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Black Hat SEO Tactics That Could Hurt Your Site


My name is Emma North, and I'm a digitalmarketing executive here at Koozai.

Today, I'd like to talk to you a littlebit about some black hat techniques that you absolutely must avoid.

Now these are the sorts of things that used to be commonplace and perfectlyacceptable ways to achieve search engine optimisation, but that's notthe case anymore.

With recent Google algorithm updates, such as Penguinand Panda, these are the sorts of activities that will be penalised with a rankingpenalty.

So first of all, we've got paid links.

Ifyou've ever paid for a link to appear on someone's site, linking back toyour own site, then you should get these removed.

They appear very unnaturalto Google, and you're likely to suffer a ranking penalty if you haven'talready.

If you haven't already, that doesn't mean that you won't have onein the future.

So it's important to get these removed as soon as possible.

Generic directories, similarly these are veryunnatural to Google.

They are pages full of links to other sites, and ifyou've got a link there, Google will see that as an unnatural attempt to gamethe rankings.

Google holds you responsible for the inbound links to yoursite.

So it's important you review the link profile as a whole and identifyany links that could be considered unnatural and get those removed.

Contact the site owners.

Do anything you can to get them removed.

If you can't do that, and you've made everyeffort to get them removed, there is now on Google a disavow tool thatyou can use, but you do need evidence you've tried to remove the linksyourself.

Google disavow tool basically says to Google, "Don't take theselinks into consideration when you're ranking my site.

" So try to get themremoved on your own, and then if you've got evidence that you tried andthat didn't work, try the Google disavow tool.

But get these sorts of unnaturallinks removed at all costs.

Generally with links, if it looks like a badneighbourhood, it probably is, and you don't want to be there.

Next, we've got cloaking and more specificallyhidden content.

Cloaking is a technique where you hide content from theuser that is just specifically for the search engines.

You're trying to gamethe rankings by telling the search engines one thing about your site,when, in fact, it's really not about that.

Hidden content, in particular,Google is very clever now at finding this.

If you've got content writteninto the script that's not on page and is hidden from the user, Google willidentify that, and you may suffer a ranking penalty as a result of theGoogle Panda update.

It's important the content on the whole of yoursite is written for the user.

It needs to be informative, and it needs to beon page.

Don't have any hidden content in the script of your site.

If you'vegot it, get it removed.

Next, we've got keyword stuffing.

Now, it'sessential that you have some keywords on your site for the user as wellas the search engines.

But it is important that your contentisn't littered with them.

Make sure that the content is written forthe user, that it makes sense and reads well, and the rest will follow.

In thelong run, that will be rewarded.

Anything that's littered with keywordsis not going to rank in the long term because you may get hit witha ranking penalty as a result of the Panda update.

Similarly, Meta keyword tags; every page canstill have a Meta keyword tag, but they're not really used by Google anymore.

That's not to say they won't in the future, but other search engines douse them.

So don't stuff them full of dozens or hundreds keywords, justhalf a dozen relevant keywords is more than enough for each page to ensure thatyou're targeting the right keywords for those search engines.

Last thing we've got doorway pages.

Theseare not used so much anymore, but there are still people out there who willtell you can get benefit from them.

Similar to cloaking, this is a techniqueused to hide content from the user.

It's a page designed specificallyfor Google.

So they're usually stuffed full of keywords.

Google will sussout what you're doing if you try to use these pages.

Don't do it.

If you'reusing any of these pages that are designed only for the search engines andthey're full of keywords, get rid of them.

It's not going to serve you anybenefit in the long run.

So that's a few black hat techniques on thesurface.

Now that list isn't by any means conclusive.

There are hundreds oftechniques people use to try and game the system.

I guess the rule of thumbis write for the user.

Don't try to do anything to game Google becausethe quick wins won't be worth it in the long run, and you will suffer a rankingpenalty if you get caught.

White hat techniques are the way to achievenatural rankings, and continue doing that will mean you will continue stayingin the rankings and Google will continue to value your site.

Thanks very much for watching.

If you wantto find out more about Koozai, please interact with the social media buttonsafter this video, and thank you for watching.

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Network Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing Strategy That Works

hey guys it's nathan lucas and insidethis video I really want to show you guys what I'm doing to grow my businessonline and really what i believe to be the best strategy to grow your networkmarketing business online so let's dive right into it and I I've got a lot ofvalue in a lot of content to get through and I know that it's really going tohelp you guys so let's get started so what I want to do right now for youis I want to actually show you guys how to generate leads how to make sales andget signups now if you guys follow this you will start seeing results in yourbusiness if you choose to implement what I teach you here so first let's talk about what happenswhen we first started out in network marketing and that is we make a listright of all our friends family coworkers really anybody who is aroundus right it's our war market and we start talking to these people and we dowhat we're supposed to do right we go out and approach people we show them ourpresentation or whatever your company has but here's the thing that normallyhappens is at some point we're going to run out I know I ran out of my list andif you're watching this you probably did too and it's only a matter of time ifyou have it so what most people do at this point isthey turn to the internet and they'll get on different social media platformsand they'll try and grow their business but there are some problems that comealong with this that I want to share with you guys and that is a lot ofpeople have trouble getting people to their website without being spammy now Iknow you've probably seen on facebook network marketing companies where peopleare spamming their products all over trying to recruit for their company andit comes off as pushy and it's really a turn-off so here's thedeal they also are sending people to areplicated website now if your network marketing and you're sending people to areplicated website i can tell you personally this was one of the biggestmistakes that I was making when I first brought my business online and let metell you why because you're not capturing any leads see if we choose to send people to areplicated website or not capturing their name we're not captioning capturing theiremail so then we can never follow up with these people and really whathappens is people have such a short attention span is that they're going tobounce off the page within 60 seconds so within one minute if you didn't catchtheir information that might be the last time that you could ever hook up withthat person to make a sale or roll them into your business and that's lostbusiness and it is lost money right so this really is the number one struggleat people have in the network marketing industry is learning how to generatetheir own leads now I know that when I started out Iknew that I wanted to come online and figure out how I can generate my ownleads I knew there was a way I knew peoplewere doing it and that's what this is all about so what's the solution how canwe continue to grow our business well it's called attraction marketingand simply put this is where you actually lead with value and you becomethe hunted in the marketplace because the more valuable we can become the moreproof value that we can provide to people the more valuable we become andin turn people will start seeking us out to work with us and i can tell you I'vedone this and it works and if you implement this strategy you can startgetting results in your business doing it this way too so I'm going to schoolyou guys real quick on some internet marketing stuff that you can use to growyour network marketing business we start with a sales funnel and a salesfunnel is crucial and it's not even an option if you want to start growing yourbusiness online this is how we actually can automate ourbusiness alright so this is a way that we can nowstart making money while we're doing the things that we enjoy so while we'resleeping while we're traveling or spending time with friends and familyalright that's automation and that's using the power of the internet so letme walk you through how this works a little bit so instead of sending peopleto a replicated website we now send them to a capture page where we can actuallycapture their information right so now we can follow up with them and thisactually does a couple of things it builds your list and it builds curiositysee if you're not posting on facebook anymore just spamming your links out ofyour company and your products if you're able to do in a different way whereyou're providing value and creating curiosity at the same time you're goingto get better results in your business i guarantee it and then what happens is you're going totake them through to a capture page or beyond your capture page to a Thank Youpage alright and what happens here is you'reactually giving away free value it's got to be valuable on the backside of thecapture page on your Thank You page this is the reason why people will comethrough your capture page and give you information now that this is also verycrucial right here because this is where you're building a relationship with yourpotential your prospects or your potential teammates or clients rightbecause we know that people don't join businesses people join people and if wecan establish that know like and trust factor we're going to start building ourbusiness and getting better results inside of our business and then the last thing is what we do isthen we bring them to a sales page after we've built some report all right nowthis is where you can promote your product your service your company if youwant to promote your company to get enrollment into your company so i hopethis really makes sense and if people even decide to opt out after the capturepage you're still able to follow up with them all right because you capturedtheir email so this is really the essence of internet marketing so if youwant to start bringing your business online this is something that it's not even anoption you have to start implementing this stuff alright so what's the benefit ofmarketing this way and there's several well there's no more hotel meetings orthree way calls there's no more chasing people aroundanymore no more begging your friends and family to join you in your business andthis is really the biggest reason why I i started using attraction marketinginside my business it's a lot more scalable alright it's scalable you knowin a huge way because we're using the internet to put to put valuable contentout there and then we can literally become the hunted in our business now ifyou wanted to scale up without using the internet to grow your network marketingbusiness that would just mean you're gonna have to simply talk to more peoplebut there's no leverage in that there's way more leverage in using the internetso in overall it's more time freedom so i have up here some pictures of my wifeand i and some friends on vacation alright so we've gone on some vacationsbut here's the best part about marketing your business this way when I was awayon vacation my business didn't stop growing and you know that's somethingamazing is when you're on vacation and you know your those leads are stillcoming in you know you're you're still getting signups in your business evenwhile i was on vacation and that's all possible by using this strategy calledattraction mark think so you might be wondering okaythis this looks cool but can I do it can you actually do this and here's somethings that you don't have to have in order to do this you don't need to betechie 41 you don't have to know everything about marketing you'll betaught how to do it step by step and you don't have to prospect people you knowyou know that was one of the biggest things of why I wanted to start doingthis but here are some things that you do need to be if you want to start doingthis in implementing this and learning how to really take the next step indoing this is you need to be coachable and I know you've probably heard thatbefore but i'm telling you i have enough experience in this where I've seenpeople who are just not coachable they're not willing to learn so you've got to be up coachable andwilling to learn and you've got to be committed to your success i've also seenthis is where people they really want it but they don't commit to success andreally you can decide right now right now you can make the decision thatyou're going to do this because what I'm going to show you is a provenstep-by-step system that works it simply works right people are gettingresults i'm getting results but you have to be committed ok it's not overnight it's somethingthat takes a commitment and you've got to be willing to take action i see a lotof people also get stuck in learning mode you know because there's there'sactually quite a bit to learn about marketing your business online aboutinternet marketing but you can't just be a sponge and soak it all in withoutactually taking action on it you've got to be able to take action alright so if that's you this is for youso let's talk about a proven system that works here's what uh system stands wereactually stands for save yourself time energy and money right and you knowthat's what I love about the network marketing industry is that there aresystems in place that can now teach you how to build a business online how togrow your business online step-by-step you don't have to recreate the wheelthat's what I love about the network marketing industry and thetimes that were in is the technology we have available to us and i also lovethis this quote here from Les Brown you don't have to be great to get startedbut you have to get started to be great and you know that's so true I know when I first started comingonline and starting to build my business I I felt like I had something inside meand I wanted to be great but i have to actually start to have to start takingthe actions required to start seeing success so the thought alone of wantingsuccess is not going to be enough you have to take action on what you'velearned all right so listen guys if you want totake the next step in to start applying this step-by-step system that I've beendoing and that some other students in this community are doing to actuallystart getting results in their business using attraction marketing there's athere's going to be a link below this video go ahead and click that link andthen i will see you guys on the inside take care.

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Blogging: one of the best Internet marketing methods that won’t cost you a cent!

Blogging: the act of writing in one's weblog.

To blog something is to write about somethingin one's weblog.

This usually involves linking to somethingthe author finds interesting on the internet.

A weblog is a public web site where userspost informal journals of their thoughts, comments, and philosophies.

So basically, a blog is an online journal.

A blog could be set up to no cost at all,and can be used for just for the fun of it or for business reasons.

Blogging itself isn�t new at all, it�spopulary is.

Thousands of teenagers all around the worldsee blogging as an outlet for their emotions, their opinions and interests.

Smart marketers however, have discovered thatblogging is one of the best Internet marketing methods that won't cost you a cent.

Blogging for your Internet business is onesurefire way to boost the visibility of your products and services.

Find some tips to boost your internet advertisingwith the help of a blog below: * Keep your customers informed about changesto your website.

Important updates, like your new productsand affiliate sites, could also be announced through your blog * Use your blog as an archive: keep trackof your business objectives and plans through open writing.

What could be better than searchable informationthat could be easily accessed by anyone browsing the web, right? * Write reviews, give your opinion or adviceon on specific services or products that are related to your business.

* Be sure to include links that will fetchback links and subsequently improve your ranking on search engines.

Affiliate links in the form of advertisementbanners could also be included in your blog to earn more extra income.

* Add fresh and quality content to your weblogon a regular basis: search engines like fresh content.

*Post quality content articles to your blog.

Allow your visitors to reprint those articleson condition that the author by-lines remain unchanged, and the link url�s are left intact.

This way, links to your website will spreadaround the net.

* Encourage your visitors to leave commentsand feedback.

It�s the best way to learn and improve yourproducts/services.

* Exchange links with other bloggers.

In fact, when it comes to blogging, the skyis the limit.

Once you�re comfortable using a weblog,it�s up to you to get creative.

Add sound, video, eBooks, pictures, advertisements,.

and give your website the boost it deserves!.

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