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How to Measure Your Online Marketing Return on Investment

Would you consider a marketing tactic a successif it didn’t ultimately put money in your bank account?I’m Denise O’Berry and you’re watching the “Little Big Show.

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Let’s talk marketing for a minute.

You place an ad in the newspaper, thousandsof eyeballs saw your ad in the newspaper.

Nobody bought, nobody called, but you stillconsider it a success.


Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Well that’s what many companies who measuresearch and social media marketing with number of clicks are doing in their business.

And it’s a good way to dump a whole lot of money without any return real quickly.

You will get what you measure.

Measuring click volume or search engine positioningshouldn’t tie into your business goals.

Now sure, they may ultimately result in asale but what’s the percent of the conversion and how much is it adding to your bottom line?Those are the numbers that really matter.

It’s the return on investment that’s important,not just the activity that’s taking place.

Aligning your search marketing and socialmedia efforts with your business goals will give you a bigger picture of how it’s workingfor your company.

Make sure you measure the right thing andyou know the best way to tell if you’re on target with your goals is to track anddocument everything.

Yes, business success really is all aboutthe numbers.

Do you know your numbers?Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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