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Should you pay-to-play with online marketing?

Hey, I’m Alex Cleanthous, Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder at Web Profits, an online marketing agency.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, I love the internet.

This is Web Profits TV where I’m going to be sharing the very best information I have for succeeding online.

I also have a stutter, it comes out if I get excited and this stuff is exciting, so let’s get into it.

I’m trying a different approach to Web Profits TV so this is a lot more uncut, it’s a lot more straight up.

So let’s see how it goes.

Obviously I’ll have a look at the shares and the likes and all that type of stuff and all the other metrics and so on, but the first part of this one is going to be a quick, not a rant, but like something I feel passionate about, you know.

And I guess one of the things which happens in business is, especially when you are a smaller business but even like as a larger one, you want stuff for free, you know.

For example I want to rank at the top of Google and I want to get all that traffic for free.

I don’t want to pay a cent to Google about AdWords or say for example I’m on Facebook, I have all my fans now yes it was organic.

Say for example Instagram it’s happening at the same time at the moment and now they're making me have to spend money to get my message out there.

Look if you can get something in business for free you should be very thankful that happens.

That’s why you always want to try as much as you can to take advantage of something that has just launched, say for example Snapchat now.

But just understand that it’s just an advantage for a short amount of time.

You’re in business and in business you need to spend money to make money.

Now in the beginning yes of course it’s harder and so therefore it’s important to hustle and so on but as soon as possible you need to be able to spend money on advertising.

In social media it starts off as organic, yeah, but in time across every channel they are going to have to monetize it.

They have to pay staff, they have to innovate, they have to spend money on engineers, they have to spend money on servers.

it’s expensive and so just know that everything is going to become a pay to play game.

With that in mind if you're producing content and it's being posted on social media you need to spend money on advertising it.

Yes, of course in an ideal world you could just post something online and everybody sees it, it goes viral and it costs you nothing except for the cost of producing the content.

Unfortunately that is not the world and as the social media space becomes a lot more crowded with companies and marketers it’s your ability to produce the very best content that you can but at the same time to amplify that content with ads that is going to make you stand out and be successful.

You need to spend money to get the message out there.

This is something I am super passionate about.

At the same time, you know, just keep in mind I love stuff that cost nothing as well like if I can find a ‘hack’ that can get me exposure for free I am going to.

what’s the word? I’m going to make the most out of it.

I’m going to exploit that opportunity as much as I can but I’ll also be very aware that it’s going to have a limited time.

And if you want to have a successful business the stuff which you need to be focusing on is the stuff that can last forever.

And what can last is advertising.

As long as there is stuff that’s online for free it’s going to be sponsored or supported by advertising so if you know how to spend money on advertising and make a return on that, especially if it’s around content, you will be able to continually adapt to every platform that launches.

At the moment I’m starting to focus now on Snapchat.

At the moment it’s free, yes I’m sure that it’s going to stay the same way for some time but it’s going to become paid soon.

So, yes it’s an opportunity but I am completely aware that it’s kind of something that is a short term opportunity and at some point I’m going to have to start spending money.

I actually get excited about the spending money part of it because it means that a lot of the other companies and marketers who aren’t prepared to spend that money are going to go away.

And then it’s all about who is left and who is left it’s all about who can actually spend that money the smartest and who can then produce the content the best and then who has the longest term approach and who is prepared to give for long enough, spend for long enough, understanding that it’s about the relationship and in time because you have the trust it becomes the first step to having somebody spend money with you.

That’s my rant.

That’s what I’m passionate about today.

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