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SEO for Business – Are You Losing Out?

Hey whats going on this is Craig.

And I just wanted to talk real quick todayabout one of the things that I get asked most often when talking to business owners andthat is "why do I actually need SEO or any different kind of marketing for my business?" You know the fact of the matter is that manypeople don't really understand what SEO is let alone the benefits of it.

But if you are not employing any kind of SEOstrategy into your marketing you're literally throwing money away.

The fact of the matter is the way that youmarket your business is iterally going to decide whether your business flourishes andis one of the ones that makes it or is one of the many many businesses that dies everyyear.

See gone are the days when you can put yourad in a phone book.

I mean, who uses phone books anymore? This is waht we use.

We use these guys.

Everything is digital now.

You can't.

Phone books don't matter.

You know, a billboard, that's great, you canhave your face plastered on a billboard but how do you know that the people that are actuallylooking for your services are actually going to see that billboard? You don't.

You're just playing a numbers game there.

Same thing with TV advertising.

Or radion ads.

TV especially, I mean, who watches the commercialsanymore? We all DVR our shows or watch Netflix or Huluor, ya know, something like that, Amazon Prime.

And so we don't have to watch these commercials.

So you're spending money on all these TV adsthat people are just, ya know, fast-forwarding through and not watching.

So ya know, the way that you market your businessis changing.

And if you're not changing with the technology,then you're gonna fall by the wayside.

So technology is evolving at a rapid pace,right? And so is advertising.

You can't rely on those things that we justtalked about.

They're just not working as well as they usedto be.

But that doesn't mean that the consumers stillaren't looking for you.

But where are they looking for you, right? Where are they going to be able to find yourbusiness? Well the one place that they look is on theirphone, on the computer, it's all digital now, right? So what do I mean by that? When people actually search for a productor service they search on the internet.

So if you can put your business right in frontof the people while they're searching for what you offer, that's like a no-brainer,right? That's like having people.

Guaranteed peopleare driving by your billboard that are looking for your services, right? So then, ya know, I get a lot of businessowners saying "well people don't really search for me.

" Well how do you know that? There are literally hundreds of searches performedevery single month for local businesses.

Ya know, if you're a lawyer in a specificarea, people are searching for you.

Thousands of people are searching for lawyersevery single month.

Dentists, same thing.





Anything you can think of, people are searching.

And they're not only searching for, uh, forthe services, they're actually going to do some research on you.

Even if they decide that they want to go withyour company.

They get recommended by a friend or somethinglike that.

They're going to do their research.

They're going to look up any reviews you mighthave.

And where are your reviews going to be? They're going to be online.

Ya know.

That's the way that people do business nowadaysand the way consumers think.

They are going to research things online.

So if you don't have an online presence, youare definitely, definitely not taking advantage.

And you are throwing money away.

Now when I say that tehre are thousands of.

Hundredsand thousands of people that are searching for the services that you provide every singlemonth.

That's true.

And where are they going, right? If you don't have an online presence, if they'renot going to you, they're going to someone else.

They're going to your competition.

So just do yourself a favor.

Right now.

Just go look on Google.

Type in your service in your area and seewho pops up.

If it's not you, if you're not the numberone person then you are literally giving that opportunity to yor competition.

So that's what I'm talking about.

That's the best way that I can answer thatquestion is "why change?" Why change your marketing and why get intoany kind of SEO or digital marketing strategy? It's because you really have to have thisstrategy in your business if you want to keep up with all the other businesses in the area.

Basically the more time your business is notshowing up first for whenever potential customers or consumers search for what it is that youoffer, you are literally handing that money to your competition.

And, ya know, I know this is not a popularstance.

I know that there's kind of like this "statusquo bias" where the brain literally is hardwired against change.

Ya know, people hav a naturalt aversion tochange.

We're used to associating a high level ofrisk with any type of change.

Especially when it comes to marketing or spendingmoney.

But I think it's fair to say that if you don'tadapt, if you don't change, with the technology that's going on, you're not going to survive.

If you don't adapt you don't survive.

And the very best thing you can do for yourbusiness is to put it in front of potential customers or potential consumer of your productat the exact time they are looking for what it is that you offer.

So that's pretty much my answer when it comesto "why change and why have digital marketing in your advertising budget".

So if you're not doing that right now, I inviteyou to click the link below and I would love to talk to you more about how we can employthis into your business and how we can make you number one and take advantage of all ofthe people that really are looking for whatever it is that you offer.

So, thank you very much for watching and I'lltalk to you soon.

Take care.


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