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How can social media and PR work together? Christer Holloman, digital marketing expert, discusses

How does PR and social media worktogether? In other words, how does it both overlap and how is it different? Yeah, I think the PR industry,sort of, doesn't really know what to do with social media.

Traditionally, social media has been owned by the marketing department and because it's a conversation with consumers,PR agencies say that they should be involved because in the same way theyhelp you get covered on national newspapers, we can help you getcoverage or get your message amplified through social channels.

So that's sort of the pitch the PRcompanies did in beginning, especially.

That this is just another channel of PR.

And then you had specialized socialmedia agencies popping up, which was sort of challenging PR companies, sayingyou're working with a PR company that's good at getting you coverage in a nationalprinted newspaper, or in a national TV station, or something, but they are not digital natives,they don't get this new media, they don't understand that operates in this space or exists in thisspace, you should therefore trust us.

So, because social media was considered to be a side, or a separated isolated type of activity, it was quite easy for marketing people to say you know what we're going to hire this social media agency to do our PR in social media channels.

So the challenge that PR companies now have been facing for a while is that how did they create a credible socialmedia proposition within the PR context, because they still argue thatthey are the best people suited to manage a conversation with the audience.

This is what they've been doing for decades, that's what they will continuedoing, and social media is just a new flavour I suppose.

So some agencies have decided to acquire an existing digital businesses, a digital agency, a PR agency.

Some companies have decided to take a couple of their employees and put them in a separate part of the office and call that the social media task force, or whatever, the kind ofknowledge expert hub or something.

And others have kind of giventhem a brand name, try to launch them as a separate business, still within the within the PR company's walls.

I think that's the challenge, how does a traditional PR company convince yourcustomers that you're suitable to communicate with this new audience or over these new channels, and how do you as a PR company decide,do you buy another existing social media PR company, do you create something internally, do you keep your brand or do you give it a brand new identity to kind of separate out and make it clear in the mind's of the customers that this is actually a separate part ofour company and they have a special skill set and therefore you can trust them, you don't have to go to this external company.

So I think that's the main challenges.

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How Does Internet Marketing Work | Simple Walk-Through

hey my names Nathan Lucas and in thisvideo I"m gonna show you guys exactly how internet marketing work socheck this out alright guys I'm going to give you anin-depth overview exactly how internet marketing works and how you can use itto grow any business this actually can be four billion marketing networkmarketing small business owners if you want to build a business and businessonline this really is how to market on theboard and take you through it step by step and it all starts with this rightnow this system is going to be what makes you money right you need to make sales you need somesort of cash flow products to sell your not going to make any money right so westart with a system that's what you first half the hat now we're gonna doyou need to get trapped you have to have five goals on your system you're notgoing to make any money targeted traffic so how do we do that well we can do aseveral different ways we can do it through social media right that's oneform of traffic we can do it through so these are just how you can actually gettraffic to your system now what we want to do is we don't talk to the media right actually want to give away or thatis and this needs to be alright you need to give somebody or now once you do that the way that we'regoing to do this is we're actually gonna bring them capture right after page andreally what this allows you to do is to capture people's name email and possiblywhy is it so important because when you do that you've never heard of theFortune is in the follow up this is why this is so important because now email service you can actually fall offprospects which is very important when it right you need to be able to but atthe same time that's just from them putting their information in this alsois going to send them or what I like to say is perhapssomething that is like on membership people are pained month and then onethat creates for you is residual income just a one and done sale you're actuallymaking sales over and over and that also is based on the system that you chooseto use to grow now what would be awesome is if you had a system that teaches youall these tools such as the system that I use which you can go check out thelink below this video actually gives you a lot of people when they start outinternet marketing your growing business online they don't have and services togive away but the system if you choose to use that has free products for you togive away guess what that does that siege timebecause you don't have to stay all the time to create products to give awayit's done right and what about responders or the capture pages this iswhy I highly recommend or heavy sales page and in the end this is actuallymaking you money really did have a system that will teach you how to do allof this in this is really what so you guys got any value out of any this areyou really learn something to help me out and click that LIKE button downbelow this video out help me out that really appreciate thatand if you actually want to see a system that I believe will help you grow yourbusiness and learn and help you to do this make money then click the linkbelow this video and check out the video on the other side I really think you'regoing to get some value my name is Nate and I will see you on the next.

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How to Work From Home Jobs Online 2017 and Make Money Full Time Online Internet Marketing Legitimate

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