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Online Reputation Management And Marketing

online reputation management do you google yourself or your businessand don't like what you see in most cases you just shrug it off you don't have time to deal withnegative reviews right well guess what your prospect customers and clientswon't be as forgiving did you know that according to research amassive eighty percent of consumers can changetheir purchasing decisions after reading a negative review onlineeighty percent that means that if there's one bad reviewabout you out there online and if people saw it then 8 out of 10interested buyers would change their mind about your product or service how do we know people actually readcustomer reviews research shows that online consumerreviews are the second most trusted former advertising after word of mouth recommendations 78 percent ofinternet users trust online reviews if you're a doctor lawyer, plumber or anyone who'soffering professional services then at least 44 percent of adults who havesought your services have also already searched for more information about you on-line and consumers aren't just readingand believing reviews they're also writing in fact fiftypercent of all internet users age 18 and above have left a reviewonline it's not just negative reviews that can harm your online reputation negative articles blog post comments onFacebook tweets, as long as they appear onsearch results they can ruin everything you've workedhard for so think about it people are searchingfor you and your business online and the moment they see negativereviews or content amount you they'll runaway so how much revenue areyou actually flushing down the drain just becauseyou've been ignoring that bad review by a single disgruntled customer you needto deal with your online reputation today ORM or online reputationmanagement or reputation marketing means conducting efforts to ensure the desired positiveresults in the search push down negative ones it meanscountering weakening or eliminating the negativematerial found on the internet defeating it with more positivematerial in order to improve your credibility andcustomers trust in you how do we do it after our initialconsultation with you will proceed to research first about youand your current reputation online and then about yourcompetition we will conduct an in-depth web reputation analysis foryou to know where you currently stand interms of your online reputation managment and marketing will carry out keyword research for youto know exactly what term their prospects used when searchingfor you or your business online will then start publishing yourgenuine positive consumer reviews on the mostrelevant review sites based on location and niche will also optimize your socialmedia accounts especially Facebook and Twitter so you'reofficial accounts become more visible than fakeaccounts or negative reviews that are out to ruin your online reputation online willset up your social accounts if you don't have them yet we willparticipate relevant Facebook discussions and post regular tweets on your behalf to increase yourfollowing we will write and publish optimize press releases articles and blogposts about you and your business we can even set up external blog sitesto host your content plus form commenting social bookmarking and ahand full of other miscellaneous services that allaim to improve how prospects see you online of course everything comes with reports say you'llsee exactly how much progress our campaigns are gaining in managing your online reputation so do prospects pick up the phone to bookyour service after learning about your business online or do they moved to search for anotherroofer plumber doctor or lawyer because they foundnegative reviews about you and your business on the internet don't let negative material about yourbusiness takeover search results and affect you sales call us now for your free in-depth consultation to see how we canhelp your online reputation management and on line reputation management and marketing.

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