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Rapid Fire #2: Black Hat SEO Examples; Unheard of Google Ranking Factors

Bala : Welcome to another great episode ofthis rapid fire round that we are doing with Sameer Panjwani, the CEO and founder of Mondovo.

Welcome back Sameer and we have some morequestions for you where, of course, you know the rules of the game.

Sameer : Yes I do.

Bala : Quick, fast and precise.

Sameer : Always short and sweet.

Bala: Fantastic, alright so are you readyfor the rapid fire? Sameer : Shoot away.

Bala : Fantastic what kind of SEO Practitionerare you – black, white, grey? Sameer : I believe, if we say black hat bordersof the illegal aspects, then I will say I am a grey hat.

Bala : Ok, alright then why don’t give usan example of grey hat tactic? Sameer: Hmm… Ok, that’s a good one but I’m supposedto make this quick.

I don’t think buying links is illegal andI think that it’s perfectly valid so I would say my links is kind of grey hat but I knowit works.

Bala : Interesting then why don’t you giveus an example about black hat tactics also? Sameer : Hmm….

Now as I said, I think black hat means totallyillegal out there so I know, I have seen a few people who have actually hacked someones’site, put a link out there, I mean created a new page on their site got parasite hostingand a link from an existing page which is ranking well to that page.

So ya its that hard.

Bala : That’s hard core black hat I agreewith that.

Ok, so another question is do you think Googleshould display the Page Ranks again? Sameer : It’s a hard question.

When it was there, I think its, I would loveto have Page Rank back may be I know they are not going to show it again but I wouldlove to have Page Rank back from on a scale of 0 to 100 and they would actually revealthe score in decimal formats of 95.

8 versus a site which is 73 point something so I wouldactually know.

But I know, they are not going to and whenit was there it just built that whole atmosphere of buying links based on Page Rank so I amnot sure if it’s good thing to bring back but there are replacements metric like DomainAuthority out there.

So, I’d love to have it back why not moredata the better I would say because data is a marketers’ dream on SEO guys think.

Bala : Absolutely I remember, you know, attimes when Page Rank was the metric for everyone.

Sameer : Totally.

When I started off, Page Rank was the onlymetric we looked at.

So, yes.

Bala : Ok.

So, ok now here is it what is important likebacklink or content? Sameer : Hmm.

Without content, you can’t build that manybacklinks and without backlinks you can’t really survive.

No you can, I would say because of contentmarketing these days you might not even need backlinks.

I think content is a more solid foundationbecause you have social now a days to support you.

Backlinks is one way to rank on Google andBing, content first, backlink second.

Bala : True.

Like, if you have real good content obviouslypeople would start first.

Sameer : There are many ways to promote yourcontent, backlink is just one tactic of improving your rankings.

Bala : Alright ok so is there any rankingfactor google considers and many people don’t talk about? Sameer: Hmm.

Ok this is just one theory, I have been havingover the last few days.

So, everyone knows that links are super importantand Google measures them on quality of the site to getting the links from relevance butI’ve just been hypothesizing in my head that I think Google has, they collect a lotof data from Chrome, Google Analytics and I think, they collect lot of click streamdata as well so if you are getting a link from a site and how many people are actuallyclicking on that link to your site so the traffic that you get from a link to your sitecould potentially be a factor.

Because I think I am suspecting that if Googlehas to really truly determine the quality of a link, if people are not clicking enoughfrom that link then may be that link is not as worthy as it should be or not as relevantas I think.

The true measurement of how high quality orhighly relevant link is would be based on how many people actually click on that linkso now that is just a hypothesis, they never talked about it or at least not that I knowof so purely theoretical but ya my thinking.

Bala : This is interesting.

I just want to add one more thing like youknow if I have to kind of work upon that particular tactic, what I should be doing? Sameer : If you want to take advantage ofthat of course you could possibly try to simulate clicks based on links that you already havebut this is purely theoretical so I am not sure if it works but ya of course the bestway is to get links for the purpose of traffic and actually those links may not be somethingyou can get why would require actually and that’s what Hoogle will like us to say.

Bala : Fantastic, alright so what is thatone skill the marketer must have? Sameer : I think creativity over anythingelse Bala : Creativity.

What I thought, even you will be talking aboutpsychology, because behavioral psychology is the most important thing for a marketer,don’t you think? Sameer : Of course understanding buyer psyche,what goes through a buyer’s mind, I think is necessary but now there is let’s saya marketer job is to stand out from the crowd so as much as you can understand your buyerif you don’t know how to stand out from the crowd, I think you need creativity forthat because there are many people out there you may think they are marketers but if youcannot help your brand stand out from the crowd for that you need to be creative asmuch as you understand and if you are a boring marketer, I am not sure you will be that successful.

Bala : Perfect OK this is little bit personalto you what is that one skill, you think, you need to improve upon? Sameer : In the digital marketing space, definitelyI am low on IQ on social media.

It’s not a space that I have covered thatwell and I have been so much into SEO that I have ignored that aspect, that’s an areathat I really need improving on so but ya we are working on it.

I know we are experimenting with podcast videos,Facebook and everything out there so its a learning process and I think, its an experimentbut work in progress.

Bala : Tell me about irony and you have youknow one of the best Facebook analytics and Twitter analytics in your software.

Sameer : Ironic I know but yes.

Bala : Alright, Fantastic thank you very muchSameer.

That was a great set of rounds.

We are gonna come back again with even moreinteresting questions.

In fact, we have a business round and we willbe talking to you about business.

Sameer : Looking forward to that.

Thank You.

Bala : Fantastic, Thank you very much guyscome back again look for this space and we have many more interesting questions comingup like this.

See you soon again.

Good Bye.

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Internet Marketing Tips – One of Three People

Hey guys Aces here from NetPlayMarketing.

Com and today I want to ask you.

Are you one of three people? welcome back guys so in today's video I want to talk toyou guys about the three types of people that really exists in life Regardless whether you're this isin business whether it's in personal life whether it's you know on your owntype of goals whatever it is I believe that the way you do anything is the wayyou do everything and so from my experience in thebusiness world when I was working my corporate job as an entrepreneur now it's really becoming more apparentbut I have kind of categorized and seen that there's really three types of people thatthat really do exist and it's basically these three people: oneis people who go out there and make things happen the second group of people are the peoplewho are kind of waiting for things to happen to them or for them and the third group is peoplewho don't really know what's happening.

People that are going to justlost to the world and so and it's funny because sometimes depending on whereyou're at, I find most of people kind of are covered in that second group.

They're cover around that group of those who have goals theyhave aspirations maybe they want to accomplish but there's something that'sholding them back something that's preventing them from getting after it.

And so the other two spectrums ofpeople you've probably seen, people who are in the third group who arelost to the world people who yes live paycheck to paycheck they'recontent with just being mediocre they are ok with justbeing able to survive they don't have many aspirations and are justok with life being where they're at and they expect that from life and sothey don't you know really aspire or push themselves to accomplish moreand then on the opposite of spectrum there's those Go-Getters, people who a lotof us admire and respect and probably post on our walls with motivationalquotes from them or inspirational videos from them.

Youknow, like the Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, the Elon Musk's.

All thosesuccessful entrepreneurs and CEOs and all these people.

So my question to you really iswhat's stopping you from being that next Steve Jobs the next, the next Bill Gates, the next Elon Musk.

What stopping you from getting there? That's really the question that kindof keeps a lot of the people in that second group.

What is it that's stopping youwhat is it that is preventing you from getting going and I believe that I'vekind of fallen victim to those first two groups were when I was astudent I thought that I thought I had things planned out I wasgoing to go to school, I was going to graduate and then I would find a good job and thenbuild a career and then retire and live happily ever after.

That fairy tale we've all been told That's when Iwas kind of that third category when I was just floating around not really with much direction.

I had someaspirations of what I wanted to accomplish but I thought it was kind ofjust going to happen.

But then once I graduated and realityfinally hit me in the face I found myself kind of that secondcategory where you know I built a career for myself I was doing ok and by most people's means I wasdoing well.

I had gotten to a point where I built myself into a career I was earning more money thananybody in my family had ever really earned so I was doing pretty well youknow, but I wasn't satisfied with that I knew that I was capable ofmore.

I wanted more from life and so I I left that all behind and I quit my jobso that I could pursue for myself, my dream of being an entrepreneurbuilding something for myself and I'm not going to sit here and tellyou that everything was sunshine and rainbows since then because itdefinitely wasn't it.

I fell flat on my face I wentbroke I and to had to build myself right back up but i'm going to tell you this.

That a lot of us that are in that second category are scared of what can happen we make thingsWAY worse in our minds than they ever really do happen I'm talking as somebody whobasically hit rock bottom in their business and with their aspirations andI was able to build myself up relatively quickly and and now I'm seeing better results than I have everseen in my business before and I can attribute that to my experiencebecause I went out there and I tried things out and I gained experienceof what things don't work and then I was able to adjust and now makethings work and that's the biggest thing that you can really get from getting out there and just finally going after it and doing it and if watch any successfulstory if you go listen to the stories of some of these hugeentrepreneurs and successful people that went out there and got it got what theywere after.

You know the Steve Jobs, the Bill Gates, the Elon Musk's you're going to hear stories of themhow they failed more than of how they were successful All people know about them nowis the success but if you really pay attention to their story I can guaranteeyou you're going to hear stories of their faiuresstories of the struggles that they had and the adversity that they had toovercome for them to be able to get to the level of success they are at now and if you really want more out oflife, you want more than where you're at right now guys, you need tobecome and go get into that first group.

You need to be that Go-Getter You need to make that mindset shift thatyou need to go out there and get what you want because what I find more common thananything in that second group what's holding you back guys, isexcuses.

Excuses of how life isn't fair orexcuses of why you can't accomplish success and really all those excuses arejust.

there's no ownership in them.

Those excuses are usually just full of thingsthat prevent you from taking ownership of where you're at in life.

Everysuccessful person will tell you you know and be proud of what they'veaccomplished in life because they'll tell you that they were self made.

They'll tell you about to struggle they'll tell you about everything they had to doto get to where they're at but a person that second group, eventhough they're self-made as well, they won't admit to it.

They will useexcuses as to why they've only achieved so much in life and why they haven'tactually gone out there and achieved what they truly want out of life.

So, if there's one message that I really wantto hammer home to you guys today is that if you want more out of life than go outand get it.

You have to move from that from that group of people waiting for thingsto happen to moving forward into that group of people that you have to go outand make things happen.

That's the way you're going to be ableto achieve success.

Sure you might fall on your teeth sometimes sure youmight fail but that's okay it's only temporary defeat, right?You're not going to fail permanently unless you let that failure be permanentbecause there's always an experience there's always a learning lesson that you can take from any of those temporary failures then you flip around andthen you move forward to go ahead even harder.

When you do that That's when you're going to successThat's when you're going to see the results that you want and that's when youare going to achieve your goals.

Alright guys, so I hope you really got valuefrom this video I know I went on a little bit long but I really wanted toshare that with you guys today and if you're liking these videos make surethat you comment on them, let me know what you're thinking about them, share them if you're liking them and until next time some guys let's get out thereand have some fun.

You can get more online marketing and training tips at NetPlayMarketing.

Com and while you're there make sure to request access to the NetPlay Marketing Facebook Mastermind group where you will be able to connect andnetwork with other like-minded entrepreneurs find out what's workingonline right now and get any of your questions answered on how to best growyour business.

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Blogging: one of the best Internet marketing methods that won’t cost you a cent!

Blogging: the act of writing in one's weblog.

To blog something is to write about somethingin one's weblog.

This usually involves linking to somethingthe author finds interesting on the internet.

A weblog is a public web site where userspost informal journals of their thoughts, comments, and philosophies.

So basically, a blog is an online journal.

A blog could be set up to no cost at all,and can be used for just for the fun of it or for business reasons.

Blogging itself isn�t new at all, it�spopulary is.

Thousands of teenagers all around the worldsee blogging as an outlet for their emotions, their opinions and interests.

Smart marketers however, have discovered thatblogging is one of the best Internet marketing methods that won't cost you a cent.

Blogging for your Internet business is onesurefire way to boost the visibility of your products and services.

Find some tips to boost your internet advertisingwith the help of a blog below: * Keep your customers informed about changesto your website.

Important updates, like your new productsand affiliate sites, could also be announced through your blog * Use your blog as an archive: keep trackof your business objectives and plans through open writing.

What could be better than searchable informationthat could be easily accessed by anyone browsing the web, right? * Write reviews, give your opinion or adviceon on specific services or products that are related to your business.

* Be sure to include links that will fetchback links and subsequently improve your ranking on search engines.

Affiliate links in the form of advertisementbanners could also be included in your blog to earn more extra income.

* Add fresh and quality content to your weblogon a regular basis: search engines like fresh content.

*Post quality content articles to your blog.

Allow your visitors to reprint those articleson condition that the author by-lines remain unchanged, and the link url�s are left intact.

This way, links to your website will spreadaround the net.

* Encourage your visitors to leave commentsand feedback.

It�s the best way to learn and improve yourproducts/services.

* Exchange links with other bloggers.

In fact, when it comes to blogging, the skyis the limit.

Once you�re comfortable using a weblog,it�s up to you to get creative.

Add sound, video, eBooks, pictures, advertisements,.

and give your website the boost it deserves!.

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