publishing yourgenuine positive consumer reviews on the mostrelevant review sites based on location and niche will also optimize your socialmedia accounts especially Facebook and Twitter so you'reofficial accounts become more visible than fakeaccounts or negative reviews that are out to ruin your online reputation online willset up your social accounts if you don't have them yet we willparticipate relevant Facebook discussions and post regular tweets on your behalf to increase yourfollowing we will write and publish optimize press releases articles and blogposts about you and your business we can even set up external blog sitesto host your content plus form commenting social bookmarking and ahand full of other miscellaneous services that allaim to improve how prospects see you online of course everything comes with reports say you'llsee exactly how much progress our campaigns are gaining in managing your online reputation so do prospects pick up the phone to bookyour service after learning about your business online or do they moved to search for anotherroofer plumber doctor or lawyer because they foundnegative reviews about you and your business on the internet don't let negative material about yourbusiness takeover search results and affect you sales call us now for your free in-depth consultation to see how we canhelp your online reputation management and on line reputation management and marketing.

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Impossible Marketing SEO Course Review By Kai Cheong

I administered some of the techniques we learnt in class.

About 6 to 8 weeks later, our website used to be just a placeholder page that doesn't rank anywhere on Google.

After 6 to 8 weeks, with the just very simple basic tips, even though our website is still a placeholder page, a simple one, we jumped up for our targeted keywords to page 1.

Of all the 3 keywords, 1 was quite permanent in page 1, the other 2 keywords are hovering about page 2 page 3.

So that was a really obvious sign that whatever we learnt in class was applicable and it was quite interesting because it came after 1 of the major Google updates.

Obviously whatever we learnt in class was progressive and was forward looking and it could be applied anytime that there are new updates coming in.

At the same time, we also experience increased business leads through our website so it's very obvious that putting us on first page does do good things to our business.

Definitely the course is worth coming for because it teaches you skills that are applicable and effective.

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Impossible Marketing SEO Course Review By Randy

Hi everybody, my name is Randy.

I'm actually a student of Alan Koh, Impossible Marketing.

Today I want to share with you a testimonial that I feel like sharing with the world.

It's how effective his course has been First and foremost, why I attended the course was really because I'm a web designer.

My company does web designing for many companies.

So what happen is I'm trying to help this client of ours to actually grow.

Before that, our own webpage did not actually have very good ranking.

So after attending the course, I find it really enriching and I learnt a lot of things.

Which in turn I sent my developers over to attend the course.

We went through a rigorous 2 months of applying the knowledge of what he has taught us.

With the thought that "Hey, let's do our best to get some ranking".

Surprisingly, after 2 months of really intensive hard work, we manage to get our ranking on Google 1st page.

And that to me is really a surprise, we didn't actually expect to get our 1st page ranking.

This only goes to show that Alan has done really really well in terms of what he has taught us.

For those fellow people out there who is very interested in Online Marketing, you have businesses that you feel that you want to get good ranking for a particular keywords that you are focusing on, I strongly encourage you guys to come over and attend the course.

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SEO and Digital Marketing Quotes

SEO and Digital Marketing Quotes search engine marketing and searchengine optimization are critically important to online businesses you canspend every penny move on a website but it will all be for nothing if nobodyknows your site is there them say Google is gone others sayGoogle is taking AP Google is too powerful remember that with search engines unlikeother companies politics the single click to go to another search engine everything I ever wanted to know I justasked a search engine and there's the end there at the least I can do for myclient list share what I've learned good website and optimizing forconversion usually makes for good search engine optimization Leesburg together toensure you drive holiday traffic and conversely that traffic to help you meetyour business goals Google actually lies under users to helpwith our marketing we have a very high percentage of our users who often tellothers about her search engine content build relationshipsrelationships are built on trust trust drive revenue SEO is a marketing function for sure butit needs to be baked into a product not slept on my guy saying after the cake ispain it's hard to find things that won't sellonline online advertising works althoughatlantis especially on search engines like Google and Yahoo they achieve muchhigher revenues online and the websites of publishing kentucky's advertising is very simple in a lot ofways advertisers go where the users go and uses are choosing to spend a lotmore time online marketers need to build digitalrelationships and reputation before closing a sale marketing is no longer about the stuffthat you make but about the stories you tell intend to hire social media of gasoline word of mouth marketing has always beenimportant today it's more important than everbecause of the power of the Internet only love scene when everyone else leftthe first.

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SEO Tips | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

In the past, people used to find tricksand detours to make Google search engine think that they should beranked at the top of the page.

But the algorithm justbecame smarter than us, and it understands whenpeople try to do evil.

Tricks like writing your top key wordsin white in the background of your page just don't work anymore, but nice try.

That being said there are still thingsthat you can do to help your SEO.

Your best choice is to makesure your website is relevant to the key words thatyou're trying to promote.

If your keyword is pet sitting youreally want to make sure that people that are searching for pet sittingwill find your website useful and will want to spend moretime on your website.

That being said, words matter.

The search algorithm searchesevery single word on the web, including every word on your page sothe words you put on the page matter.

However, don't just packyour site with search terms.

Because the algorithm is going tobe able to tell if they're actually relevant to your site or not.

And if it's actually useful tothe person doing the searching.

So if it's not, the algorithm isgoing to end up working against you.

You're going to want to make surethat you refresh your content so it's always up to date andstaying alive.

If you have quality, growing contenton your site and growing links to your site, the better the search enginealgorithm is going to rate you.

On that note,what other people say matters.

It's even better when other people saythe great things about your website that you would like to say yourself.

For example, if on the first page ofTechCrunch they say that Abarkment is the best pet sitting app, with a linkto our site, that makes us look really good, because they'revalidating that, well, we're awesome.

So this will help our SEO.

However, don't forget thatthe algorithm is smart.

If you try to just buylinks to your site.

That aren't actually relevant,the search engine is going to know.

The more trustworthy your site is,the higher the algorithm rates you.

The title of your page orthe meta data on your page also matter.

Now, this isn't visible to users,it's actually hidden in your code base.

But it matters because it'sused as a suggestion for the title in the Google search results.

This is where you're going to want todescribe your business in an informative and concise phrase.

This is also true for your domain name.

It needs to be easy to read andeasy to understand.

And finally,don't leave your images hanging.

People often forget tooptimize their images.

You're going to want to give your imagesa short, descriptive file name, and in the alt attribute,describe what the image is.

And don't forget to add a caption foreach image.

Your caption should alsocontain your keywords.

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How to be Successful with SEO | Launch | App Marketing | Udacity

So how to be successful with SCO.

The first thing that we need to rememberis first of all not to overdo it and not to underestimate it.

Back in the day you could makea lot of money with SCO just by exchanging links and optimizing forspecific keywords on your website.

That was amazing.

That was the gold rush of SCO.

But that's not happening anymore.

A lot of websitesare getting slapped and a lot of people who made a lot of moneyare not making that money anymore.

And they don't havea choice because what was working back thenis not working anymore.

And the best thing that youshould remember with about SCO is that it's the most the relevancyof your offering to the audience.

And when peopleare using search engines, they are basically asking questions.

So if you'll think about it,if you're typing into the search engine, cheap clothes New York.

We're basically asking a question,right? Where can I find cheapclothes in New York? Or what kind of cheap clothescan I find in New York? And so on and so forth.

So you want your websiteto be ranked in the top.

So you want to create some kindof answers to those questions.

So if we are thinking also aboutwhat kind of content to create, so we need to entertain,or we need to educate.

We need also to answer questions.

One of the most important things is how to know which keywordwe should invest on.

There are so many keywords.

People are arriving to our site using50,000 different kinds of keywords.

Some of them are even titles.

So they were branded, that they wereusing our name, some of them were not.

How can we know what to use? So there's a lot of ways, similarly isone of them that you can search for the keywords that are leadingusers to your competitors, the keywords that are leading usersto the websites on mobile apps that you think are similar to yours.

And you can start andfinding those keywords, creating the list, and then you knowwhat kind of content to create and what kind of questionsyou want to answer on.

You want really to avoid nasty tricks,black header CO.

This can be very gratifyingin the beginning.

You can get a lot of users, butyou'll eventually get slapped.

It happened in the past,it will happen in the future.

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Digital Marketing Tips for SEO, Social Media and Businesses on the Central Coast.

Welcome, Daniel Warren [00:00:15] here.

Our firm's digital marketing and search engineoptimisation has led you here to this video.

There could be many reasons why you've landedhere looking for search engine optimisation.

It could be that you [00:00:30] just knowthat your website needs to have a better ranking on Google to create organic traffic.

Maybe your website needs to be producing morerevenue, or you're looking to attract a better client, or maybe just more leverage in your[00:00:45] market.

We're going to show you how we've been ableto change dozens of businesses' online presence with the rinse-and-repeat process that hasmade us revenue generating experts online.

Here's what a few of our clients [00:01:00]are saying about us.

From small business owners to CEOs, from momand dad shops to major companies, we're continuing to leave a trail of success wherever we go.

[00:01:15] Find out what we can do for yourbusiness right after this.

Hiring a firm to do search engine optimisationfor your website is one of the smartest decisions you've looked into doing.

But it can also be one of the most difficultin finding the right [00:01:30] one to hire.

Having your website ranked high enough togenerate organic traffic is 75% of the problem solved.

But the real magic comes in that last 25%.

More website traffic in many cases [00:01:45]doesn't equal more revenue if you're lacking these missing parts.

These moving parts are what allow every websiteto flourish online and almost all of them are overlooked.

You do know it comes down to, does your websitehave an inviting page [00:02:00] structure? Or does it have a great written sales copy? Or are there problems going on offline withyour sales conversion or under-trained staff? Or a lack of great offline sales script? [00:02:15] Over the last five years, we've been verysuccessful spotting all the weak spots in dozens of businesses and strengthening themto ensure that all these parts are working together fluidly to ensure maximum revenue.

[00:02:30] We've never been just a searchengine optimisation firm.

We've become more of a search engine marketingfirm.

I'd like to give you a short list of thingsthat you really need to look at before you consider hiring anyone [00:02:45] to do searchengine optimisation for your website because search engine optimisation is worthless ifit is not producing new revenue or getting you a return on your investment.

So here it is, the SEO's [00:03:00] buyer'sguide.

Number one on the list: look out for cookiecutter search engine optimisation firms.

That's any company using blanket prices and-orvery low prices, [00:03:15] say $499 or $599 a month.

They just don't understand business at all.

You know, there are no two businesses alikeand each business has its own set of financial goals that they're likely to achieve.

A local business trying to capture [00:03:30]a local metropolitan market would never be charged as much as a national company goingafter a global market.

Stop and think about it.

There's absolutely no way you could possiblybelieve that someone could earn your business an extra $20k [00:03:45] or a million dollarsa month in revenue by charging you $125 a week.

That's actually less than what a part-timeemployee at McDonald's would earn.

Number two: make sure [00:04:00] they havehad success in ranking difficult revenue-producing keywords.

In the area you're living, it is very difficultto tell who the best barber is or the best financial adviser or even the best insuranceagent because everyone has their own [00:04:15] opinion.

But the greatest part about search engineoptimisation is Google actually tells us who are the best firms in your particular area.

If you'll notice examples I have up, all youneed to do is type in [00:04:30] your city and the word SEO behind it.

I'm using Perth as the example but if youlive in Sydney, then you would type in Sydney SEO.

I think you have the point.

Every search engine optimisation company fightstooth and nail [00:04:45] to make sure they are on this particular page to show everybodythat they're the best at what they do.

The very second thing that you're going towant to look at is multiple listings.

The top ten in your area.

We want [00:05:00] to make sure that they'renot one-hit wonders.

And if you'll notice in one of the citiesthat we service, which is Perth, we have multiple upon multiple listings on page one.

You'll have to ask yourself, if they're losingthe battle [00:05:15] this bad in their own area, what makes you think that they're goingto get in the trenches and win one for you? Multiple listings on page one for any metropolitanarea solidifies that a company knows search engine optimisation [00:05:30] and can fightfor very difficult revenue-producing keywords and they can dominate your competition.

On to number three.

Just because somebody works around a computerdoesn't mean they know search engine [00:05:45] optimisation.

Don't make the mistake thinking that a webdesigner or somebody that's in information technology or anyone that works on computersor software knows anything about search engine optimisation.

I've worked with many [00:06:00] differentCEOs and business owners and I've tried to explain to them exactly the formula of whatthey need to do to get their website turned around.

They always want to take it back to the webdevelopment team or their IT.

What they want [00:06:15] is to keep theirjob security and they don't want to let you know that they have no clue how to get itdone.

If they did, your website would already beproducing revenue and already be ranking very high in the organic traffic that you [00:06:30]desire.

Web designing is a great talent but a prettylooking website is not going to bring you traffic or revenue.

Web designers are no more then architects.

Just because somebody builds a hospital doesn'tnecessarily mean [00:06:45] it's the same person you want doing surgery on the patients.

Trust me.

When I've been doing extremely well, the otheris ridiculous to even suggest.

Almost all web design today has come downto push button installation.

[00:07:00] So ask yourself, does that qualifythem as being revenue-generating experts? On to number four.

Make sure that the search engine optimisationor digital marketing or business consulting [00:07:15] is their full-time profession.

There's absolutely no regulation on who cando work on your website or your business and many of these people have full-time professionsor they're just trying to supplement their income.

[00:07:30] Either they have bought some $49course in a box that thinks it makes them an expert or they've read one too many Fortune500 or Success magazine articles.

For anyone that has the ability to turn awebsite around can help make [00:07:45] them another 10k or 50k in a month.

This is a very lucrative business and definitelyone that isn't going to be done part-time.

Last but not least, number five.

Make sure that none of the work [00:08:00]done on your website is outsourced to a third party.

Make sure that an actual employee of the companyis going to be doing the SEO on your website.

Fifty-four percent of all search engine optimisationfirms outsource [00:08:15] the work to third parties.

I know this because I'm on Skype with abouta dozen search engine optimisation firms around the world that pass along their most difficultcases to me.

I charge them the exact same amount of moneythat I would charge [00:08:30] a normal client.

They then double the price and pass that alongto the customer.

It's always good to know who's doing workon your website.

That about wraps it up.

We hope that you were able to benefit fromus going through the [00:08:45] most important steps in hiring someone to do search engineoptimisation on your website.

If you'd like to find out more about our simple,efficient, but brutally effective search engine optimisation marketing formula to transformbusinesses, [00:09:00] first you'll need to fill out an application on our Discovery page.

Don't worry, it's simple and unobtrusive.

We just want to know what you're selling andget an idea of what you want to accomplish and so forth.

[00:09:15] We'll then painstakingly reviewyour goals, your office, and so forth and we'll deliver a custom plan to grow your revenuesbased on the exact same process that is generating millions for our clients right now.

Your initial phone call [00:09:30] will bebetween 25 and 30 minutes.

And don't worry.

Our call is not going to be outsourced toa sales force somewhere.

There is only one person in my entire organizationthat is qualified to help you with this initial phone call [00:09:45] and that is myself.

During this phone call, you won't be pressured,hassled, or asked for your first born.

It's not going to be any bait and switch whereyou're going to be stuck trying to ward off some aggressive salesperson who'll never leaveyou [00:10:00] alone.

But we do need to know exactly where yourbusiness is now and where you want to take it to in the future.

Depending on the level of involvement youwish to engage our services under, we may need to arrange another call with you [00:10:15]to speak with our marketing manager.

We are then going to map out taking your businessto page one of Google, where we are going to generate traffic and revenue for you.

As you would have guessed, this opportunityis extremely [00:10:30] limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed to provideyou with maximum results.

Therefore it's physically impossible for usto work with more then a handful of people at any given time.

You should also realize that [00:10:45] thereis a very large demand for personal, do-it-for-me help from our company and what we are offeringto you is unprecedented.

With that said, the window of opportunitywon't be open for very long.

If you [00:11:00] feel like this is rightfor you and you would like to see your business flourish online and have a dramatic change,then click on the button below, leave your application on our Discovery page, and let'stalk.

I look forward to talking to you on the otherside.

[00:11:15] This is Daniel Warren and I'lltalk to you soon.

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